Two youths were arrested for threatening motorists with fake guns outside a shopping center.

  • Police arrested four children, including one seven-year old boy, for allegedly using a toy pistol. 
  • An incident took place yesterday at Reedswood Retail Park Walsall West Midlands
  • Drivers who were “terrified” claim that they were threatened, and their cars were stoned.
  • Later, two boys between 11 and 12 were arrested and charged with possessing a knife and imitation gun.

After being threatened by an imitation gun, four boys aged seven and under were taken into custody by armed officers.

After a group of youths stopped traffic, drivers contacted the police. They shouted “Stop, Give Me Your Van!”

Another motorist reported being pelted with rocks.

The arrests of two 11-year-old boys and a 12-year old boy were made for the possession of an imitation firearm and for possessing knives.

Two boys aged 7 and 12 years old were taken home by police officers, who informed the parents.

After receiving concerns from the public, armed police raced towards Reedswood Retail Park, Walsall (West Midlands), shortly after 10 am on Saturday.

Drivers were said to be terrified after four boys, including one aged just seven, allegedly wielded a toy gun and made threats at Reedswood Retail Park in Walsall, West Midlands

Four boys, one of them just seven years old, threatened Reedswood Retail Park, Walsall, West Midlands with a gun and drovers to their utter terror.

The retail workers claimed that they were also threatened.

A toy gun was recovered by police that had been black painted, while a knife for a kitchen was discovered in a bag. 

West Midlands Police Sergeant Ben Dolan stated that it was concerning considering the ages involved.

The imitation firearm was painted black in order to create a realistic appearance. Many drivers felt it to be a threat so we dispatched armed police.

“These kids may have believed it was a game, or fun to point a fake gun at others but this raised a lot of concern.

“And then it ended with four boys being arrested by armed officers which must have been quite frightening for them.

Parents should talk with their children about how dangerous it is to carry imitation knives and guns.

They can end up in serious trouble.