Halloween was back in full force this year, with thousands of people strolling through New York City in a variety costumes and attending a host of parties Saturday night – something that they couldn’t do last season due to COVID restrictions.

People dressed up as zombies, monsters or fairies throughout the city, despite the rainy start.

While some people were simply seen strolling along the streets wearing elaborate costumes, others attempted to enter bars and clubs.

Others couldn’t face dressing up and went for a walk to see the creativity and hard work of those who made it a night.  

It was a welcome departure from last year when only 10 people could attend a party as the city had more than half-million confirmed COVID cases.

Michelle Rose dressed up as a Halloween bride and posed for photos in Times Square on the eve of Halloween

Michelle Rose dressed up in Halloween bridal attire and took photos in Times Square on Halloween Eve

Two girls in inflatable alien costumes browsed through their phones on the eve of Halloween in Times Square on Saturday

Two girls dressed in inflatable alien costumes looked at their phones as they shopped in Times Square on Saturday, the eve before Halloween.

A group of girls posed while waiting to cross the street in the West Village on Halloween eve

A group of girls pose while waiting to cross the street at the West Village on Halloween Eve.

All throughout the city, people were dressed up in costumes as they went to parties and clubs for the holiday, with these revelers spotted at Times Square subway station

People dressed up in costumes and went to parties and clubs to celebrate the holiday all across the city. These revelers were also seen at Times Square subway station. 

A group of friends went as a bunch of grapes. They were seen standing in line for a night club on the eve of Halloween

A group of friends went as a bunch grapes. They were seen waiting in line at a night club on Halloween’s eve

A woman in a Tinkerbell fairy costume quietly exited a cab in Times Square Saturday night

A woman dressed in a Tinkerbell fairy dress quietly left a taxi in Times Square Saturday night

Jack-o-lanterns were on display outside The Slaughtered Lamb Pub in the West Village

Outside The Slaughtered Lamb Pub in West Village, Jacko-lanterns were on display

Parties took place all over the city and in clubs such as the Palladium in Times Square. Guests had to show their COVID vaccination cards to gain entry – in compliance with the city’s vaccine mandate which requires that everyone be vaccinated against the disease for indoor activities.

After they had entered, security checked them.

People in costumes lined up to get scared at the Jekyll and Hyde haunted home. 

Others were also seen strolling through Times Square – which seemed to be a major party spot Saturday evening, the night before Halloween. People took photographs and descended on this area.

Some people even took a short break from the partying to grab food from the many food trucks that line the streets of New York City. 

A werewolf sat quietly on the subway the night before Halloween

The night before Halloween, a silent werewolf sat on the subway platform.

A Palladium security worker checked people's COVID vaccine cards to grant them entry into a party

A Palladium security officer checked the COVID vaccine cards of people to allow them entry into a party.

A couple went as Venom and Carnage from the movie Venom: Let there be Carnage

A couple was Venom and Carnage in the movie Venom: Let There be Carnage

A father and son wore Jason masks and stood in front of a car covered in fake blood, with Pennywise the clown crawling out of it

Jason masks were worn by a father and son as they stood in front of a car with fake blood. Pennywise, the clown crawling out of the car, was also present.

A group of skeletons stood near a reflection of the American flag in Times Square

A group of skeletons stood in Times Square near a reflection the American flag

A man wearing face paint posed in Chelsea on his way to a party

A man in face-paint posed in Chelsea as he made his way to a party

The Village Halloween Parade will return to New York City on Sunday, October 31st.

It was cancelled last year due the pandemic. Organizers warned late last month that it could be cancelled again due a significant budget deficit.

ABC 7 News reports that Jason Feldman, Senior Vice President of Wealth Management at UBS Financial Services, and Missy Feldman donated enough money to keep the annual celebration alive.

This year’s theme is ‘Let’s Play’. It is dedicated all the children of New York who did NOT get a proper Halloween this year.

People in costume tried to flag down a taxi in the West Village on Saturday night

People dressed in costume tried to flag a taxi down in the West Village on Saturday night

A line formed outside the Jekyll and Hyde haunted house in the West Village, with a woman in camo print at a man dressed as a box of weed gummies among those excited about letting loose

A line formed outside Jekyll and Hyde’s West Village haunted house, with a woman wearing camo print and a man dressed like a box of marijuana gummies. 

People in costumes stopped for a quick break from all the partying to enjoy some food from a halal cart

People dressed in costumes stopped by a halal food cart to take a break from the partying and enjoy some food.

A woman dressed as a vampire had to be searched at a security checkpoint before entering the Palladium club in Times Square on Saturday night

A woman dressed in the role of a vampire had her passport checked at a security station before she was allowed to enter the Palladium club on Saturday night in Times Square.

Michelle Rose, dressed as a Halloween bride, blew her friends a kiss before entering the subway station in Times Square

Michelle Rose, dressed in Halloween bridal attire, gave her friends a kiss before she entered the subway station at Times Square.

'Squid Game' masks were sold on the streets in Chelsea on Saturday night for anyone left without a costume

Anyone who was not able to purchase a costume from the ‘Squid Game” masks were able to buy them on the streets of Chelsea on Saturday night.

The citywide celebration comes amid a drop in coronavirus infections across all five boroughs.

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene reported that the city had a 2.09% positivity rate and 552 confirmed cases per week.

Seven deaths were reported, and at least 23 people were hospitalized with the virus.

The Department of Health reports that these numbers are continuing to decline. Currently, 73% of eligible New Yorkers have received at least one dose of COVID vaccine, while 67 percent are fully vaccinated.

The country is also seeing improvement in the situation.

According to data from Centers for Disease Control, Friday’s numbers showed that there had been 86,786 new patients and 1,773 deaths. 

Furthermore, 66% of all eligible Americans have had at least one dose (or more) of the COVID vaccination, and 57% have been fully vaccinated.