Jackson Warne was the son of Shane Warne and he has said that he supports Andrew Tate’s videos, saying that he is in agreement with him on “a few” things.

Warne shared Youtube clips from Tate’s ranting on Facebook about Tate’s unfair ban.

Tate, age 35, stated that the bans would make him a martyr’, and that ‘this is only the first time in human history the betas have power over the alphas.

Jackson Warne (pictured), son of cricketing great Shane, defended posting videos by Andrew Tate by saying he agrees with the 'misogynist' influencer 'on a few things'

Jackson Warne, the son of Shane Warne, cricketing great and cricketer extraordinaire, has defended Andrew Tate’s videos saying that he was in agreement with Tate on ‘a few things.

Controversial influencer Andrew Tate, 35, has been banned from Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram

Andrew Tate (35) is a controversial YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok influencer.

After mounting criticism, the TikToker which has amassed billions upon millions of views was removed from various platforms.

He suggested that women should ‘bear some accountability’ for being assaulted in a tweet, leading to his ban.

Tate advised other men accusing of cheating girlfriends to grab Tate by the neck and ‘bang the machete, boom into her face. Shut up b***h’.

Tate has made numerous video comments calling women property. He also noted that he likes to date women 18-19 years old because it’s easier for him to create an impression. 

Jackson Warne stated that those were not the messages he supported. 

Jackson replied, “I was just going to quickly clear the air. I just posted Andrew Tate’s story and it had clearly frustrated some people. I just saw his face on my article.” 

Although I don’t necessarily agree with all the statements he makes, there are a few things that I can agree with.

“All of the really positive qualities that he has to offer resonate strongly with me. These qualities are also positives to me and should be viewed as such. I believe that many people need to see them that way and not only agree with every word he speaks.

Jackson Warne (left) is Shane's only son and second oldest child

Shane is the only child and second-oldest of Jackson Warne (left),

Tate talks about slapping and choking a woman who 'likes it rough'

Tate has racked up billions of views on TikTok

Pictured: Tate, who has racked up billions of views on TikTok, talks about slapping and choking a woman who ‘likes it rough’

Jackson blamed Jackson for misrepresenting Tate’s videos. Tate had complained of this often before.

Jackson stated, “I know that the media can manipulate narratives and take them out of context. But I wanted to make it clear that while I disagree with many things he said, I agree with some things.”

Tate made his controversial comments in a Youtube farewell video  on women were ‘taken out of context’. 

His video content was ‘vilified’ by him as he declared that he will be taking a ‘break’ from podcasting. 

Tate described the criticisms he received as “false narratives”, insisting that he’s done nothing wrong and goes to church. He also said both God and Tate knew of his innocence. 

Jackson’s father, 52-year-old, died in March from a heart attack in Thailand.

Jackson is Shane’s second-oldest child and only son.

Brooke and Summer were the leg spinner’s daughters with Simone Callahan before they divorced in 2005. 

'Toxic influencer' Andrew Tate (pictured) says he was 'playing a comedic character' in videos which have been slammed as misogynistic after the ex-Big Brother star was banned from Facebook and Instagram for 'violating policies'

Andrew Tate (pictured as toxic influencer) claims that he was just ‘playing an amicable character’ in the videos. This was after ex-Big Brother star Andrew Tate was removed from Instagram and Facebook because he allegedly violated policies.

Andrew Tate is an influential figure with a controversial past 


Tate sent Cheryl abusive messages regarding Ashley Cole’s marriage. 

In one message he refers to Cheryl and her former husband as ‘massive w*g sockets,’ as well as launching an attack on Canadian rapper Drake.

Also reported to be his comment was: “If you want to see black people run, I’d threaten them with jobs.” 

JUNE 2016, 

After Tate’s video of Tate abusing his girlfriend with a belt and beating her, the 35-year old was kicked from the channel 5 reality TV show.

This clip features the star repeatedly hitting the woman with his belt, and he even slaps her across their faces. 

However, the celebrity insisted that it was just a ‘playful amusement’. She said: “A longer version shows us laughing. I find myself mumbling to myself, “it doesn’t hurt.” “I am still good friends with her, and she is in the UK now with me. I’d never touch a woman.


Tate ignited controversy once again just before World Suicide Day, when he posted that ‘depression doesn’t exist’.

He said, “There are not many fat and lonely people over 60 who have no family, money, or hobbies. Are you depressed? – this is not a clinical disease’.

Ricky Hatton, a former boxer and J.K Rowling, were critical of his comments. 

OCT 2017 

Tate’s comments on rape in the aftermath of #MeToo caused controversy.

His tweet at that time was: “Women exchange sex for opportunities for a long time.” Others did it. Weren’t abused. […]You must accept some accountability if you place yourself in a situation where you are raped.

Twitter deleted the tweets that were in violation of their policy. Tate was then suspended from Twitter. However, he is now a verified Twitter user.

MAJOR 2021 

Tate, his brother Tristan and Tate allegedly owned a cam girls business in Romania. They moved there in 2017 after Tate was married to Tristan.

His previous statement was: “I could open my own strip club but that requires money. Overhead is what I need. These women can make me rich.

“At my height as a webcam pimpin’, I believe I am the king” […]Problem is, the first two girls were my best friends because they loved me. […]Once you are bigger, it’s easier to find girls you don’t really love. These girls are only in it to make a buck.

APRIL 2022

Daily Beast claims Tate’s house was raided and searched by Romanian authorities as a result of an alleged case of human trafficking.

Following a tip from the US Embassy, the investigation found that the house was holding a 21 year-old American woman against her will. 

This case remains open. Both brothers were immediately released and denied any wrongdoing.