Convicted MP Claudia Webbe will be allowed to keep £500 dining chairs if she is kicked out of Parliament

  • Claudia Webbe, who was convicted for harassing women, is now facing recall elections 
  • She purchased four velvet covered dining room chairs at a cost of £519.96
  • The victim claims that she was a victim, and plans to appeal the conviction. 

A disgraced MP who faces being kicked out of Parliament claimed more than £500 in expenses for dining room chairs that she will be allowed to keep if she is ousted.

Claudia Webbe was found guilty of harassing after she threatened to kill a friend with acid.

If her appeal is unsuccessful, a recall petition will be filed in her Leicester East constituency. This could lead to a byelection.

As she was awaiting trial, Webbe went on a taxpayer-funded shopping spree, spending £2,077 on ‘office furniture’. Her purchases included four velvet covered dining room chairs that cost a total of £519.96.

Leicester East MP Claudia Webbe was convicted of harassment last month after she threatened to attack a love rival with acid

The MP, who now sits as an independent after she was expelled from Labour, was handed a suspended ten-week sentence by a judge last month

After being expelled from Labour, the MP was given a suspended sentence of ten weeks by a judge.

‘Enjoy a new sense of luxury and comfort in your dining space with this upholstered dining chair,’ reads the description for the product online.

Commons rules may require MPs to pay back the Parliament or reimburse it for any cost they incur when they go. However, they are not asked to reimburse Parliament for the costs of their office furniture. Webbe (56), purchased the chairs in March as part of a set of Wayfair purchases. This was two weeks after Webbe’s trial date was delayed.

Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority has published a receipt that does not include the delivery address. This was done to protect expenses watchdogs. Since her election in December 2019, when she took over the seat previously held by Keith Vaz, Webbe has claimed a total of £10,076 for office furniture and equipment.

A judge handed the suspended sentence of ten weeks to the MP who is now an independent member after being expelled from Labour.

Michelle Merritt was bombarded with threatening and silent phone calls over the span of 18 months.

Even though she had been convicted of harassment, the MP insisted that she was still the victim.

She is being appealed for in March of next year. It could be listed up to 3 days.

If she is sentenced to a suspended term, her seat will remain vacant unless 10 percent of voters in the area sign a recall petition.