A shocking moment as a tube passenger shouts a vulgar anti-Islamic tirade at a Muslim man, telling him that ‘this country is Christian’ while he silently recites the Quran aloud

  • Commuter launched a furious tirade against Muslim passenger, as he recited Quran
  • The footage was shot near Monument station at 6.40am, November 27th.  
  • Passenger continues to recite and man  says he has ‘no respect for other people’ 

The shocking scene when a commuter took aim at a Muslim passenger on the London Underground while he was reading the Quran.

Film footage taken at Monument station, central London on November 27 shows the angry man telling the Muslim passenger that there is no respect for him as he quiet recites the Islamic Holy Book.  

As the Muslim passenger continues to recite the Quran, the commuter goes on to tell him ‘this is a Christian country’ and he should ‘behave in our manners and the way that we do things.’  

During the clip, the angry commuter tells the fellow passenger: ‘You’re not going to do it on public transport where I am sitting. It’s not even a decency of you to ask me whether it’s possible.

The angry commuter launches a furious tirade at a Muslim passenger as he recites the Quran near Monument station in central London at 6.40am on November 27

As he recites the Quran in front of Monument station in central London, an angry commuter unleashes a furious tirade against a Muslim passenger at 6.40am on November 27, 2017.

The Muslim passenger replies: ‘I don’t need your permission.’

The furious commuter tell him ‘you need my permission to invite my privacy in my space’  before the Muslim passenger responds: ‘You are over there and I’m over here.’

An angry passenger on the tube said, “Do you not see anybody of any faith here praying their morning prayers?” No. You don’t know why. 

“They do not respect each other and that is your problem.” You have no respect for people.

After that, the Muslim passenger says to her: “You are a large man. Act your age.” Act your age. Children shout’  

The angry commuter replies, “I’m a large man.  What you’re doing is invading others’ space.  

He said, “No one tells you to stop. They are too careful. Oh my god, don’t even touch a Muslim.” This is a Christian nation. We expect you to behave the same way as us.

As the Muslim passenger continues reciting the Islamic holy book, the man adds: ‘You want to do it you wake up half an hour early and do it in your lounge. It doesn’t matter which direction you choose.

The Muslim passenger wrote: “For all those who are questioning this story, no, I wasn’t loud nor disturbed peace.” 

The man tells the Muslim passenger he has 'no respect for other people' as he quietly recites the Islamic holy book

While silently reciting the Islamic holy books, the man told the Muslim passenger that the man has no respect for others.

The commuter goes on to tell him 'this is a Christian country' as the Muslim passenger recites the Quran

As the Muslim passenger recites the Quran, the commuter continues to say that he is in a Christian country.

“It was 6.40am Saturday morning, and I was commuting to work. The train was nearly 70% empty. (Check the reflections on the windows). I was reading the Quran slowly and clearly enough to be able to hear it. 

“This fellow passenger was having a problem with me reading the Quran outside. He was the only one who seemed to care, and he did so openly. 

“I asked him to get up if he is so pressing or to just shut down, but he refused. I told him to quit reading Quran. He believes that we shouldn’t read prayers on TfL. 

He said, “I ignored him, and continued my recitation. Yet, he went out his way to follow us off the train and complain about London Underground.”

British Transport Police are currently investigating the incident.

“Such behavior will not be tolerated on the railway networks.”

MailOnline reached out to the British Transport Police, Transport for London and Transport for England for comments.