The Crown is expected to recreate the Martin Bashir interview that Prince Harry said he had with Princess Diana.

An entire episode in the upcoming fifth series will be dedicated to the shocking BBC sit down despite the Duke of Sussex signing a £112million deal with the streaming service for him and his wife Meghan.

The Royal was critical of Panorama’s 1995 debut, in which Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles were shown their dirty laundry, and has since slammed the show.

He called it “unethical” and claimed that the interview caused the events that led to his mother’s death two years later.

Prince William claimed that Bashir’s deceit in obtaining the 1995 chat with Diana hastened their divorce and ‘hurt many others’. He called for it not to be aired again.

Despite this, insiders claimed that The Crown will include an episode. Millions were believed to have been spent on the pivotal portion of the upcoming installment.

Netflix drama The Crown will dramatise Princess Diana's controversial 1995 interview with Martin Bashir, despite Prince William's request for it to be taken off-air

Netflix drama The Crown will film Princess Diana’s 1995 interview with Martin Basehir. Prince William requested it not be removed from-air. 

Undated handout photo issued by Netflix of Elizabeth Debicki as Diana, Princess of Wales appearing in the fifth season of the streaming website's show, The Crown

Netflix has released an undated handout photo of Elizabeth Debicki, Diana, Princess of Wales, appearing in The Crown, Season 5.

Senior sources insisted Netflix, which struck a £112million deal with Harry and Meghan (pictured) after they quit royal duties, is going ahead with the special episode

Senior sources insisted Netflix, which struck a £112million deal with Harry and Meghan (pictured) after they quit royal duties, is going ahead with the special episode

Top lawyer says that Scotland Yard’s decision to not launch a criminal investigation into the Martin Bashir scandal is’mystifying. 

A leading lawyer described Scotland Yard’s decision not to open a criminal probe into Martin Bashir’s scandal as “mystifying”.

Quentin Hunt, a barrister who specializes in fraud and counterfeiting cases believes there is enough evidence available in the public domain to support the Metropolitan Police’s investigation into the activities of the disgraced reporter.

Sunday’s Mail revealed that Princess Diana’s brother Earl Spencer was so upset by the decision, he is now considering private criminal prosecutions.

Mr Hunt believes there are strong grounds for an investigation into allegations regarding forgery and fraud by false representation.

He said that the Met’s decision was “mystifying” because there is prima facie evidence of illegality within the public domain.

In May, the Duke of Sussex responded to Lord Dyson’s damning report on how the original interview was obtained. He said: “Our mother was an amazing woman who dedicated her entire life to service.

“She was strong, brave, and unquestionably sincere. Her death was the result of the unhonest culture of exploitation. Thank you to all who have taken some form or accountability.

“That is the first step toward justice and truth. It is still alarming to me that practices like this – or worse – are still widespread today. It was more than one outlet, network or publication back then.

“Our mother lost everything because of this, and it has not changed.” Protecting her legacy will ensure that everyone is protected and that she lives her life with dignity. Let’s all remember who she was, and what she stood up for.

Prince William was also scathing, saying at the time: ‘It is welcome that the BBC accepts Lord Dyson’s findings in full – which are extremely concerning – that BBC employees: lied and used fake documents to obtain the interview with my mother; made lurid and false claims about the Royal Family which played on her fears and fuelled paranoia; displayed woeful incompetence when investigating complaints and concerns about the programme; and were evasive in their reporting to the media and covered up what they knew from their internal investigation.’

He stated, “It is my opinion that the deceitful manner in which the interview was obtained substantially influenced the words of my mother.”

He added: ‘This Panorama programme holds no legitimacy and should never be aired again. It effectively established a false narrative that, for more than 25 years, has been commercialized and marketed by the BBC, among others.

Lord Dyson’s inquiry discovered that Bashir had lied to obtain an interview. He used ‘deceitful’ methods, which were later covered up in a ‘woefully inadequate’ internal investigation by Tony Hall. Hall later became director-general of the BBC.

The BBC was plunged by the independent report into one of its worst crises. The BBC was accused by the two royals of ruining the mother of their father and contributing to the events that led up to her death two decades later.

Netflix bosses insist that Prince Harry’s special episodes will go ahead as planned, according senior sources.

According to insiders, the Sun newspaper was informed last night that the Crown’s creators view the interview as the keystone moment of series five.

“The writers believe that the turbulent marriage between Charles and Di resulted in her outpouring on Panorama. The aftermath of that decision shaped her final months.

“They are making a huge financial investment in that. The Crown has a history of digging into areas of the Royal Family’s history that they prefer to be left alone.

