Antonio Conte has banned mayonnaise from Tottenham, said that some stars are overweight and asked them to change their mindset – and all within one week of taking over for Nuno Espirito Santato.

  • Antonio Conte did not hesitate to make changes during his first week with Spurs
  • It is reported that the Italian bans mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard from their canteen.
  • He brutally stated to some players that they must lose weight and must be more active.
  • Conte is also a master of long-distance video analysis and has conducted training sessions.
  • After the international break, Tottenham will be next at home against Leeds 

Antonio Conte did not hesitate to make radical changes during his first week in Tottenham as manager. He banned mayonnaise, ketchup, and told his players that they were overweight.

After a disappointing start to the season, Nuno Espirito Sante was fired and the Wolves manager was forced to resign.

Conte managed a Europa Conference League win over Vitesse Arnhem, his first match as a manager. He then secured his first Premier League point against Spurs with a draw at Everton.

Antonio Conte has wasted no time in making huge changes at Tottenham in his first week

Antonio Conte is quick to make huge changes in Tottenham’s first week.

The former Chelsea and Inter Milan manager has not slowed down in imposing his authority over the club. As he taught his techniques to his players, he was there for a more than an hour at a press conference.

The Athletic claims that Spurs players were “dead” after Friday’s training session, despite having beaten Vitesse on Friday. It is evident how Conte prioritizes his work on the pitch.

He treated his players to a video session for 75 minutes of analysis about the victory over the Dutch team, even though the original meeting was scheduled for only 20 minutes.

Conte was open about Conte’s players’ health after winning the European championship. He stated to them that several of his team members were overweight, and urged them to alter their mentality.

Conte has banned ketchup and mayonnaise and told some of his players they are overweight

Conte banned mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard and informed some of his team members that they were overweight

Some players were 'dead' after a training session last week while analysis has become crucial

Some players had been declared ‘dead” after last week’s training session. Analysis has proven to be crucial.

Conte’s first week in north London has seen him put a lot of effort into nutrition. His squad even ate lunch together during midday.

He removed sandwiches and heavy food from the Canteen menu and also eliminated mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard. 

Also, the quantity of juice and oil used to cook has been reduced. The president also suggested that his stars eat more fruits.

Conte’s staff also made a good impression on Tottenham’s staff, who are based at their training ground. Some were motivated by Conte’s tireless effort. 

Gruelling training sessions have become the norm as the Italian looks to hammer home his philosophy on his new squad

As the Italian tries to instill his philosophy onto his squad, grueling training sessions are now the norm

Conte revealed his plans for his first stages in office last week. He insists that he must ‘change many aspects’.

‘I think this club has had a great vision outside the pitch and now it has to start to have a great vision on the pitch — on the football,’ said Conte. ‘I think this is important if we have to win.

‘The club has chosen me and I am honoured but, at the same time, I know I need time to work and to change something on the pitch. Outside the pitch, it’s fantastic, it’s great. Perhaps a little too much. It is hard to be sincere. We need to change many things.’

‘We need to work to improve many aspects. Each player.

“Every football player must improve their physical fitness to be able to play in my style of football. They must increase their ability to tolerate suffering.

‘It is always traumatic when a club changes a coach in the middle of a season. The players have a strong desire to be productive, but only three or four days of training can answer all these questions.

Conte oversaw a 0-0 drawn in his first Premier League match in charge away at Everton

Conte oversaw the draw at Everton of his Premier League match.

“I wish that this attitude and dedication continues throughout the remainder of the season. We will need that if we want to change a negative into a positive.’

Conte will put his squad members on double training sessions this week, if they aren’t on international duty. 

There are now just over seven days before his next game against Leeds, in the Premier League.