Terrifying moment robber pulls gun on London shopkeeper – who fights him off by throwing display case full of CHOCOLATE at him

  • It happened shortly after 11pm Tuesday in Cannon Street.
  • The shop was walked in by a man who pulled a gun out of his jacket before entering.
  • The shopkeeper is repeatedly heard screaming as he threatened him. 

The moment that a man pulls his gun on a shopkeeper to try and hit him with the weapon is terrifying.

It was caught on CCTV in Cannon Street London shortly after 11:59 on Tuesday, Nov 9.

The video shows an unidentified man entering the store, then pulling out a gun and intimidating the clerk. He then screams and attempts to stop him by throwing his chocolate case at him.

A man dressed in dark clothing, wearing a face mask and walking into the shop is seen saying “hello my friend,” to the clerk.

Before pointing to the back, the shopkeeper asked the man for a repeat of his words.

The man grabs what looks like a gun out of his jacket, and attempts to strike the shopkeeper with it.

A man was seen threatening a shopkeeper with a gun inside a shop in Cannon Street, London shortly after 11pm on Tuesday

Just after 11 pm on Tuesday, a man appeared to threaten a London shopkeeper using a gun.

After pulling the gun from his jacket, the man swings it at the shopkeeper on a number of occasions

The man takes the gun out of his jacket and swings it at the shopkeeper a few times.

A member of staff screams and attempts to stop the man with an armed weapon.

Throughout the battle, the man swings the gun toward the shopkeeper who continues shouting.

The 14 second clip ends with the man walking toward the door.

We reached out to the Metropolitan Police for comments. 

The shopkeeper screams after spotting the gun and attempts to block the man by throwing a tray of sweets and chocolates in his direction

After seeing the gun, the shopkeeper starts screaming and throws an assortment of sweets and chocolates at him.