William (pictured during a filmed response to the report) privately vowed to continue his battle to uncover 'the truth' about how his mother came to be callously duped

Privately, William (pictured during a film response to the report). He vowed to continue his quest to discover ‘the truth about his mother’s callous deceit 

An inquiry by Lord Dyson in May found Bashir (pictured) had lied to obtain the interview, using 'deceitful' methods later covered up by a 'woefully ineffective' internal investigation by Tony Hall, who later became BBC director-general

Lord Dyson (pictured) discovered that Bashir had lied to obtain the interview. He used ‘deceitful’ methods, which were later covered up in an internal investigation by Tony Hall. Hall later became director-general of BBC.

Martin Bashir (pictured on May 3) deployed 'deceitful methods' to secure his BBC interview

The BBC's former director-general, Lord Hall of Birkenhead, 70, should not have believed Bashir

Bashir (left), feigned bank statements to get to Diana, while Lord Hall (right), was accused of protecting him in a famous 1995 interview.

Controversy: Bashir has been accused of spinning a web of deceit to land his 1995 interview with Diana, including falsifying bank statements in order to gain access to the Royal (pictured during the interview)

Controversy: Bashir has been accused of spinning a web of deceit to land his 1995 interview with Diana, including falsifying bank statements in order to gain access to the Royal (pictured during the interview)

After detectives dropped a probe into the deception that led to his Panorama interview with BBC reporter, Earl Spencer, Princess Diana’s brother, warns Met Police about a plan to launch a private investigation over the Martin Bashir affair 

Princess Diana’s brother has told a senior police commander that he is considering mounting private criminal prosecutions over the Martin Bashir scandal – a move that will send shockwaves through the BBC .

Earl Spencer was upset by Scotland Yard’s decision last week to end its investigation into the events surrounding Martin Bashir, disgraced Corporation reporter,’s 1995 Panorama interview.

Bashir demonstrated Earl Spencer how to forge bank statements to gain access the Princess. Then, Bashir tricked her by selling a string smears as well as lies, including that Prince William’s watch had been tapped to record her conversations.

William claimed that the BBC’s failures contributed his mother’s fear, paranoia, and isolation and hastened their divorce.

After receiving a devastating report from Lord Dyson, a former Supreme Court Judge, the Metropolitan Police decided to investigate a number of possible offences including forgery and misconduct in public offices.

Royal expert Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, said: ‘This would be extremely upsetting and the only protection ­William has is not to watch it.’

Meanwhile royal commentator Margaret Holder added: ‘William was ­dismayed at the time. It is also embarrassing for Harry.

A friend claimed that Diana’s brother Earl Spencer claimed that several crimes were committed. Bashir had ‘coercive’ control over his vulnerable sister and he believed that he had spun a web to spin lies about her.

He manipulated her mind with frightening conspiracy theories, and forced her to agree to the interview. He claimed that the rogue BBC reporter had committed fraud, blackmail, and obtained property by deception.

He said that the corporation had cashed in when rights to the sensational interview were sold to other broadcasters around the world.

Lord Dyson concluded that Bashir had commissioned forgery bank statements to convince Earl Spencer to introduce himself to Diana.

The former religion editor admitted that the documents were forged at the time, but denied ever showing the documents to anyone.

Matt Wiessler, a graphic designer, claimed that Bashir had asked him in 1996 to forge bank records to earn Diana’s trust. He said his career was destroyed when he spoke out and was blacklisted.

Around two months after the BBC interview aired, Mr Wiessler said his house was broken into and CDs containing the forged documents stolen.

He also stated that he had lost his job after being blacklisted by BBC. Documents released under Freedom of Information Request support his account.

Bosses had issued an edict not to work for him because he had spoken with the media about the documents.

Despite the fallout of the incident, it took until November 2020 before an inquiry could be established based on Mail on Sunday’s reporting. This culminated into the Dyson Report.

The BBC bosses were criticised by the report, including Tony Hall, former director-general, for covering up information about Bashir’s ability to secure the interview.

A 1996 internal inquiry into the interview was also slammed as ‘woefully ineffective’, forcing Tim Suter – another BBC boss who was part of the inquiry – to step down as chair of Ofcom.

The BBC has been plunged into one of the worst crises in its history by the explosive fallout from the scandal, with Princes William and Harry accusing the corporation of ruining their mother's life with its 'deceitful' exclusive. Pictured: Diana with her sons

The BBC has been thrown into a crisis by the explosive fallout of the scandal. Princes William, Harry and others accuse the BBC of ruining their mother’s lives with its ‘deceitful exclusive’. Pictured: Diana with her children 

Starring role: Elizabeth Debicki plays Princess Diana in series five of The Crown (pictured on set)

Popular: Actress Emma Corrin Played a young Princess Diana in series four of The Crown (pictured)

Left: Elizabeth Debicki portrays Princess Diana in series 5 of The Crown. Right: Emma Corrin Played a young Princess Diana in series four

Tony Hall, the head of the National Gallery said that he would not continue in his role as a distraction and quit. Bashir, who was still working as the BBC’s religion editor, also quit the corporation in May, citing health issues.

