Ryan Giggs could have to wait for nearly one year before a new trial after yesterday’s failed verdict by the jury in his domestic abuse case.

The former Manchester United player, 48, was accused of using coercive and controlling behaviour against ex-girlfriend Kate Greville, before allegedly headbutting her at his £1.7million home during a drunken row.

The jury failed to reach an agreement after nearly 23 hours. 

Because one juror became ill, there were only eleven of them. He was then discharged.

The hearing, which lasted 17 days, is estimated to have cost the taxpayer more than £100,000.

The former Manchester United player, 48, was accused of using coercive and controlling behaviour against ex-girlfriend Kate Greville. Pictured: Ryan Giggs leaves Manchester Crown Court

Ex-Manchester United player and 48-year old was accused of controlling ex-girlfriend Kate Greville with coercive and control tactics. Pictured: Ryan Giggs leaves Manchester Crown Court

Giggs will now have to wait for a week before finding out if prosecutors will conduct a retrial. Because of the delays at the court, June is the earliest date the case could be heard by Manchester Crown Court.

When the date was given to him, the former footballer lowered his head and looked crestfallen. Giggs’s mother, Lynne, who has supported her son throughout and looked on from the public gallery, held her head in her hands.

Outside court she said her son’s life was ‘on hold’.

Judge Hilary Manley thanked the jury for the ‘care and attention’ they had given the case and formally discharged them.

Prosecutor Peter Wright (QC) asked for seven days from the judge to rule on whether the Crown Prosecution Service should hold a retrial. 

She agreed and set a provisional date for June 5 next year – although she stressed this was not an official trial date or pre-emptive of a decision on whether it will happen. 

The trial laid bare the personal and sex life of one of the Premier League’s most decorated stars.

Intimate messages between Giggs and Miss Greville, 37, with whom he had a six-year relationship – including toe-curling poetry and details of their ‘rough’ sex – were read to the jury, who also heard about their lockdown rows over the dishwasher.

But after almost 23 hours of deliberation, the seven women and four men on the jury at Manchester Crown Court were discharged after failing to reach a verdict. Pictured: Kate Greville

The jury of Manchester Crown Court dismissed the four men and seven women who were on it for almost 23 hours. They failed to come up with a verdict. Pictured: Kate Greville

Embarrassing revelations about how Giggs allegedly cheated on former public schoolgirl Miss Greville with up to 12 women – while at the same time professing his undying love for her and his desire to start a family with her – were also relayed to the court.

Giggs confessed to lying and cheating during three days of testimony and admitted that he was not faithful to his romantic partners.

He broke down and sobbed in court as he recounted how spending the night in the cells following his arrest was the ‘worst experience of my life’.

Former Wales manager, Giggs was accused of coercing and controlling Miss Greville. Giggs was allegedly accused of headbutting her in Worsley, Greater Manchester when she announced that she would be leaving. 

He was also accused of assaulting her sister, Emma, 26, who was at the property looking after the couple’s puppy. Giggs pleaded not guilty to one count each of controlling and coercive behavior, and two assaults.

Alex Ferguson stepped up to defend his protégé: How Manchester United legend spoke fondly of the ‘example’ footballer he had ‘protected’ since the age of 14 

The close friendship between Alex Ferguson and Ryan Giggs was highlighted when he, Manchester United legend Sir Alex Ferguson, entered the witness stand at Ryan Giggs trial.

Alex was just 13 when he first met the player. He scored a hat-trick against Manchester United under-15s.

He remembered that when he was thirteen, he floated across the ground looking for silver paper.

The manager, United Scout Joe Brown and Giggs 14th Birthday celebrated by famously turning up at Giggs’ home to sign Giggs up for associate schoolboy forms for 2 years.

Giggs was previously a member of Manchester City’s Youth Sides as part of the Centre of Excellence. Ferguson said that there were always scouts who believed they discovered Giggsy.

They probably saw it, but didn’t act on it. In reality, it was a steward [newsagent Harold Wood]Who first said it to me that I found it disgraceful that the Manchester United fan was running down the street at City.

