If you are not a fan of craft beer, then I am hoping that you will be after reading this short article. If you haven’t been keeping up-to-date with what’s going on all across Australia with regard to beer and most notably craft beer, then let me help you to catch up. Craft beer is like no other and it is specially produced in smaller quantities to give it a unique taste and texture. Most craft breweries are independently owned and they are not like the large brewing companies that supply household named beers all across Australia. The beer is brewed by the owners themselves and so they take great time and effort to create a craft beer that is quite unique. Many people have started to begin drinking this excellent beer because it tastes fantastic and it looks amazing.

As an example, Hairyman’s best craft beer has become very popular due to the fact that it has a great taste, and also that it is readily available to order online. If you would like to know more about the numerous benefits that craft beer provides, then please read on.

  1. It has a higher alcohol content – Many people don’t enjoy drinking low alcohol beer because it doesn’t provide them with that relaxing buzz that we all need after a hard week’s work. You will find that the average percentage volume rate of craft beer is in the upper 5%, and when you compare that to the large beer companies who produce beer in the many thousands, there really is no comparison. There are other craft beers that can be as high as 13 to 15%, so if you’re looking for a good time with your friends and family then craft beer is the logical choice. If it is your wish to create a soothing, relaxing ambience at home, then this is a good start.
  • You are supporting a local business – When you are purchasing craft beer, not only are you getting a great tasting and refreshing drink, you are also protecting local businesses and local jobs. Most craft brewers are just individuals like you and me who like to brew their own beer. If you want to do something positive for your community, that support the local economy and buy craft beer.
  • Better ingredients – When you buy the mass-produced beer, the main ingredient is rice. However, when you purchase craft beer, it is created using barley and hops, which provides you with beer that tastes fantastic no matter what temperature it is at. Obviously, it’s always better to drink your craft beer cold, but this is best left up to the individual and their tastes. To find out more about craft beer production, please have a look here.

So there you have it, three excellent reasons why you need to try craft beer. There are many other benefits of this great drink like the fact that it saves you money and it’s good for your health due to the many vitamins that it contains.