Priti Patel, Home Secretary of India, said that there were’very strong questions’ about the BBC.

Emma Corrin, an English actress, played the role of the Princess for The Crown’s fourth series. For series five, Elizabeth Debicki, an Australian actress, will replace her. 

Debicki made the official confirmation of her appointment by stating: “Princess Diana’s spirit, words, and actions live in so many hearts.

“It is a true privilege and honor to be a part of this masterful series, which has kept me hooked since episode one.”

It is understood that Netflix is also seeking a teenager actor to portray Prince William (now 39) as a 13-year-old boy.

The Crown is known for causing controversy. It has been reported that Royals have been upset by storylines and inclusions in the show. 

In April, just after his death, it was claimed that Prince Philip was upset at a’shockingly vicious’ episode of The Crown. His father angrily blamed Philip for his sister’s fatal plane crash death.

Royal experts said Philip had been hurt by the manner in which the 1937 death of Princess Cecilie of Greece and Denmark had been depicted in the drama – and renewed calls for Netflix to apologise and add a disclaimer.

During the first four series, slurs included the suggestion that the Prince was a serialphilanderer who had an affairs with a ballerina, was involved the Profumo sexual scandal and made a menacing threat against Princess Diana.

Producers of The Crown said they were ‘deeply saddened’ by his death, while actors Matt Smith and Tobias Menzies – who both played Philip over the four series – paid their own tributes.

Bashir commissioned forged bank statements (pictured) in flagrant breach of BBC rules to convince Earl Spencer to introduce him to Diana, Lord Dyson concluded in his excoriating inquiry

Alison Jackson, a publicity officer for Panorama, said she was told to tell the Panorama team that stories about Bashir's use of fake bank statements (one pictured) were being leaked by 'jealous colleagues'

Bashir ordered forged bank statements (pictured), in flagrant violation of BBC rules, to convince Earl Spencer that he would introduce him to Diana. Lord Dyson concluded his exacerbating inquiry

Netflix broke its silence on the controversy over The Crown last night, insisting there was no need to warn its millions of viewers that key scenes are invented. Pictured: Princess Diana shouts at Prince Charles in a scene from the latest series of The Crown

Netflix broke its silence about the controversy over The Crown, insisting that it didn’t need to warn its millions viewers that key scenes were created. Pictured: Princess Diana shouts at Prince Charles in a scene from the latest series of The Crown

Netflix and Peter Morgan, the drama’s director, remained silent when asked if they would be sorry for the portrayal Philip.

In November, Netflix spoke out on controversy over The Crown, insisting there was no need to warn its millions of viewers key scenes are invented.

The streaming giant claimed that it was well understood that the hit series was a work of fiction’ based upon historical events.

It wrote to Oliver Dowden, Culture Secretary, rejecting his suggestion of a disclaimer at each episode’s start.

Netflix stated to The Mail that The Crown was a drama on Sunday. They also said that they have always presented it as such, and that all of their members are fully aware that it is a fiction work based on historical events.

‘As a result, we have no plans – and see no need – to add a disclaimer.’ One critic called the statement ‘arrogant’. Others claimed that the intransigence displayed by the company contributed to the Family’s disquiet regarding the affair.

Netflix was accused of inflaming the conflict by urging viewers not to watch a documentary about Princess Diana. It claimed that it would provide ‘answers” to criticisms of The Crown.

Its tweet promoting the documentary – Diana: In Her Own Words – led to vicious online attacks on Charles and Camilla. Ex-press secretary to the Queen Dickie Arbiter claimed Netflix had trolls doing their dirty work.

‘Queen eats to comfort, Edward has AIDS and Camilla is depressed. Charles is in love the Nanny’: Panorama probe key evidence of Earl Spencer’s scribbled notes between Princess Diana’s first meeting with Martin Bashir.

Martin Bashir allegedly smears and lies to get his sensational Princess Diana. scoop was recorded by her brother – including the Queen ‘eating for comfort’ and Charles being in love with the family nanny.

Earl Spencer kept detailed notes from a meeting he attended on September 19, 1995, when the BBC was introduced. Man to his sister in her Knightsbridge flat  

Earl Spencer’s records reveal that Bashir claimed that Diana’s private correspondences were being opened, her car was tracked and phone tapped with her bodyguard plotting to stop her, and that close friends were betraying Diana.

Earl Spencer’s handwritten log from the meeting with Bashir at his sister’s flat in Knightsbridge includes a note that says: “Camilla: depressed but quiet for the time being.” 

