Due to decreasing effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines, elderly and vulnerable individuals have been dying from the disease.

The UK Health Security Agency’s Dr Susan Hopkins stated that while she was pleased with the rollout of the coronavirus booster, she felt the need to encourage more people to sign up for their vaccinations. 

The scientist’s comment come after reports last week said Number 10 was concerned about hospital admissions and deaths among double-vaccinated people rising due to waning immunity. 

The chief executive of NHS Providers also warned that the peak winter occupancy levels in England’s health trusts are already being experienced by bed-occupiers.

For months, doctors and health professionals have warned that vaccine effects will diminish after six to five months. The Government launched a booster campaign this autumn.

When Dr Hopkins was asked about Covid-19 mortality rates on BBC’s Andrew Marr, Dr Hopkins stated that: “The people who die are the same people who died all the time.”

Dr Susan Hopkins at the UK Health Security Agency said while the coronavirus booster rollout was going well she wanted to urge more people to come forward

 Dr Susan Hopkins at the UK Health Security Agency said while the coronavirus booster rollout was going well she wanted to urge more people to come forward 

The scientist said more than 60 per cent of the population that are being offered boosters are taking it up

According to the scientist, more than 60% of people who are offered boosters for their health are using them.

It is especially the elderly, the over-70s, who suffer the most, but it also affects those with underlying medical conditions, clinically fragile, or extremely vulnerable.

Her comments were further emphasized by her: “As we have mentioned, immune effects diminish and we find that, particularly in older or more vulnerable people, these are those whose immunity is most likely to decline.”

“So, for healthy people over 30, two doses of the drug will provide protection for longer periods. Those people should come forward to get their third dose immediately.

The scientist said there are deaths in the elderly population due to around 5 per cent of those remaining unvaccinated.

“We are still seeing the deaths of the unvaccinated population, but we’re also increasingly witnessing the deaths of those who have been vaccinated.   

Dr Hopkins stated that boosters have been well received so far. Over 60% of people are receiving boosters [who]It is being taken up.

“I believe it is slower than what we saw the first time around.

“I believe that people may think they are already protected. That’s why we give a lot public health messages to remind them why it is so crucial for them to get that third dose.”

Her comments were further emphasized by Sheryl: “We know the virus circulates very high in our area. If people don’t get vaccinated they will face a very difficult winter.     

Sajid Javid Health Secretary called this week for more flu vaccinations.

He explained that almost 10,000,000 people received Covid-19 boosters or third jabs across the UK. This is an incredible achievement within two months.

“As the milestone nears, I’d like to express my gratitude to all who made this possible and ask everyone to get vaccinated.

We know that immunity starts to decline after six months. It is particularly true for vulnerable people, such as the elderly, so booster vaccines are available to boost their protection.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid called for people to come forward for their third doses, stating that younger relatives should urge eligible parents and grandparents to take up the offer

Sajid Javid, Health Secretary, asked people to apply for third doses. He stated that older relatives should encourage eligible grandparents and parents to accept the offer.

I strongly encourage everyone eligible for the Covid-19 flu vaccine or booster to sign up as soon as possible.

“For those who are not eligible, please make sure your grandparents, parents or other vulnerable family members get the jabs. It could save their lives.

“And even if your second and first vaccines have not been administered, you can still get them.

“This really is a national effort.

“If all of us come together and do our bit, this winter will be a breeze. We can avoid restrictions returning and have Christma to enjoy.     

Six months following their first jab, people over 50 or at greatest risk of Covid-19 can apply for a booster.    

NHS Providers’ chief executive has stated that bed occupancy is at its peak in winter for health trusts across England.

Chris Hopson stated that the NHS expects to have a mixture of high levels of Covid as well as flu in winter, while addressing the patient backlog.

According to a recording of his interview, which will be broadcast by Times Radio on Sunday, he stated that the emergency room is extremely busy. This is worrying because it comes at the time when many of our employees are tired.

The most concerning part is: ‘If you examine acute hospitals where you actually look at bed occupancy, which can be a very good indicator of the hospital’s busyness, we see that it is sort of 94-95, 96%, and 96 percent.

He said, “At this stage before we get into peak winter. That’s something that we’ve never witnessed before. This is unprecedented. This is unprecedented.

Dr Susan Hopkins of the UK Health Security Agency stated that the group continues to monitor coronavirus mutations but that delta is the predominant variant.

Elle said that although it was too soon to determine if the virus is going anywhere else, there are changes likely to occur from now on.

Dr Hopkins asked if this Christmas will see people wearing masks. She replied: “Hopefully, this will not be the last Christmas that we need to think this way.” As we move forward, we will learn more about the spring.

“I believe, however, that this virus will form part of our seasonal influenza epidemic and other respiratory diseases.”

Yesterday Britain’s Covid crisis continued to shrink amid hopes a triple boost of falling infections, faster booster jabs and a ‘wonder pill’ will aid the UK’s fight against the virus this winter.

The Department of Health reported another 30,693 infections in the past 24 hours. This is 25 percent more than the previous Saturday’s 41,278.

It was the 14th day in a row cases fell week-on-week, barring Monday — a blip that was down to Wales not publishing any infection numbers the previous week.

In addition to falling 6.6%, there were 155 people killed by the virus, an improvement from 166 deaths last Saturday.

British travellers who fail to take their booster jabs could face renewed restrictions. Pictured: Passengers arrive at Palma de Mallorca Airport

British travelers who don’t take their booster shots could be subject to new restrictions. Pictured: Passengers arrive at Palma de Mallorca Airport

The plans are likely to prove controversial if introduced before most of those eligible for their booster have received it

These plans will be controversial if they are introduced before the majority of eligible boosters have been received.

The latest data available shows that hospitalisations decreased to 1,055 between Tuesday and Wednesday. These were 3.2% lower than the week before. 

According to the NHS, more than 75% of people over 80 have received their boosters. Nearly 35% of people over 50 have had their top-ups.    

As it turns out, British tourists who don’t take their booster shots face increased restrictions. 

The Mail On Sunday reports that ministers have begun to plan to restore quarantine for all those who refused the third vaccine. 

They are still likely to be controversial, however, if they’re introduced before the majority of eligible boosters have had it. Only 60 percent have received it so far.

This would mean that a person who has had three jabs will be considered ‘fully vaccinated.

Officials have a divided view on the timing of implementation. However, they are considering a grace period which would permit people to travel to their destination without being quarantined if they sought a booster after six months but weren’t offered an appointment.