In the TikTok viral trend, women use sexual LUBRICANT to apply makeup primers. However, beauty professionals warn that this product can cause skin breakouts or clogged pores.

  • TikTok uses a skin lubricant as a makeup primer.
  • The video app #lubeprimer received more than 10.4 million views
  • British beauty bloggers were shocked at how much they loved the effect
  • However, skincare professionals warn that the ingredients can cause pores to clog. 

TikTok is a trend that involves using a non-sexual lubricant as a primer for your makeup. Beauty experts warn you against it. 

It has been viewed more than 10.4 million times on YouTube, and beauty bloggers around the globe have taken to Twitter to voice their opinions. 

According to theory, lubricant is made up of silicone and water. This creates a soft, sticky layer that makes make-up last longer.

Beauty experts are warning against trying out a TikTok trend which involves applying sexual lubricant to the skin as a makeup primer

Amelia Olivia, a beauty influencer from the UK with 389,000 TikTok followers, was among those who demonstrated the trend

Experts warn against using a TikTok tip that involves applying a sexual lubricant on the skin to be used as a primer for makeup. Amelia Olivia from the UK, who has 389,000 TikTok fans, demonstrated this trend

Amelia was pleased with the results (pictured with makeup) but said she wouldn't use it again

Amelia liked the result (pictured with make-up), but she said that it was not something she would use again.

British influencers Cara Downtonn, pictured, was surprised by how well the lubricant worked

Cara tries out the lubricant

British influencer Cara Downtonn was surprised at how the lubricant performed

The beauty influencer said it helped her apply her makeup smoothly and felt good on her skin

According to this beauty influencer, it made it easier for her to put on makeup and was easy on the skin. 

But experts warn it may also contain other ingredients that can block pores or cause breakouts. 

Amelia Olivia (a UK beauty blogger with 389,000 TikTok subscribers) was one of those to demonstrate the trend. 

Rady from Britain inspired her, as did many others. Rady featured this trend in an assortment of surprising makeup tricks. 

Amelia commented, “It’s so strange,” when she applied the lubricant. I look like a messy mess. The mixture is now semi-rubbed into the skin, and it feels a little sticky. Let’s look at how the application works.

Georgia Harrison, pictured, said the lubricant stopped her skin from feeling dry under makeup

The influencer was impressed with the results

Georgia Harrison, shown in the photo, stated that her skin felt lubricant and didn’t feel dry when she was wearing makeup.

Amelia was amazed at the result after applying a layer of normal foundation. She said, “How can this look so nice?” “Why did you do this work?” However, she stated that she wouldn’t do this again.  

British influencers Georgia Harrison, Cara Downtonn, and Georgia Harrison were equally surprised by the results of their budget beauty hack. 

Georgia stated, “My skin is usually very dry after I apply makeup. But it looks so smooth.”

Cara said, “It really feels like a primer.” It feels very soft on my skin and has a silky feel. It is truly stunning, and I can honestly say that it’s beautiful. This is a “yes” from me.

Male beauty blogger Damiola Pattrik Ade, pictured, said he wouldn't recommend it as a primer but did like the way the lubricant sat underneath his makeup

The influencer was surprised by how good the lubricant felt on his skin

Damiola Pattrik Ade, a male blogger for beauty, stated that while he didn’t recommend the primer as such, he did enjoy the texture of the lubricant under his makeup.

Damiola Pattrik, a male beauty blogger said that the product feels great on her skin. The cherry flavor is also a favorite of mine. This foundation glides on the skin so easily. It is flawless. It’s so flawless that I don’t know if I should recommend it as a primer, but I do love it.

Experts said that even though the TikTok results may look impressive, it isn’t worth any potential skin damage. 

‘When you look at the ingredient list on lubricants, you’ll see they are not ingredients you would associate with skincare,’ Medical consultant Ifeoma Ejikeme, MD, told Who What Wear. They may contain cooling, heating and numbing properties, which could cause irritation.

Justine Hextall, FRCP, consultant dermatologist at Tarrant Street Clinic, agreed: ‘Silicone can minimise the appearance of pores, but it can also block them if the product isn’t non-comedogenic (acne-causing). 

There are many other common ingredients found in lubricants like the nonoxynol-9 spermicide. 

“It’s a chemical which paralyses the sperm and also kills other organisms. This disrupts our delicate microbiome that is essential for good skin.