Hong Kong has always been a very special place, an exotic island of capitalism with its own distinct culture and if you are planning to spend some time in this unique city, you are spoiled for choice, with many attractions that can only be found in Hong Kong.

Here is our list of the top tourist attractions in Hong Kong, which you should add to your schedule.

  • Victoria Harbour – The major feature of the city and if you want a tailored cruise, you can search online for premier boat rental in Hong Kong and enjoy a luxury cruise and dinner in Victoria Harbour, where you see an impressive skyline as the sun sets.
  • Yim Tin Sai – This enchanting island can be incorporated into your cruise and there are many interesting things to see on this eco-tourism island. Immerse yourself in the beauty of St Joseph’s Chapel where there are some great photo opportunities. Such is the scope of the bay, you could cruise for 10 days and still not see everything and with a Google search, you can find a Hong Kong boat rental service with luxury vessels and plan your trip of a lifetime.
  • Ninepin Islands – Enter the famous Tiger Mouth Cave and enjoy the strong breeze of the beaches, while exploring the hexagonal columns that are made from volcanic rock, on North Ninepin. These columns are 140 million years old and rise majestically out of the water and you can enjoy backdrops like these from your own private yacht, which can be rented in Hong Kong.
  • Victoria Peak – The view is amazing from The Peak, as it is known, and you can take a tram to the top and enjoy the best panoramic vista of Hong Kong, so make sure you have lots of memory space on your digital camera. The tram station is close to the entrance of Hong Kong Park, near the Murray Building and when you reach the top, there are restaurants and an observation deck.
  • Tian Tan Big Buddha Statue – This 34-metre high Buddha is located above the Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island. Built in 1993, it took 12 years to complete what is one of the largest Buddha statues in the world, and while you can take the bus, we recommend the 25-minute cable car ride that takes you over the forest. The Ngong Ping Cable Car is a very popular attraction, so be prepared for crowds as you enter the Ngong Ping village, which is a must-see. You can contemplate your being while viewing the statue, as the locals do.
  • Wong Tai Sin Temple – Located in Kowloon, this is the newest temple in Hong Kong, as the old structure was replaced by the new temple in 1968, which was constructed in honour of the Tsaoist god, Wong Tai Sin, believed by the locals to bring good fortune when gambling on the horse racing.

You should spend at least one day on a chartered yacht and the skipper would be happy to help plan your route to take in some of the above attractions and you will always remember your time in Hong Kong.