Viewers branded Sarah Beeny’s New Life in the Country ‘obnoxious and unrelatable’ after the show revealed their ‘limited budget’ for their countryside house-building project stretched to include a zip wire and man-made pond.  

Last night’s Channel 4 program featured Sarah as she turns a derelict dairy farm of 220 acres in Somerset into her dream home. It was dubbed a “contemporary version” of the classic English stately house. 

Their four sons, Charlie, Rafferty, and Billy helped with their work in their “Gentleman’s Club” and “Medieval” themed rooms, while Sarah, and Graham, addressed their zip wires and ponds. 

According to the programme, the family had a “limited budget” and Graham was seen complaining about the high cost of renovations at the stately home. 

Last night's episode of Sarah Beeny's New Life in the Country saw her four boys Laurie, Charlie, Rafferty and Billy, helping out with work on their 'Gentleman's club' and 'Medieval' themed bedrooms

Sarah Beeny’s New Life in the Country – Last night, her boys Laurie, Charlie and Rafferty helped out in the construction of their themed bedrooms titled ‘Gentlemans club’ or ‘Medieval.

Viewers branded the series 'obnoxious and unrelatable' after the show revealed their 'limited budget' stretched to include a zip wire and man-made pond (both pictured)

After the show’s ‘limited budget’ was revealed, viewers branded it ‘obnoxious’ and unrelatable (both shown) 

‘Every morning I look at all these vans, and I kinda go, “everyone of these vans, is a day-rate, is money going out, is someone coming in?” He said that while things are moving quickly it’s quite costly and almost impossible to ignore. 

Viewers said they were ‘shocked at how obnoxious the whole programme is’, branding it the most ‘middle class’ series they’d ever watched. 

“I watched 5 minutes of SarahBeenyNewLife, and was shocked at the absurdity of the entire program. One said, “I cannot relate to this family at all hahahahahaha.” 

Another write: ‘Possibly the most middle class program I’ve ever watched. Trying so hard to be relatable with the ‘minimal budget’ comments.’ 

Charlie and Billie were keen to create a classic English Gentleman's club look with strong deep colours, dark wooden furniture and rich upholstery

Charlie and Billie wanted to recreate the classic English Gentleman’s Club look, with deep colors and dark wood furniture.

Viewers said they were 'shocked at how obnoxious the whole programme is', branding it the most 'middle class' series they'd ever watched

Viewers described being’shocked by how offensive the whole program is’ and branded it the most “middle class” series they have ever seen.

“SarahBeenyNewLife’ is so relatable, and my restricted budget always allows for a large house, log cabins zip wire, lake, ect.

Last night’s episode saw the property developer and her husband address the interior of their stately home as well as the surrounding farmland.  

Raffy and Laurie had previously stayed in a detached home nearby. They were eager to move into their larger bedrooms with their sons’ personal decor.  

Although the older boys preferred a more Medieval-inspired look, including a four-post bed, Charlie and Billie were determined to make a traditional English Gentleman’s club appearance with deep colors and heavy upholstery. 

Billie wanted oak panelling to be installed across the bedroom wall. However, he was told it would cost more than the staircase. 

‘They both want a Gentleman’s club, they don’t know what a Gentleman is’, said the 53-year-old broadcaster. 

Graham was seen bemoaning the cost of renovating the stately home as hoards of workers flooded the property

Graham could be seen lamenting about the high cost of renovations to the stately residence as hoards upon workers overflowed the building 

Sarah and her husband began digging up the pond last Autumn but was forced to halt the project due to heavy rain and never finished lining the pond

Sarah began digging the pond with her husband last Autumn, but heavy rain forced Sarah to stop the work and she never completed lining it.

Graham added later: ‘Both Bille and Charlie came up with the idea of an old gentleman’s club and I just went tick tick we can do that, we have al the Victorian furniture to do that.’ 

Each bedroom would eventually have an en-suite and younger son Raffy created a hidden book case door to his private bathroom, as well as a secret passage to his brother’s room.  

The family also addressed the interior of the house and built a manmade pond to help local wildlife.   

After digging the pond, the couple stopped the excavation due to heavy rainfall. They also never got their lining finished so they had to empty it and refill it again.  

Each bedroom would eventually have an ensuite and younger son Raffy created a hidden book case door to his private bathroom, as well as a secret passage to his brother’s room

Each bedroom would eventually have an ensuite and younger son Raffy created a hidden book case door to his private bathroom, as well as a secret passage to his brother’s room

Raffy's room, which he designed and helped decorate with period furniture, was Medieval themed and included a four-poster bed

Raffy was the designer and decorator of Raffy’s Medieval inspired room. It featured a 4-poster bed and a four-poster mattress. 

Sarah said, “We’ve been fighting the seasons ever since we moved in.” We tried digging foundations during the winter. It was really foolish. 

‘Fighting the seasons on a farm is an uphill battle and I’ve sort of given in and accepted you do the right thing at the right time.’    

But viewers were not impressed with the costly home transformation. They called the series “distasteful” and “staged”.   

‘Pond? That’s more like a mini lake fgs’, wrote one. 

One said that Sarahbeeny’s New Life in the Country was possibly the most disgusting thing on television. @Channel4′. 

A third wrote that Sarah Beeny’s country show featured posh women.