Tragic: Mother dies two weeks after her son (18) is killed in a car accident with two of his friends

  • Sara Jane Smith passed away just weeks after Martin Ward lost his life in a car accident.
  • Friends paid Tributes to the Mum, stating that’she is with her boy now.
  • Two of their relatives were also killed in an automobile accident that occurred January 1, resulting in multiple tragedy for the family. 

Just weeks after 18 year old her son died in an automobile accident, his mother tragically lost her child.

Sara Jane Smith was killed less than 2 weeks after Marin Ward, her son, lost his life due to a car accident. 

Martin, Mason Hall, and Ryan Geddes were both 18, when their Ford Fiesta crashed in Rotherham in South Yorkshire just after six on Sunday. 

Sara Jane Smith died less than two weeks after her son, Marin Ward, in a road accident

Sara Jane Smith, who was less than 2 weeks old, died in an accident on the road.

Sara told The Star that Sara believed the fatal accident didn’t “seem real” and that Mason and Martin would always be in her heart.

Her comment was that Mason was like her stepson because Martin and him were so near. 

Martin’s funeral was a fitting tribute to his motorbike-mad mother. Martin was invited to participate in as many motorcycles as she could.

Online tributes to the mother have been made. 

One individual wrote, “Can’t believe that I’m writing this after all the events of this year.” The Sun reports that Sara Jane Smith is gone, and many fond memories will remain with me forever.

Martin Ward, 18

Martin Ward was driving a Ford Fiesta in white. It careered off the highway and struck a tree.

Balloons, flowers and a car registration plate were left at the scene along with handwritten notes and pictures

Along with notes and photos, balloons, flowers and a vehicle registration plate were left on the spot.

One more: “RIP Sarah Jane Smith. Such tragic news. Go be with your lad now, xx.”  

The Star reports that the tragedy happened after they lost their two family members in an earlier car accident.

According to local media, their relatives Tommy Hydes (24 years old) and Josh Hydes (20 year olds) died in the River Don after their car crashed into it on January 30, according to local newspapers.