Three more Met Police officers serving are under investigation for another photo of a deceased body at a suspected crimescene.

One of the men is suspected of sharing a photo at the sudden passing of a man that they attended, while the others either received or were aware. 

They were all investigated and reported to the Independent Office of Police Conduct.

Although the death occurred in January 2020, the suspect wrongdoing was only discovered in the last few months. 

The Met has not yet disclosed what – or if any – action it took against these officers.

Investigators investigating the actions of PCs Deniz Jaffer (47) and Jamie Lewis (32), discovered their case.

Yesterday they admitted misconduct after photographs were taken of murdered sisters Bibaa and Nicole Henry, 46 and 27, respectively. These photos were shared with 42 colleagues.

Details of this latest investigation heaps more pressure on Met Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick, after she was told to ‘get the rot out’ by the victims’ mother.

Separately three other officers are also facing misconduct proceedings over the image of Ms Henry and Ms Smallman.

Yesterday, their mother stated that the force must ‘get rid of the rot’.

Met Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick has come under criticism over officers' crimes

Dame Cressida, Met Commissioner, has been criticized for officers’ crimes

Unmasked: PC Jaffer, 47, was charged with misconduct in a public office over the pictures

Unmasked: PC Jaffer (47) was charged with misconduct within a public officer over the photos

Pc Jamie Lewis leaves the Old Bailey, after pleading guilty to misconduct in a public office

After pleading guilty in misconduct in a government office, Pc Jamie Lewis has left the Old Bailey

PC Deniz Jaffer arrives at the Old Bailey in London, charged with misconduct in a public office

PC Deniz Jaffer, who is being charged with misconduct within a public office, arrives at the Old Bailey (London)

Mina Smallman, mother of Nicole Smallman, 27, and Bibaa Henry, 46, at court on Tuesday

Mina Smallman was the mother of Nicole Smallman (27), and Bibaa Hyder (46). They were in court on Tuesday

Dossier of shame from the Met Police chief 

  • In July 2005, Dame Cressida Dick was in charge the operation that saw Jean Charles de Menezes (an innocent electrician) killed on a Tube train. He had been mistakenly identified as a terrorist and was under surveillance.
  • She authorized Operation Midland to be established in 2014. It was the fatal investigation into spurious VIP child abuse allegations. The force pursued innocent men.
  • 2019 was a difficult year for Dame Cressida’s force. Its ‘light-touch policing’ of Extinction Rebellion protests was widely criticised. It blocked key areas of London.
  • The Met was criticized for its ‘heavy-handed policing’ of Clapham Common’s vigil to murder Sarah Everard in March. A watchdog cleared the Met’s tactics later.
  • In June, she was charged with ‘obfuscation’ in preventing the Daniel Morgan inquiry team from accessing sensitive documents. This led to delays that cost taxpayers millions. The report concluded that her force was “institutionally corrupt”.
  • Dame Cressida was also criticised for July’s security chaos that saw ticketless fans storm Wembley Stadium just before the England-Italy Euros final.
  • Today, she was told by her grieving mother that she could carry the can for the officers who took photos of the bodies of the murder victims of Bibaa Heinrich, 46, and Nicole Smallman (27).

PC Jaffer, Lewis and others were supposed to guard the scene after the sisters were stabbed to death at Fryent Country Park in Wembley in north-west London.

Instead, they broke the cordon to take unauthorized and inappropriate photos of the bodies. These were then sent to a doctor and dentist, as well as a WhatsApp group.

Jaffer took 4 photos and Lewis took 2 – Lewis took one and sent it to a female colleague, with Lewis’s face superimposed.

Later, the IOPC police watchdog revealed Lewis also used ‘degrading words and sexist language’ in his description of victims in the WhatsApp group consisting of 42 colleagues.

As Dame Cressida Dick apologised for the second time, Ms Henry and Ms Smallman’s bereft mother Mina slammed the Met Commissioner for the botched investigation into her daughter’s deaths. 

She said, “Her shoddy behavior and her response since this all has come out” and added: “She hasn’t contacted us to say that I am really sorry.” She has not spoken to this story at all.

Ms. Smallman stated that the Met was ‘beyond despair’ and added: ‘You go from London to prepare the funeral for your dead children, and you are told that officers who should have been protecting the area took selfies and sent them to a dentist, a doctor, and a WhatsApp group. 

The Met stated that it was taking ‘immediate measures’ to place former PC Jaffer (who has resigned from force) and PC Lewis before accelerated misconduct hearings.

Yesterday, Met Commissioner Dick said that the two police officers’ actions caused additional distress for the victims as they grieved the loss and were grieving the loss.

“What former PC Jaffers and PC Lewis did that day was utterly disrespectful, unprofessional, and deeply insensitive. This view is shared by colleagues across Met who absolutely condemn it.  

Artist impression of PC Jamie Lewis and PC Deniz Jaffer appearing at the Old Bailey yesterday

Artist impression of PC Jamie Lewis (left) and PC Deniz Jaffer (right) appearing at the Old Bailey yesterday

Nicole Smallman, 27,

Bibaa Henry, 46,

Nicole Smallman, 27 and Bibaa Yergin, 46, were stabbed in Wembley last summer.

