“I’m young and rich and can accomplish what I want,” was the Florida TikTok star (18) when he was arrested for ‘DELIBERATELY prodding trooper to chase him by wheel-spinning off of stop sign’

  • Damaury Mikula, 18, a Florida TikTok Star, was arrested Friday after he began a 100-mile-per hour high speed chase along Pasco County Police
  • Police footage shows Mikula running the red light, doing a burnout, and smoking his tires in his Dodge Challenger. 
  • They later arrested Mikula at Mikula’s home. Mikula boasted about his $400,000-450,000/year salary as they read his Miranda Rights
  • He was taken to Pasco County Jail, where he was charged with eluding officers with disregard for safety of persons or property as well as reckless driving and racing along a highway.
  • He was released on Saturday on bond  

A Florida TikTok star deliberately sparked a 100mph police chase – then told cops who arrested him his wealth and youth made him immune from the law, it is claimed.

Damaury Mikula (18) from Pasco, Florida has more than 4 million followers on TikTok. He has posted content frequently featuring his Dodge Challenger. This vehicle can reach 141 mph and costs around $60,000.  

Pasco County Police captured the TikTok Star being chased in that car on Friday at the intersection of State Route 54 and Sunlake Boulevard, Florida.

Mikula allegedly deliberately ‘burned’ the car at a stop signal next to a cop to start a chase.

He was later taken into custody in front of his house, but he did not post the clip of him being pursued by TikTok. However, troopers have shared their dashcam footage. 

Florida Tik Tok star Damaury Mikula, 18, was arrested on Friday after he led Pasco County Police on a 100-mile-per-hour high speed chase

Damaury Mikula (18, Florida Tik Tok) was taken into custody Friday after leading Pasco County Police on a 100-mile per hour high speed chase 

Mikula's Dodge Challenger was towed after he ran a red light in front of a police as well as doing a burnout and smoking his tires next to his patrol car

Mikula’s Dodge Challenger was tow after he ran a stop sign in front of police and did a burnout next to his patrol car. 

Mikula started the chase when he ran a red signal. He also did a burnout maneuver which saw his tires explode in smoke as he parked right in front of a patrol vehicle.  

Mikula was not allowed to pull over when he was stopped at a red light. 

As police pursued him, he continued to accelerate and was eventually stopped in a nearby residential area.

After one of the troopers had tagged him, the police identified Mikula as the runaway driver.

Mikula was captured starting the high speed chase between the intersection of State Route 54 at Sunlake Boulevard

Mikula was caught starting a high speed chase at Sunlake Boulevard’s intersection with State Route 54

Mikula had boasted about his high salary and claimed the chase was 'fun' as police read him his Miranda rights

Mikula boasted about his high-paying job and claimed that the chase was ‘fun’ when police read him his Miranda Rights

They then arrived at Mikula’s house to arrest Mikula. He continued to boast about the large amount of money he had earned while police read him his Miranda Rights. 

“Mr. Mikula advised that his state of mind was that, “he is young, has a lot of income, and has a fast vehicle and he can do what he wants,” Trooper W. Kelly, Florida Highway Patrol, told WFLA. 

‘Mr. Mikula admitted that it was foolish thinking and not a way to live.

‘Mr. Mikula advised him that he wanted to do something for three seconds. It cost him.

Mikula was booked into Pasco County Jail without incident and was charged with eluding police with disregard of safety to persons or property, reckless driving and racing on highway

Mikula was taken to Pasco County Jail and charged with eluding officers with disregard for safety of persons or property, reckless driving, and racing on the highway

Mikula also said that he planned to use the expressway to evade police. But then he realized that it could get him in more trouble.  

Florida Highway Patrol stated that Mikula also told police that his car was in the garage, and they gave permission to tow it.

He was taken to Pasco County Jail and charged with eluding officers with disregard for safety of persons or property, reckless driving, and racing on a highway. Mikula was granted bond and released on Saturday.