Fergie claimed that Giggs had to be ‘protected’ when he started playing for United’s initial team at just 17. The winger was often compared with George Best.

When Manchester United titan Sir Alex Ferguson (pictured arriving at court last week to be a character witness in Giggs' trial) entered the witness box at the trial of his former prodigy Ryan Giggs, it highlighted the close bond between the two men which has endured for over 35 years

Manchester United legend Sir Alex Ferguson arrived in court as a character witness at Giggs’ trial. It highlighted their close relationship that has lasted for 35 years.

Giggs became a first-team regular early in the 1991-92 season, but also played in the youth system and captained the team - known as the so-called 'Fergie's Fledglings' Comprising of Giggs himself, David Beckham, Nicky Butt, Phil and Gary Neville and Paul Scholes, the team claimed victory in the 1992 FA Youth Cup, earning them their better-known sobriquet, 'The Class of '92' (pictured)

Giggs made his debut in the first-team in 1991-92. He also played in and captained a youth team called the ‘Fergie’s Fleglings’. The team consisted of Giggs himself as well as Nicky Butt (pictured), Gary Neville (pictured), and Paul Scholes. They won the 1992 FA Youth Cup.

Ryan Giggs, Sir Alex Ferguson and Lee Sharpe of Manchester United celebrate in the dressing room with the Premiership Trophy after becoming FA Carling Premiership Winners in the 1993-94 season

Ryan Giggs of Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson, and Lee Sharpe celebrate after being FA Carling Premiership Winners 1993-94 in the dressing area.

Ryan Giggs celebrates with the FA Youth Cup trophy after his side beat Crystal Palace in 1992

Ryan Giggs is pictured with the FA Youth Cup trophy, after Crystal Palace defeated him in 1992.

The character reference Sir Alex Ferguson made about Ryan Giggs during his domestic assault trial

On meeting Giggs

Sir Alex explained that Alex was first at Manchester City’s training ground and at the local team. It was a difficult task to convince him to visit Clifton (Manchester United’s training ground).

“He visited us once with his father and then we began visiting his home to persuade him to move to Manchester United.

Alex was present in the witness box approximately ten minutes and revealed that he visited Gigg’s house with Archie Knox at the time, his assistant.

He added: “Our main contact was Ryan’s mom. Her mother was very understanding about everything. 

“Ryan was quiet, and just listened to his mother’s words.

His rise to stardom as a young actor 

Sir Alex said to the court, that Giggs had signed for Manchester United and that he personally took Giggs under his wings after he made it into the first team as a 17-year-old.

Sir Alex stated that he was being likened to George Best. He was the focus of a lot media and press attention. 

“I was his manager, and I saw him everyday. “The boy was amazing, no problems.

About his personality 

Sir Alex stated that ‘as he grew older, he developed a marvelous temperament. Ryan was a great example in the dressing room. 

“I was prone to lose my temper when it came to performances. Sometimes, he would bite me in the throat. He was tough enough to take it.

“Everyone thought that Ryan Giggs could take it. It is possible for us all to take it,” said the man in charge of the dressing rooms. 

Gigg’s lawyer asked Sir Alex if Giggs ever acted aggressively or angrily.

“(He was) a wonderful, amazing person. He was the greatest in energy and attitude to have had a long career. 

“He was the greatest example I ever had.” Ryan was the top choice of everyone.  

There was so much discussion about these lines, that Best himself – Sir Bobby Charlton’s favorite player – laughed and said: “One day they might even claim that I’m another Ryan Giggs.”

Sir Alex shared his story about meeting a young Giggs in his latest domestic assault case.

Giggs’ legendary manager of 80 years said that he first encountered him at the Manchester City training ground. It was a difficult task to convince him to visit Clifton (Manchester United’s training ground).

“He visited us once with his father and then we began visiting his home to persuade him to move to Manchester United.

Alex was present in the witness box approximately ten minutes and revealed that he visited Gigg’s house with Archie Knox at the time, his assistant.

He added: “Our main contact was Ryan’s mom (Lynne). It was all very well. Ryan was very quiet and simply listened to the mother speak.

“He was being called George Best by the Scottish boss,” he said. His name was in the news a lot. He was my manager and I saw him daily. I was his manager. The boy was amazing.

