After being stabbed three times in west London, a 21-year-old man is now fighting for his survival. Two boys, aged 16 and 14, were also injured.

  • He was 21 years old and found outside Harrow station. 
  • Officers found 2 boys, aged 14 and 16, with stab wounds moments before.
  • Following the stabbing triples that occurred this evening, an extensive investigation has begun 

After a brutal stabbing attack that occurred in north-west London, a man is in serious danger. Two teenage girls are also in critical condition. 

Two teenagers, aged 14 and 16, were found with non-life-threatening stabbing wounds by police officers at Wealdstone high street. 

One mile away was a 21 year old man who had suffered life-threatening stabbing wounds. 

The three victims were taken to emergency rooms in west London by their respective families. 

Before a full forensic exam, police have already taped the crime scenes. Officers are also canvassing the surrounding area looking for witnesses. 

One man is fighting for his life and two teenage boys were wounded in stabbing attacks in north west London earlier this evening. The victims were found in Wealdstone shortly after 7pm. The boys, aged 14 and 16 suffered non-life threatening injuries according to Scotland Yard

Two teenage boys sustained injuries in an attack on their home in north-west London this morning, and one man is currently fighting for his survival. Just after 7pm, the victims were discovered in Wealdstone. According to Scotland Yard, the injuries sustained by the boys aged 14-16 were not life-threatening.

Police have advised the public that there will be a substantial police presence. 

A Section 60 order was also granted to police, giving them additional stop-and-search and arrest powers. It will be in effect until Monday at 8 AM. 

Anybody with information about the attack on Thursday night is requested to call Scotland Yard at 101, citing crime reference 6046/30NOV. 

People can also anonymously give information to Crimestoppers at 0800 555 112.