A woman asked men for their most controversial opinions as a prompt on a dating app. She was shocked by the responses, which included ‘intelligence depends upon race’.

Amanda Neill, a Fort Worth, Texas resident, asked her potential partners the question on dating apps. In an effort to’save some time’ by figuring which men held bigoted views, she did so. 

Amanda shared the responses via TikTok video. The video has received more than nine millions views and had commenters calling the men unhinged’. 

One respondent claimed that bullying was good for the nation, while others admitted that anti-vaxxers were among them and that they were against chivalry. 

The speech and language pathology student said that she tried to be open-minded about her dates’ political beliefs, but she was shocked by some of the sexist and racist responses. 

Hinge spokesperson said that the dating app has a strict zero tolerance policy on racism, sexism, and bigotry. Bumble spokesperson said that the company was working with Anti Defamation League in order to ban hate speech on the platform.

Amanda Neill, 23, from Fort Worth, Texas, pictured, asked her matches on dating app for their most controversial opinions and was shocked when she was showered with racist, sexist and bigoted views

Amanda Neill, 23 years old, from Fort Worth, Texas, pictured. She asked her matches on a dating app their most controversial opinions. She was shocked when they poured in racist, sexist, and bigoted views

Amanda’s video featured a slideshow of conversations she had on dating apps. 

Her first interaction saw her first match write: “Intelligence can be genetic,” to which Amanda replied: “From both parents or one.” 

He replied, “Race based I mean.”

The second respondent stated that “Eventually socialism will destroy this country”, while the third match stated that “Men and women will never be equal.” It’s just biology.

One of Amanda's matches told her he believes intelligence is based on race and genetics, pictured

Amanda was told by one her matches that intelligence is based on race, genetics, and gender. 

“Socially we can be equal. But physically, no.

One man simply wrote “Chivalry” to express his most controversial opinion. He later clarified that he was against it. 

Another said, “I don’t care at any about the vaccine.” I don’t think it is important to get it. It’s not a big deal, but I don’t think so. 

Another man said that ‘Bullying is good news for the country. The second part contained more opinions such as: ‘Women can’t drive’, All forms of government evil and bad’, and ‘Kanye 2020.  

Other TikTok users had different responses to Amanda’s messages. 

One commenter stated that he thought the story would be funny and unusual, but instead he was disappointed and sad. 

Another commenter stated: “Coke Zero is better that actual Coke,” but okay, sexism as well as racism work. 

One user wrote, “This isn’t Hinge. This is unhinged.”

Amanda, pictured, shared screenshots of the answers on TikTok

The 23-year-old said she is 'saving time' by eliminating the men that way

Amanda, pictured, shared screenshots from the answers on TikTok. She said she is’saving her time’ by eliminating those men.

Other commenters expressed sympathy with the views expressed in this video. 

One TikTok user said: “Honestly, other than the first dude.” [who said race was linked to intelligence]They all have great points.

Another commenter said that the guy who spoke of how men and women won’t be equal was right. We will never be biologically the same, and we will never receive equal treatment.

Amanda added another question, “What’s the worst thing about women?” to her follow-up video.’.

Some of the men offered ‘insecurity, fake long nails and ‘don’t get me started’ answers. 




Amanda received a slew of controversial responses to her question, including that 'bullying is good for the country'

Amanda received many controversial responses to her question. One of them was that bullying is good for the country.  

Amanda stated that the opinions she heard were ‘a bit concerning’ from some men, and explained: ‘The racist one was probably most shocking to me. 

“I found none of the opinions offensive, except the one about intelligence being race-based. This was quite shocking. 

“At first, he said it as if he was discussing intelligence being inherited. I thought it would be a thought-provoking conversation. 

I thought that he might have done some research about family intelligence, but that was not where he was going. I called him and he was unmatched with me.  

Amanda, pictured, said she was hesitant to date men on apps, and wanted to cut to the chase so that her matches would show their true colors

Amanda, pictured: Amanda said that she was hesitant to date on apps men and wanted to cut to chase so her matches would reveal their true colors

“I don’t understand why he thought that was okay to say.” I was curious if I looked like someone who would share that opinion. There is nothing on my profile to indicate that. 

“I don’t understand how anyone could hold such a view, and I don’t get why they would say it to me.”

Amanda was more open to the other responses, such as the man who said that men and woman could never have equality. 

Amanda said that the man who said that men and women would never equal each other explained to Amanda that he was referring about physicality. I now understand that he was right in some ways, since men are often stronger and more powerful than women.  


Later, she went on to ask some of the men what their least favourite thing about women was - with some shocking results

Later, she continued to ask men about their least favorite thing that they liked about women. She got some shocking results  

“But I don’t understand why he would choose that as his first choice when he was speaking to someone he’s trying to date. Why would he want to have that first interaction? 

“Most of these controversial opinions were somewhat political.” These guys just wanted to get it all out there.

She continued: ‘Once I started sending that question out, I realized that guys were going straight to their most controversial opinion, without realizing that it didn’t have to be offensive. 

‘There were a few basic opinions, probably less than half. There were opinions such as “Pineapple shouldn’t go on pizza.” 

“I kept in touch with those guys. I’m hesitant to date guys via dating apps because it’s scary. Some guys might not be the best and don’t want to share everything on their first message. 

“I try to be open-minded about other people’s political beliefs on dating applications. Texas is a conservative country, especially where I reside. It is not something that I allow to be too significant. 

Other TikTok users were shocked by the replies Amanda received, with some saying it was 'not Hinge, but unhinged' and others saying they thought it would a light-hearted video

Other TikTok users were also shocked at the responses Amanda received. Some said it was ‘not Hinge but unhinged’ while others said it was ‘not Hinge but unhinged’. Others thought it would be a light-hearted clip. 

“I’m not conservative, so it would be difficult to meet other men on dating apps if this were an issue.”

Amanda has received over 39,000 comments since she shared the video on Oct 7th. 

Amanda stated, “I don’t know how I got the idea of asking guys about their most controversial opinions. But I realized that I received more matches on dating apps if i sent questions. 

“Before I made this video, I had about 10 followers on TikTok. They were all people I knew. So I thought it would be fun to share this with my friends. 

“If I had known that it would attract so much attention, I would crop out their names and photos. 

“I even had a girl messaging me, telling that one of the accounts in my video was a fake account made by her boyfriend. I sent the screenshots to her and she confirmed that it was him. 

Amanda, pictured, said the experiment made the dating app more entertaining to her, but also has made her less inclined to put effort into meeting somebody on there to date

Amanda, pictured: Amanda said that the experiment made the dating app more fun, but also made her less inclined towards meeting someone on there to date.

‘I was shocked by how shocked people were on TikTok. Many of the comments were negative towards men in general. 

“This experience has made dating apps more fun to me, and it’s made it more interesting for me to ask more questions. It has also made me less inclined towards meeting someone on dating apps. 

FEMAIL and Hinge, dating app Hinge, have been contacted to condemn the messages Amanda received. 

“We have a strict zero-tolerance policy regarding sexism/racism and bigotry on and off the app. A spokesperson for app stated that the responses in this video were “hateful and disturbing”. 

“We encourage users to report hate speech on Hinge using our hate speech reporting option in Hinge. This allows us quickly to remove anyone who is accused of this behavior.

A spokesperson for Bumble said: ‘Harassment, violence and hate speech are not tolerated on Bumble. The company partnered up with the Anti-Defamation League in 2017 in order to ban all forms hate speech, hate symbols, and harassment. 

“This was followed up by a ban on photos of people with guns who aren’t law enforcement personnel or veterans in uniform.”