Giggs received his first contract as a professional on his 17th Birthday. He signed the document two days later, on December 1, 1990.

Ferguson had promised Giggs that he would give a professional to him by the age of 14.

He earned £170 a week, that year, plus £300 for any game he played in. He was also given £40 a week ‘digs money’ for his landlady – in his case, his mother Lynne.

Additionally there were big bonuses for winning trophies: £10,000 for the League Cup, £20,000 for the FA Cup, £25,000 for the league title.

He later recalled: ‘The biggest players in the first United team I played in were on £3,000 to £4,000 a week. 

‘When Eric Cantona signed a contract of £10,000 a week it felt like an amazing amount of money.’

They pale in comparison with the insane salaries the players could have earned by the end of the Giggs’ career, almost 24 years too late.

Cristiano Ronaldo, for example, United’s current top earner, is on £480,000 a week, quite apart from promotional and advertising contracts.

Giggs made his debut as a first-team member in the 1991-1992 season. However, he was also a part of the youth team and was the captain. 

The team consisted of Giggs, Nicky Butt and David Beckham as well as Paul Scholes and Gary Neville. They won the 1992 FA Youth Cup and earned their more famous nickname, “The Class of 92”.

Giggs spoke later about his struggles during the meteoric rise to the fam, while the football writers waxed poetic about the midfielder.

“Nothing could’ve prepared me for what I found myself in at 17,” he said once. 

“I was featured in magazines and newspapers. Everyone knew me.” This was strange to me, and I tried not create too much fuss about it. 

‘I have just tried to keep it that way ever since…football is my bread and butter. It must, and will always, be first. 

Giggs’ remarkable career of 24 years at the same team was a significant contribution to football history.

His league scoring record was not broken, but he did score in the final season. He also won the English league title and holds the Manchester United record of 963 appearances.

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson with player Ryan Giggs, holding eight bottles of champagne representing their eight Premiership title wins with Manchester United

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson and Ryan Giggs holding 8 bottles champagne, representing the eight Premiership titles they won with Manchester United

Over his remarkable 24-year career at the same club, Giggs left his mark on footballing history. Pictured: Giggs with United manager Sir Alex Ferguson during their game against Juventus in 2003

Giggs has made an impact on football history with his extraordinary 24-year tenure at the same club. Pictured is Giggs with Sir Alex Ferguson from United during their match against Juventus in 2003

Giggs (pictured here with Prince Charles and Sir Alex Ferguson) scored in all but one of his league seasons - the last - winning the most English league titles and holding the record for the most appearances for Manchester United of 963 games

Giggs is pictured here together with Prince Charles, Sir Alex Ferguson and has scored in all of his league seasons except one – that last season. This was the English League title winning season and the Manchester United record for appearances at Manchester United’s 963-games.

Manchester's Ryan Giggs and Manager Alex Ferguson talk to the media ahead of the teams UEFA Champions League Quarter Final game against FC Roma in 2007

Alex Ferguson, Manager of Manchester and Ryan Giggs from Manchester talk with the media before the quarter final game in the UEFA Champions League against FC Roma 2007.

He had 171 goals.

Giggs played for Wales 64 times, scoring 12 goals. Giggs is often cited as an example of a player who could have made a big impact on England.

Giggs did not have the opportunity to represent England at school boy level, as he was born to Welsh parents in Cardiff and moved to Manchester when he turned seven.  Although he did play for England as a schoolboy, he was not allowed due to his nationality. 

Giggs was a prolific goal- and assist scorer, but there were also many other ‘wonderful’ goals during his career.

Ryan Giggs 24-year-long career as a numbers expert  

League appearances – 632  

League goals – 109

League assists – 162* (Currently a Premier League Record)

Total appearances for Manchester United (including domestic cup and European competitions) – 963* Club record

Manchester United total goals (including European competitions and domestic cups): 168

Appearances to Wales 64

Wales’ Goals 12

Four times, Great Britain also appeared in the Olympic football team 2012. 

But the winner in extra time against Arsenal in the 1999 FA Cup Semi-Final replay, was the stuff of dreams for any football fan – except perhaps a ‘Gooner’.