Murderer: Danyal Hussein, 19, who killed sisters Bibaa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27, seen here in his police mugshot

Murderer: Danyal Hussein, 19, who killed sisters Bibaa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27, seen here in his police mugshot

The sisters (above), who had been celebrating Ms Henry's birthday with friends, were found the following day by Ms Smallman's boyfriend

The boyfriend of Ms Smallman found the sisters (above), after they had celebrated Ms Henry’s Birthday with friends.

Mina Smallman, mother of the two victims looking on as Danyal Hussein appears in the dock at the Old Bailey, where he would try to intimidate and provoke her. She refused and would smile and wink back

Mina Smallman was the mother of the victims and she watched as Danyal Hussein appeared in the Old Bailey dock. He tried to intimidate and provoke Mina. She refused to smile and wink back

Victims’ mother stated that the PCs’ photo outrage was her ‘last straw in her grief’

Mina Smallman, speaking outside the Old Bailey in London described how learning about the behaviour of the two officers after the murders of her daughters was the ‘last straw.

She stated that she was going to London to prepare for the funeral of her two children. However, you are forced to meet with the IOPC’s then-commander to find out that the officers that were supposed to be protecting the area had taken selfies and sent them to a dentist and doctor as well as a WhatsApp group.

She stated that officers should understand they are not above the law, and are not going to get protected.

She said, “You have to drill down and get rid of the rot once for all.”

When asked if she thought the Met Commissioner should resign she replied: “Kicking people out doesn’t solve the problem. Keep her in the post and get her to do her job.

She also criticised Dame Cressida’s’shoddy behaving’ and her response to all this.

Reporters were informed by Mrs Smallman: “She hasn’t contacted us to apologize. She has not spoken out about this story.

“And it’s shameful the IOPC had the Met tell them they should apologise for their failures in the missing persons investigation.”

‘Too little too late. Too little too late.

“When I was in a high-ranking position, if my department or organisation failed, it was on us.

“I had no choice but to take the can.” It’s now their turn to get the can. They have no hope.

“They have pleaded guilty today for a serious criminal offense and sentencing will follow in due time.

‘I apologised in June to Nicole’s family and Bibaa in June last. Today, I am apologizing again on behalf of the Met.

“Now that we have reached this stage in the judicial process, we are able take the officers through an accelerated conduct process.”

Jaffer, 47, was taken into custody in Hornchurch, east London. Lewis, 33, was taken into custody in Colchester, Essex as part of a criminal investigation conducted by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).

Each of them was charged with entering a crime scene that he had been assigned as a protection officer, sending information via WhatsApp about his attendance and taking photographs of it. 

Mina Smallman (the mother of the sisters) sat in court during the hearing, and she has called the officers ‘despicable’.

Paul Goddard, CPS spokesperson, stated outside court: “Pc Jamie Lewis’ and Pc Deniz Jaffer’s senseless conduct was way below what is to be expected of police officers.

“These officers were assigned to protect a crime scene.

“But they instead violated it for themselves, without regard to the dignity and the harm they might cause to a murder investigation.

“Their thoughtless, insensitive actions have no doubt caused immeasurable more distress and pain for the heartbroken friends and family of Nicole Smallman Bibaa and Bibaa of Henry who were already reeling from their loss of loved ones. Our thoughts and prayers are with them at this difficult time.

Following their arrests on June 22, 2013, the Met’s North East command group attached to them both were suspended from duty.

Jaffer, from Hornchurch, east London and Lewis, Colchester, Essex are currently on unconditional bail 

On Thursday the mother of Ms Henry and Ms Smallman vowed to stop him ever being released from prison.

Mina Smallman  said justice had been done for her ‘beautiful girls’ as their ‘deluded’ killer was locked up for at least 35 years.

Mrs Smallman looked on as Danyalhussein sat behind the court, while he was sent to Belmarsh prison via videolink. 

Mrs Smallman condemned the 19 years old, who had stabbed her daughters and made a pact to a devil after she spoke outside the Old Bailey in central London.

She said that he was acting out in court because it was a performance. He is fine. He’s an annoying person.

She continued, “He is a broken person who, had he not been caught by us, could have caused the same suffering for four families as we have.”

“Well, he ain’t out there now and he is so deluded that they will not let him go in 35 years’ time.”

“I will not permit them.”

Mrs Smallman said that there would be no celebrations if justice had been done.

After hearing that Hussein was too young to be given a whole-life order, she called for a review. 

She praised the Metropolitan Police for bringing Hussein before justice.

Following a critical police watchdog report about the handling of the sisters’ missing person report, she said that there was an ‘underground’ that had infiltrated the Metropolitan Police and was growing.

She also thanked all the media that had followed the case and said: “Everybody is worth knowing about.”

She spoke highly of her daughters, saying: “They were beautiful, beautiful little girls.”

Bibaa left behind a beautiful daughter, who gave birth to a boy in the last year. I am a great grandma.

She said that Ms Henry was an ‘amazing” social worker, but she was more grieved for Ms Smallman’s younger daughter, Ms Smallman, because’she had twenty years less than Bibaa.

She added, “Good girls. I’m really proud.