Tory MP: Young men go to crime due to ‘Dr Who Ghostbusters, Luke Skywalker and Luke Skywalker being replaced by WOMEN’. As he calls for the celebration of masculinity rather than constant vilification,

  • Nick Fletcher was a speaker during the Commons debate regarding International Men’s Day 
  • Women take over many of the roles in a number of linked criminal acts committed by men
  • He spoke out about Dr Who, Star Wars’ Rey Skywalker and Ghostbusters.

Today, Dr Who suggested to a Tory MP that young men be turned toward a life in crime.

Nick Fletcher used an International Men’s Day debate – on November 19, to complain about the lack of male role models.

The actor also connected crimes perpetrated by young men to a number of roles previously held by male actors, which were shown as positive and being replaced or taken over by female leads.

He cited Dr Who’s latest version, Jodie Whittaker; the Ghostbusters, which were replaced in 2016 by an all-female team; and Luke Skywalker, who was replaced by Daisy Ridley’s Rey.

He stated that male role models can be positive and help to reduce violence against women. 

At Westminster Hall, he stated that there was a demand from a minority to have a woman replace every good role model and male character.

“One need only look at the debate surrounding the casting of the next James Bond.

“And it’s more than James Bond. Recent years have seen women take over Doctor Who and Ghostbusters. Luke Skywalker was also replaced.

“And men are left to the Krays or Tommy Shelby.

“Is it any surprise that so many young men are committing crimes?

“These programs make crime seem cool. I can assure you that a life in prison and the haunting memory of being stabbed are not cool.

Nick Fletcher used a debate on International Men's Day to bemoan a lack of positive male role models on the big screen.

Nick Fletcher used International Men’s Day debate to complain about the lack of male role models.

Among those he cited were Dr Who, whose latest incarnation is Jodie Whittaker, pictured above

He cited Dr Who and Jodie Whittaker as examples.

He said: 'In recent years, we have seen Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, Luke Skywalker, the Equaliser, all replaced by women (Daisy Ridley as Rey Skywalker, above)

He stated that he had seen Doctor Who, Ghostbusters and Luke Skywalker replaced over the years by women. (Daisy Ridley, Rey Skywalker above)

As he chaired the International Men’s Day Debate, Mr Fletcher made these comments.

Don Valley MP highlighted the challenges faced by boys, with many “lagging behind” at school.

He stressed that boys need to be influenced by positive male role models, and asked the Government for help in encouraging more men to become educators.

The debate was also dominated by Mr Fletcher, who said: “I would also like to remind you of something very current at the moment. Although it is more relevant for women than for men, that is the need to give men their identity. It’s important that men have a sense of self and celebrate masculinity at times.

Mr Fletcher had earlier called on boys to have their own clubs, just like girls do.

He added: “Indeed it’s wonderful that girls’ soccer is on TV. It’s fantastic that female tennis stars have finally started to get paid as much as male counterparts. And as a father of my daughter myself, I would like to commend all of those who have fixed this mistake and hundreds more injustices.

Mr Fletcher said: 'Men are left with the Krays (played by Tom Hardy in Legend, above) and Tommy Shelby (played by Cillian Murphy, below). 'Is there any wonder we are seeing so many young men committing crime?

Fletcher stated: “Men are left alone with the Krays (played above by Tom Hardy) and Tommy Shelby, (played below by Cillian Murphy). It’s no wonder that young men commit crime.