BREAKING NEWS: Kieron, 42, has revealed that he needs a LIVER Transplant after being diagnosed with a rare disease that affects the bile ducts

After being diagnosed as having primary sclerosingcholangitis, Kieron has admitted that he needs to have a liver transplant.

The ex-England international was 42 when the problem was discovered.

Dyer’s diagnosis has been confirmed by Ipswich Town, where Dyer is an under-23 manager.

Primary sclerosing chokelangitis is a rare condition which attacks the bile tubes and can leave them scarred. 

Kieron Dyer requires a liver transplant after being diagnosed with a rare condition

After being diagnosed in a rare condition, Kieron needs a liver donation

Ipswich issued a statement Sunday morning confirming that Kieron Dyer, Town’s U23 manager, had been diagnosed with primary Sclerosing Cholangitis.

“Kieron has been suffering from liver problems for the last few years and now requires a transplant.

Dyer said, “Unfortunately I was diagnosed with a liver condition a couple years ago, that would lead me to one day needing to have a transplant.”

“Over the next week, my test results will confirm that I am required to go through this procedure.

“I consider myself a positive person who will overcome any minor setbacks.

“I’m very grateful for the Club, the supporters, and the general public’s messages of support over this past week.

“I would like everyone to respect my privacy and that of my family.”

It was revealed that the ex-midfielder for West Ham and Newcastle United, who won 33 England caps, was taken to hospital for tests.

It happened months after he had suffered a collapsed lung from Celebrity SAS. He also suffered hypothermia, a fractured rib and other injuries during his appearances on Channel 4’s show.

However, Dyer has needed a liver transplant after medical tests revealed problems.