It is possible.

Yes, and credible reports have shown that people wake up with spiked needles.

According to one expert, the possibility of this being widespread is “deeply unlikely”. 

VICE News spoke with David Caldicott who is an emergency medicine consultant, and the founder of WEDINOS drug testing project WEDINOS. He said that it would be impossible to do this because of lacks in technical and medical expertise. 

“It is really difficult to put a needle into someone without them being aware, particularly if the needle has to be in there long enough (maybe 20 seconds) to inject enough drug to cause it to happen.

Can someone give the injection very quickly?

But thExperts say they would need to conceal the fact that they are using a powerful drug.

GHB, a well-known drug used to ‘date’ rape women, can also be self-administered at low dosages for recreational use.

Guy Jones, a senior scientist with the Loop drug charity, said that it was a poor candidate for injection due to the high amount of fluid required. 

“This would mean that it would need a painful, thick needle. He explained that this means the substance would need to be easily detected for several days during a toxicology screening.

Adam Winstock (Director of the Global Drug Survey) stated that there are not many drugs or medicines that can be administered intramuscularly in sufficient quantities to cause a noticeable effect. 

“What you see in movies is not real” Keep your drinks near you, don’t give them to strangers, and be considerate of your friends.

Is it possible to administer drugs to any body part?

True, but there are parts that work better than others.

VICE interviewed Mr Jones to explain that drugs are not intravenously injectable. However, certain injection points do not function well.

“The low fat-muscle and high pain receptor concentrations make the back one of these undesirable sites.”

How about drinking spiking?

Injection spiking still exists, but drink spiking has become much more popular.

The number of incidents involving drink-spiking has increased in the UK by 108 Percent between 2015 and 2018. There were 179 such incidents in 2017, alone. 

These are only official numbers. It is possible that the actual number is much higher, as people often don’t report this to police.

Charity Drinkaware recommends: “Don’t take a drink from anyone you don’t like and, if possible, buy drink stoppers online to top off your drink.” 

Gamma Hydroxybutyrate and Rohypnol are two of the most popular ‘date-rape drug’.

Some recreational drugs, such as Ecstasy or Lysergic acid diethlamide (LSD), Ketamine, and other “party-drugs”, can be used to spike alcoholic beverages.