He was substituted in the match, and after Roy Keane had been sent off, both sides were drawn at 1-1. United fell to 10 men.

Giggs grabbed a pass from Patrick Vieira and started for the goal. He first shrugged off Vieira and then went on to slay through Lee Dixon and Martin Keown before launching the ball to the ceiling of David Seaman’s net. United was at Wembley.

He lifted his shirt up, showing his hairy torso. Then he circled his arms and raced toward his teammates.

Fergie memorably summarized Giggs’ mastery that evening: “When Ryan runs after players, he gives them twist blood.” They aren’t interested in being defenders anymore.

Even though Sir Alex refused Giggs interviews until he turned 20, Ryan Giggs started hosting his TV show, Ryan Giggs Soccer Skills.

Numerous magazine covers featured him, making him an attractive pin-up for girls.

Giggs retired at 40.

He and teammate Gary Neville launched their business, GG Hospitality, and opened a football-themed restaurant named Café Football in Stratford, London, in 2013. In 2019, the site was closed.

Along with their teammates Butt and Scholes, Gary’s brother Phil opened Hotel Football in 2015, which was a sports-themed hotel close to Old Trafford. 

Salford City F.C. was purchased by the class of ’92 stars in 2014. With the support of Peter Lim (a Singaporean businessman), Giggs Scholes, Butt, Scholes and Butt launched the first consultium.

Beckham was later added to the group, the richest member of the Class. He purchased a 10% stake from Lim.

Pictured: Salford City owners David Beckham, Gary Neville, Peter Lim, Nicky Butt and Ryan Giggs during the club's 2019 Vanarama National League Play Off Final win over AFC Fylde

Pictured are Salford City’s owners David Beckham and Gary Neville as well as Peter Lim and Nicky Butt during their 2019 Vanarama National League play off final win over AFC Fylde

He and teammate Gary Neville launched their business, GG Hospitality, and opened a football-themed restaurant named Café Football in Stratford, London, in 2013. The site closed in 2019. The pair, alongside teammates Butt, Scholes and Gary's brother, Phil, also opened Hotel Football, a sports themed hotel near to Old Trafford in 2015

He and teammate Gary Neville launched their business, GG Hospitality, and opened a football-themed restaurant named Café Football in Stratford, London, in 2013. In 2019, the website was closed. Along with their teammates Butt and Scholes, the pair also established Hotel Football in Old Trafford, which was sports-themed.

Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs pose during a Cook Off at Westfield Stratford City in 2013 at the now closed Cafe Football in London

Ryan Giggs (left) and Gary Neville (right) pose in a Westfield Stratford City Cook Off 2013. It was at Cafe Football in London.

The Greater Manchester team, which was non-league at the time they bought it, has reached League Two under their control and continues to fight for promotion.

However, Giggs has now been exposed to the public as a liar, cheat, and it is unclear if the men who are wealthy will support him.

Giggs and Gary Neville were former United teammates. In September 2017, Giggs suggested a University Academy 92 university in Greater Manchester. This would have’more courses than traditional degrees,’ attract more students, and be able offer ‘a wider range of programs’.

Two years later, it was inaugurated and provides courses in media, business, and digital.

It is uncertain whether the University management will continue to wish for Giggs’ mentorship and leadership role, considering all that has happened in court. 

If they don’t, however, Giggs will be the second time he has been exposed in a scandal. Giggs is a pitchman who has received plaudits, but has also lived an interesting life.

After a seven month affair with Imogen Thomas, a Big Brother star and Welsh model, he was the center of the so-called “Super Injunction” storm.

Giggs, who was married at the time of the secret relationship, obtained a gagging order to stop a tell-all interview with Giggs being made public – at the cost of least £150,000.

The Sun reported that Miss Thomas had an affair with a Premier League player. Rumours began to circulate and Giggs’s name started to be mentioned on Twitter. At one time, it was 160 times per second. 

Giggs legal team took unprecedented action and ordered Twitter to release the names of people who broke the injunction.

