A teenager cashier foils a petrol station robbery by convincing him to leave with a casual 11 word request.

  • A teenage attendant asked the would-be robber if he would visit another service station.
  • The man approached her at the counter, and demanded that she pay $500
  • Adelaide teen replied by asking the man to visit another store near him
  • CCTV footage shows the man casually walking out after agreeing to it.

A quick-witted teenager stopped an attempted armed burglary at a service station. He convinced him to try another business.

Sophie had just started her shift at St Peters petrol station, Adelaide, when a man entered and began to peruse the aisles.

He approached the 18 year old cashier and demanded that she pay him money from the till. He also warned her that he was armed.

Adelaide woman Sophie had only just begun her shift at the St Peters convenience store when a man approached her and demanded $500, adding he was armed with a gun (pictured)

Adelaide woman Sophie had just started her shift at the St Peters convenience shop when a man approached and demanded $500. He also claimed he was armed (pictured)

He said, “Can I have $500? I’m broke.” Sophie said to 7News, “I’m not going hurt you, and I’m certainly not going to touch your, but I have a gun in me.” 

“I was shocked but I said “could we just go to the station up the street”, I said I was sorry and begged him.

CCTV footage of the robbery shows Sophie calm and collected as he asks her to take his business elsewhere. 

The brave teen said that he wasn’t aggressive and that he left. 

Sophie stated that she would not make sudden movements if the man had a gun while she was negotiating with him.

The 18-year-old left the service station immediately after he left. He called the police, who arrived in minutes to set up cordons and lock the doors. 

The man was seen walking casually out of the station. He was last seen heading south when police sniffer dogs couldn’t find his scent.

He has been described by some as a Caucasian man between 25-35 years old with brown hair and a beard. A red plaid lumberjack-style shirt with dark pants, dark gloves, and a bag.  

SA Police spokesperson stated the following Police arrested an 18-year old North Adelaide man last night after conducting investigations and receiving information from the public. 

He was charged with Aggravated Robbery and was released to appear before the Adelaide Magistrates Court, January 5.

The teen attendant's simple request for the would-be robber to take his business to another convenience store was surprisingly accepted (pictured, X Convenience store in St Peters)

The simple request of the teen attendant to have his business transferred to another convenience store was surprisingly received (pictured, X Convenience Store in St Peters).