A California sailing enthusiast just certified saved a woman about to drown when she was swept out to sea. She was naked for 12 hours in 66-degree waters until he noticed her hand while watching a pod of dolphins. 

Khosrow Koz’ Khosravani, 60 years old, and a group friends planned to sail from Marina Del Rey in California to Paradise Cove, Malibu, on his boat, SV Defiant.

Khosravani was a former UCLA lecturer in information technology and spotted a pod with dolphins while on his trip. He decided to change route to get closer. 

He noticed something else, however.

He said, ‘I saw an arm’. “If it wasn’t for the dolphins,” he said.

Khosrow (Koz) Khosravani, 60, is a former teaching fellow at Harvard University and a lecturer at UCLA in information technology

Captain Khosrow Khosravani aboard his boat, SV Defiant

A woman who was stuck at sea for 12 hours off Marina Del Rey’s coast was saved by Khosrow Khosravani (left, right), who saw her hand while admiring a pod of dolphins.

Khosravani, a certified sailor who had taken courses through the American Sailing Association just weeks prior, instructed everyone on board what to do in an emergency at the beginning of the trip.

KTLA was told by he that he had told them that these things would never happen, but it was good to know. “They needed all the training 30 minutes later.”

Khosravani came close to the unidentified woman and threw out a flotation device, but she was too weak to use it. Khosravani gave the buoy to her with a 70-foot cord.

After a second try, he finally managed to get the young woman to stand near the side of his boat and then he pulled her aboard. Khosravani claimed that she was completely naked and exhausted and could not speak. 

He wrapped the unconscious, freezing woman in a blanket.

Khosravani recounts that she asked Khosravani if she was alone or if there were any other people to look for. “She couldn’t even say her first name, and she said that she was alone.

The unidentified woman was wrapped up in blankets and towels on the boat while awaiting lifeguard rescue. It is told that she almost died from severe hypothermia after going for a late night swim on the night of September 25th

While waiting for lifeguard rescue, the unidentified woman was wrapped in blankets and towels aboard the boat. According to some reports, she nearly died from severe hypothermia after she went for a late-night swim on September 25th.

Khosravani called the Los Angeles County Fire Department (LACoFD) and crews arrived at the sailboat in seven minutes. The woman was taken to safety. 

Matthew Rhodes, a rescue boat captain for LACoFD Ocean Lifeguard Division was part of the rescue operation after receiving a mayday signal. According to the U.S. Coast Guard, the SV Defiant rescued a person from the water three miles off Paradise Cove. 

Rhodes later described the situation as “pretty dark,” adding that the Pacific Ocean water was 66 degrees that day. We went out as fast and efficiently as possible. We transferred a 26 year-old female from her sailing boat to our rescue boat.

Officials stated that the woman had gone alone for a late-night swim when she was pulled from shore two and a quarter miles away. 

She was suffering from severe hypothermia at the time of her rescue and was described as having gray skin due to this condition. 

She told her rescuers that she survived 12 hours floating on her back. 

“Her vital signs were unusual.” Rhodes stated that she was weak and had a slow heart beat. She had poor circulation due to the cold. She looked very tired. 

LA County Fire Department lifeguards respond to Khosrow Khosravani mayday call to rescue the female swimmer, thought to have been in the water for 12 hours.

LA County Fire Department lifeguards respond at Khosrow Khosravani mayday to rescue the female swimmer who was believed to have been in water for 12 hours.

The woman also shared how she felt disoriented when the nighttime current swept through her. 

Khosravani was glad he and his crewmates discovered her before it was too late. 

Khosravani said, “There is something in this universe. It just wasn’t her turn.” 

“I consider myself spiritual rather than religious.” These things happened one after the other, and if they hadn’t, this lady wouldn’t be here today.

Officials said that the woman was released from UCLA after being treated for hypothermia at UCLA Ronald Reagan Hospital for three days.  

Khosravani said that he hasn’t been in contact but will reach out to her when she’s ready. 

Dailmaily.com has reached out to both the Los Angeles County Fire Department and  Khosravani for comment.