Three paddleboarders are killed and another is fighting to save their lives after being swept away during flash floods that hit Wales.

  • Police confirm that three people are dead and that another person is fighting for their lives in hospital
  • The paddleboarders were in serious trouble in Haverfordwest (South Wales).
  • On Saturday night, a huge search and rescue operation involving four helicopters was launched 

After being swept away by flashfloods in Wales, three people have died and one more is fighting for his life in hospital.

According to reports, the group of paddleboarders found themselves in distress on Saturday morning due to adverse weather conditions. 

They were part of an organised outing when they were only minutes into the water when they were hit with a torrential flow of water as they paddled towards a weir in the river. 

On Saturday night, a huge rescue operation involved four helicopters, a lifeboat and firefighters.

However, Dyfed-Powys Police have confirmed that three people have died in the incident.

Emergency services at the River Cleddau in Haverfordwest, Wales, today. At least three people were on their boards on a usually calm stretch of the river when they were hit by a huge deluge of flood water

Today, emergency services were at the River Cleddau, Haverfordwest in Wales. Three people were on their boards, on a normally calm stretch of river, when they were hit with a flood of flood water.

Rescue teams searching for paddle boarders at the River Cleddau today. It comes amid warnings to be careful of dangerous 'fast flowing and deep floodwaters'

Searches are underway by rescue teams for paddleboarders in the River Cleddau. This warning comes amid warnings to be cautious of dangerous fast flowing and deep floodingwaters’

Local reports claim that one paddleboarder is currently in intensive care at a hospital. Five other people were injured in the accident, but all five survived.

The paddleboarders were well prepared and in wetsuits when the entered the water yesterday morning. However, locals stated that river conditions were treacherous due to heavy rainfall in recent days.