Spencer made an inexcusable reference to Prince Edward by recording Bashir saying that the Queen’s youngest child was being treated for Aids at London’s Royal Marsden Hospital. Even the Queen was mentioned. Spencer noted that Bashir said she was’very sick with heart issues’ and that she was an ‘easy-going eater’.  

Earl Spencer

Bashir holding a Bafta award for his Diana interview

Earl Spencer (left) took detailed notes when Martin Bashir met him (pictured right, holding a Bafta Award for his Diana interview). 

Bashir is accused of effectively grooming the vulnerable princess by playing to her worst fears with a series of false claims

Bashir is accused in a series false claims of grooming the princess vulnerable by playing to her fears through a series flimsy claims

Officials bugging Diana’s car and warning her that her reputation would be ruined: Earl Spencer’s handwritten scraps could destroy Bashir’s career 

1: Diana’s ex-scum bodyguard 

Bashir’s opening line was that three MI6 agents had informed him Prince Charles’s private secretary Richard Aylard was ‘orchestrating things around Diana’. This included Ken Wharfe who Diana’s former guard was called’scum.

Diana was already paranoid about her friends and staff betraying her. At the meeting, the broadcaster allegedly displayed bank statements purportedly showing that her closest aides were selling their secrets. 

2: Charles’ secretary paid by Jonathan Dimbleby’ 

It was claimed that Aylard had been paid by Jonathan Dimbleby, a broadcaster. Two years before, the aides made the decision to reinvent prince. The aides allegedly attacked both Diana Spencer and the Spencer family one year later.

3: Charles “discussing the “end game””

Lord Dyson was given the notes. They include allegations that MI6 had recorded Prince Charles with his private secretary, which is an extraordinary and false hint that the heir to power was planning to ‘destroy the Spencers and force them into the USA. 

Charles Spencer's detailed notes, from one to five. The manila file contains notes of every meeting he had with Bashir, the logs of phone calls the BBC man made along with the faxes, the letters and even the gushing thank you cards that the reporter sent him

From one to five, Charles Spencer’s detailed notes. The manila file includes notes from every meeting with Bashir, the logs for phone calls made by the BBC man, along with the letters and the gushing thank-you cards that were sent to him

4: Spencers’ reputation “would be destroyed” 

To destroy Spencers’ reputation. Earl Spencer made another comment, claiming that Prince Charles wanted Victoria, Spencer’s wife, to be killed. Diana meanwhile would be forced to move to America — possibly with her brother.

5: Will Carling affair claim

This is related to the 1995 stories of the close friendship that existed between Diana and Will Carling, the married England rugby captain. Spencer notes Bashir’s assertion that Carling’s wife Julia had ‘fed the newspaper stories’

9: Diana’s car “bugged”

This note describes Bashir's alleged claim that Diana had been bugged by officials

This note describes Bashir’s alleged claim Diana was bugged by officials 

Diana’s car and phone lines were bugged, and her mail intercepted. This would have increased her fears that she was being monitored. 

Bashir told Lord Dyson he would not have made these claims at a first meeting, the Telegraph reported.

17: Camilla ‘depressed’

Camilla was allegedly described by Bashir as 'depressed, but quiet for the time being'. The second line refers to William and Harry's nanny, Tiggy Legge-Bourke

Bashir allegedly described Camilla as “depressed, but still quiet for the moment”. The second line refers to William and Harry’s nanny, Tiggy Legge-Bourke

Diana expressed her feelings on Camilla in an interview. She famously stated, ‘There’s three of us in this union. 

Bashir could have mentioned her in an attempt to get her to speak up.

“Tiggy” is a reference Tiggy Legge Bourke, William, and Harry’s. nanny who Charles was accused of having an affair with in claims that were subsequently dismissed. 

17b: Philip’s v unfavorable correspondence

Earl Spencer recorded Bashir as describing 'very unpleasant correspondence' allegedly sent by Prince Philip to Diana and Sarah Ferguson

Earl Spencer recorded Bashir describing’very unpleasing correspondence’ that Prince Philip sent to Sarah Ferguson.

This claim claims that Diana received ‘v unpleasing correspondence’ from Philip, and suggests that he was annoyed by her ‘hero’ status. 

It also mentions Edwina Mountbatten, Edwina’s wife, Earl Mountbatten of Burma who was well-known to have had affairs.

19: Fergie’s business deals to the US

Another reference to Sarah Ferguson, this time describing her trips to the US to try and forge a business career

Another reference to Sarah Ferguson is her description of her trips to the USA to forge a career in business. 

In 1996, Sarah Ferguson divorced Prince Andrew. This is her multiple trips to the US to start a business career.

It adds that Andrew still “looks.”[ed]After her’ after their divorce by supporting financially

20: “Queen eats for comfort”  

This note suggests that the Queen was unwell. The note states that Queen ill: Heart and adds that she eats for comfort.