Britney Spears’ fiancé Sam Asghari, 27, is seen leaving a bank in West Hollywood with a wad of cash and wearing a #FreeBritney shirt an hour after her conservatorship ended

  • Sam Asghari, 27, was seen leaving Chase bank in West Hollywood on Friday, an hour after fiancé Britney Spears’ conservatorship ended 
  • As he cashed a check, the Iranian-born model and personal trainer was casually dressed in white sweatshirts and an #FreeBritney tee-shirt.
  • Spears and Asghari became engaged in February. Asghari and Spears were together for 5 years.  


Britney Spears’ fiancé Sam Asghari was seen taking out a large sum of cash at the bank an hour after her conservatorship ended and celebrated her freedom with an ‘ohh ra!’ He got in the car. 

Ashghari (27) is a model and personal trainer who was last seen walking out of Chase bank West Hollywood after Spears (39), was released from 13 years conservatorship. 

While on errands the model dressed casually in white sweatpants, oversized black tee-shirts and baggy pants. 

As he cashed a check, he took out a large amount of money and added a pair all-white tennis shoes to complete the look. 

Sam Asghari, 27, was seen inside a Chase bank in West Hollywood on yesterday after his fiancé Britney Spears' 13-year conservatorship ended

Sam Asghari, 27, was seen inside a Chase bank in West Hollywood on yesterday after his fiancé Britney Spears’ 13-year conservatorship ended  

He was seen wearing baggy white sweatshirt and a black t-shirt that read #FreeBritney

A baggy, white sweatshirt was worn by the man and a black T-shirt with #FreeBritney written on it. 

The Iranian-born model and personal trainer cashed a check at the bank

He reportedly took home a large sum of cash

According to reports, the Iranian-born personal trainer and model cashed a check at the bank. He also reportedly brought home a substantial sum of money. 

Ashghari celebrated the ending of their conservatorship together with a ‘Ohh Ra!’ He climbed in his Jeep Wrangler. 

The Iranian-born trainer was always the loving boyfriend. He posted an adorable, yet simple, post to his Instagram account yesterday, after Britney was released. 

He said, “History is made today. Britney is free! Britney is Free!’ 

He celebrated the end of the conservatorship with an 'ohh ra!' before he climbed into his Jeep

With an “ohh ra!” he celebrated the termination of conservatorship. Before he got into his Jeep, he celebrated the end of conservatorship with an ‘ohh ra!

Ashghari was seen wearing the black version of Britney's shirt as he ran errands

As he was running errands, Ashghari was wearing the black Britney shirt. 

Ashghari engaged his long-time partner two months back. Spears posted a video of her giant sparkler on Instagram with the caption: ‘I can’t f**king believe it!!!!!!’ 

They met while working together on Spears’ 2016 music video for Slumber Party. 

Following the termination of conservatorship, Spears and the pair can now try to have children together.  

Spears, who is also the father of Jayden James (15), and Sean Preston (16 (16), with Kevin Federline, has already become the mother to two teenager sons. Spears has sole custody of the boys.

Spears said to the court that she wanted to get married and have children. 

Federline is now able to freely communicate with Federline regarding the present arrangement, and her conservators are no longer dictating when her star sons can see them. 

Spears’ custody rights to her boys were lost in 2008 after she suffered from health problems. 

Now, the popstar is able to see whomever she chooses and when she pleases. She could only see certain people and not all at once, so the conservators set restrictions.

This was done to stop her coming in contact with others who might take advantage of or harm her.

The pair got engaged two months ago after dating for five years. They met on the set of Spear's music video for Slumber Party in 2016

After dating for five-years, the couple got married two months later. The pair met while filming Spear’s song video for Slumber Party 2016.

Spears is now able to manage her health, including medication and treatment options. She can also choose whether she would like to work. 

Star claimed that she was force to go on tour in 2018 against all her wishes.  

A five-year restraining or, which was granted in 2019, still protects her from Sam Lutfi (her former manager). 

Britney met Lutfi in 2007, while Britney was going through a mental illness and was divorcing her husband Kevin Federline.