There was a privacy dispute that led to a now-infamous incident in which John Alexander Melvin Hemming (Lib Dem politician, Birmingham Yardley MP) used Parliamentary Privilege publicly revealed Giggs as the victim of the row.

While the UK Privacy Law was affected by this incident, Giggs also became embroiled in a more personal scandal.

Natasha Giggs was shocked to learn about Giggs’ relationship with Imogen. She is the sister of Rhodri Giggs and has been openly revealing that she had an eight-year-long affair with Imogen.

Giggs was at the centre of a so-called 'Super Injunction' storm in 2011 after a seven-month affair with the Welsh model and Big Brother star Imogen Thomas (pictured)

After a seven month affair with Imogen Thomas, a Big Brother star and Welsh model, Giggs found herself at the center of the so-called “Super Injunction” storm in 2011.

After hearing about Giggs' affair with Imogen, Natasha Giggs (pictured), the wife of the footballer's brother Rhodri, came forward to reveal she had engaged in an eight-year affair with the ex-United midfielder

Giggs ended his relationship with wife Stacey (pictured), with whom he had two children, only after his affair with Kate Greville was revealed

Natasha Giggs, the wife Rhodri’s footballer brother, revealed that she was having an affair for eight years with Imogen Giggs. After his affair with Kate Greville, Giggs broke off his marriage to Stacey (pictured left), his wife of eight years.

They had met initially in a club two months before Natasha started dating Rhodri.

However, after their marriage, Natasha and Giggs were involved in a long-running affair which ended in April 2011.

Closer Magazine at the time, she said that “the affair went on because I was bored” and that it was exciting. 

“I would have my normal life at home, with washing, ironing and cooking. But to realize that I was in a special relationship with this famous footballer, loved by millions.

“Many wanted to spend time with him, and to get to know him was thrilling.

Giggs’ affair with Natasha had lasting consequences for his family, which was split by the scandal.

Natasha left Rhodri in the beginning. However, they tried unsuccessfully to reconcile and divorced in 2013. They had two children together.

Giggs’s relationship with Stacey, his wife, was ended after his affair discovered with Kate Greville.

Rhodri confessed to Rhodri that he hadn’t talked to him in 8 years. This was eight years after his affair with Natasha became public.

Rhodri spoke with Barnaby on the Almost Famous Podcast in 2019 and explained to him that he found out about Ryan-Natasha’s affair of eight years on the very day it was reported in the Press.

He explained that he found out the truth on the date the newspapers published it. “Her mom came to me at six in morning.

Ryan and Natasha tried to make peace with Rhodri. Ryan told Rhodri that the affair was just sex and didn’t mean anything. Rhodri said it wasn’t real and it was fake.

In 2019, Rhodri (pictured) revealed he hadn't spoken to his brother for eight years, ever since his secret affair with Natasha was detailed

2019: Rhodri, (pictured), revealed that he had not spoken to his brother in eight years. This was since the revelation of his affair with Natasha.

Meanwhile, Giggs' father also criticised his son over the affair. Speaking on 2018, after Giggs had been given the Wales manager's job (pictured: Giggs in the dugout for Wales), Danny Wilson said he was 'ashamed' of him

Giggs father was also critical of his son’s affair. Danny Wilson expressed his shame at Giggs being appointed Wales manager in 2018. (photo: Giggs with Wales dugout)

Six months later, he claimed he would do this, that, and nothing had happened. He expected me to ignore it all and make things seem normal. However, when I got to the papers they didn’t speak to me for six months.

Rhodri spoke about Alex’s brother in a podcast last year. Rhodri said that Alex Ferguson was like his father to him. He was always there for him, and was never afraid to disappoint him.

Giggs father was also critical of his son’s affair. Danny Wilson spoke out about Giggs’ 2018 appointment as Wales manager. He said that he felt ‘ashamed” of his son.

He told the Sun: ‘ ‘I should be the proudest dad in the world, as happy as a lark by what he’s achieved – but I am ashamed of him. He is the “ex-footballer” and I cannot bear to even use his name.

Giggs, who was being accused of assault by Ms Greville in November 2020, was taken off his position. In June of this year, Giggs resigned permanently ahead of the trial.