The ultimate drink hack: A fitness coach shares her iced coffee order, which is less than 100 calories.

  • A fitness coach shared her ‘go to’ coffee order, which only has 85 calories
  • Bec Hardgrave, a Brisbane resident, customized her Zarraffa’s Coffee order
  • The 25-year old revealed that she ordered a large iced longblack with almond milk
  • She added one shot of sugar-free caramel syrup and a dollop of whipped cream 
  • She revealed earlier this month her 150-calorie McDonald’s iced espresso order  

A lot of on-the go drinks are full of sugar. An Australian fitness coach revealed her favorite coffee order that only has 85 calories.  

In an Instagram reel, Bec Hardgrave, from Brisbane, customised her order from Zarraffa’s Coffee to make a caramel fusion.

The 25-year old revealed that she ordered a grande iced black with almond milk, one shot sugar-free caramel syrup, and one dollop whipped cream. 

Did you know that an iced caramel-iced caramel fusion medium or grande contains 600 calories? A regular iced coffee latte contains 200 calories. “Check out my coffee order, it’s under 100 calories, and super delicious,” she said in the video. 

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Australian fitness coach Bec Hardgrave (pictured) has revealed her 'go-to' coffee order that only contains 85 calories.

Bec Hardgrave, an Australian fitness coach, has revealed her ‘go to’ coffee order which only contains 85 calories. 

The 25-year-old revealed she ordered a grande iced long black from Zarraffa's Coffee with almond milk, one shot of sugar-free caramel syrup and one dollop of whipped cream

'Check out my coffee order and it's under 100 calories and super delicious,' she said in the Instagram video

The 25-year-old said she ordered a Grande Iced Long black from Zarraffa’s Coffee with almondmilk, one shot of sugar free caramel syrup and one scoop of whipped cream

Bec recommends the drink to her 67,000 followers on Instagram in this clip. 

The customized beverage would be ideal for those who love to drink coffee but want to lose or maintain their weight.  

Zarraffa’s Coffee is a specialty coffee brand that was established on the Gold Coast, but can also found in New South Wales or Western Australia.  

The popular fitness coach customized her McDonald’s order to make her own Caramilk iced tea, just days after many were disappointed by the new McFlurry flavor. 

Bec purchased an iced long-black with almond milk, topped it with whipped cream, and ordered the Caramilk McFlurry toppings. 

“Did you know that you can order Caramilk McFlurry toppings as an addition to your coffee?” She said that she did, and she added them to her favorite coffee.

“I added some whipped cream to the batter and then I topped it with chocolate flakes. The entire thing was less than 150 calories and delicious. This is a must-try. 

Earlier this month the popular fitness coach customised her McDonald's order to create her own 'low calorie' Caramilk iced coffee just days after fans were left disappointed with the new McFlurry flavour

Bec took the dessert to the next level after she bought an iced long black with a dash of almond milk, topped with whipped cream and ordered the Caramilk McFlurry toppings on the side

A popular fitness coach modified her McDonald’s order to create her own Caramilk Iced Coffee. This was just days after McFlurry’s new flavour disappointed fans. 

McDonald's was slammed for its 'disappointing' Caramilk McFlurry just a day after the fast food chain launched its highly-anticipated dessert across Australia

McDonald’s was criticized for its ‘disappointing’ Caramilk McFlurry a day after its highly-anticipated dessert launched across Australia

What you need to order at McDonald’s

Iced long black with a little almond milk

– Add whipped topping

Caramilk sauce or Caramilk chocolate flakes can be ordered on the side

Below 150 calories 

The video shows her adding caramel sauce to her iced espresso, then topping it off with Caramilk flakes.

Many were astonished by her Caramilk coffee hack. One said, “I had this tonight and I thought it was the best drink.” My new favorite.

Others, however, said they couldn’t wait to give it the go.

One wrote: “I’m definitely doing that,” while another wrote: “That does look good.”

This order tip comes days after McDonald’s was criticized for its Caramilk McFlurry, which has been included on all menus across Australia.

Customers complained about the tasteless ice cream. Many claimed they were only given a plain soft-serve with shaved Caramilk.