‘Elton John’ spider that looks like it’s wearing sunglasses with a black toupée while playing piano melts hearts

  • A tiny jumping spider was spotted in Queensland and looks almost like Elton John playing the piano
  • One person commented on the adorable video, “That is seriously adorable.” 
  • The spider was identified as a White-banded Female House Jumper 

A spider that looks a lot like Elton John has gained fans on a Facebook group for arachnid enthusiast. 

The tiny jumping spider appears to be wearing black sunglasses and a black toupee, and playing an imaginary piano.

One person commented, “That is seriously adorable.” 

Another comment read, “What a cute, cool guy!” 

One commenter said, “Elton John if it was he came back as an insect,” confirming the likeness. 

'Elton John if he came back as a spider,' said one commenter on the video posted by Adrian Pearce, nailing the likeness

Adrian Pearce posted a video in which one commenter wrote, “Elton John, if he came home as a spider,” describing the likeness.

The spider was identified by one person as a female White-banded House Jumper (Maratus scutulatus).

This species is found mostly on the east coast Australia, where it can be found on the bark of trees and green leafs, as well as other natural surfaces.

Adrian Pearce filmed the spider and said he saw it at Horse Camp west of Bundaberg. 

Females average 7mm in length, while males average 5mm. They are highly mobile and can jump quickly if they get startled.    

A bite of the Elton John-look-alike can cause inflammation and pain, as well as mild illness.

It’s little piano-playing hands are pedipalps, a second pair of appendages found in various arthropods such as spiders and crabs. 

The pedipalps are located on either side of the mouth and perform a specific function, such as grasping or feeling.