No one says that work is boring. Employees at work reveal the ways their colleagues are pranksters and have made it more fun

  • The funniest things happening in offices around the globe have been shared by people from all over the world
  • One employee plays prank on his colleagues by making a fake toenail cake. 
  • One clever man wanted to build a standing desk and removed the tile below. 
  • An additional painting of women giggling is located directly above an urinal.

Humour can make a day long, so a few jokesters are a great way to keep spirits up.

Today, people all around the globe share workplace pranks which have helped to lift the spirits – the best of these are collected by Parent Influence. 

One photograph shows an office full of colourful balls. Another photo shows a trickster putting a note on the coffee machine claiming it could be voice activated. Then they sat back and watched as their coworkers scratch their heads. 

A play of words leads to a giant poster featuring Steve Jobs being printed. The whole company then decides that they will dress as one of their coworkers. 

FEMAIL has some funniest examples…

That takes the cake! This bake cake from an office in the US is a sneaky prank for anyone with a sweet tooth, and a sure fire way to get co-workers to keep their mitts off the snacks

This is the best! The bake cake is delivered from an American office. It’s a clever prank that anyone can pull off.

Who needs fancy kit? This ingenious US office worker is a step ahead of everyone else he works with when it comes to innovation

Why do you need fancy equipment? Innovating is the name of this US office worker who’s a leap ahead of others.

Sketchy plan! The IT department at this American company decided enough was enough and that employees had to learn a lesson in keeping their laptops safe

It was a sketchy plan. This American company’s IT team decided that enough was enough. The employees needed to be taught a lesson about keeping laptops safe.

Well you know what they say... love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life. This friendly prank just made whoever works at these desks happy about their jobs for the rest of their lives

It’s true what they say: love what you do and it will never get in the way of your happiness. The friendly joke made everyone at the desks smile for the rest their lives.

Let's hope nobody was desperate for coffee! One US company worker knows exactly how to keep themselves entertained. Write a note that isn't true and then sit back and watch the confusion

We hope that nobody is desperate for coffee. A worker at a US company knows how to entertain themselves. You can write a fake note and sit back to watch as the confusion unfolds. 

Ever feel like you're being watched! This portrait placed on top of the urinal at a company in the US might be slightly off-putting

Feel like your every move is being monitored! It might feel a bit strange to see this portrait on the top of an American company’s urinal.  

Cat's clever! This US office worker thought of a clever way of covering up spilled wine on the carpet that would put a smile on the face of even the strictest boss

Cat’s clever! The clever idea of the US worker in an office was to cover up wine spilled on the floor. This would make even strict bosses smile!

Spot the original! This US office is filled to the brim with people who have a good sense of humour. Let's just hope this person's dad found the joke as funny

You can spot the original! The US office is full of people with a sense of humor. We can only hope that the dad of this individual found the joke to be funny.

Now that's a sight you don't want to run into on a cold dark morning, but a perfect example of how one should use a photocopier

Although it is not something you want to be greeted with on a cold, dark morning, this photo is an excellent example of how a photocopier should be used.

This UK office makes the most of signs that tell them what to do by taking them very literally and then disobeying

These UK offices make the best of signs telling them what to do. They take them quite literally, then ignore them. 

Once one starts taking literally all the signs in the office that get put up, there are likely a lot of hidden meanings between the lines

If you start to take literally every sign in an office, then there is likely to be many hidden meanings.

Depending on where this person works, this could actually be a productive day at the office—justing by the official-looking files though, it wasn't

Depending on where this person works, this could actually be a productive day at the office—justing by the official-looking files though, it wasn’t

A classic pun never fails to impress on a long hard day in the office, especially when it comes in the form of an unsuspecting sticky note as one US worker did

On a hard work day at the office, a classic pun is always a great way to entertain. Especially when it’s in the form an unassuming sticky note like one US worker.

This US office worker may have gone a step too far in the eyes of any parents, but for those without children, it's quite funny

The American office worker went too far, in the eyes and ears of parents. But for non-parents, it is quite hilarious

Oh dear Paul, it doesn't appear the day was grabbed by both horns. Although, admittedly, productivity as big as the earth of the moon would be a sight to behold

Paul! It doesn’t seem that the day was taken by both horns. Obwohl productivity as great as the earth would make for a beautiful sight,