Two children were killed and five others were injured in a tornado that ravaged rural Iowa. The winds reached nearly 140 miles per hour. 

Around 4.30 pm on Saturday, Madison County was hit by an EF3 tornado. This tornado can generate winds up to 165 mph and is capable of destroying homes. The storm brought severe wind gusts and tornadoes to the area, damaging homes and vehicles and producing lime-sized hail. It also caused wind gusts of up to 60 mph.  

It was not possible to immediately release the names. 

The tornado swept through Winterset first around 4.30pm as the storm headed toward Des Moines on Saturday night, causing seek-shelter-immediately warnings to be issued as gray and pink clouds filled the sky. 

Giant clouds rolled over Jasper (pictured) and Madison Counties as the tornado barreled through rural Iowa, killing five adults and two children under the age of five

Five adults and two young children were killed in the tornado that ripped through rural Iowa. 

A utility worker walks across Highway 69 in Des Moines on Saturday attending to a broken street light

On Saturday, a utility worker visits Highway 69 in Des Moines to fix a damaged streetlight. 

A big tree limb crushed a truck as strong winds caused massive damage. The storm was classified as a EF3, which can see winds up to 165mph

Strong winds and strong tree branches caused huge damage to a truck when a large tree branch fell on it. This storm is classified as an EF3, with winds of up to 165mph. 

Several twisters ripped through Iowa from 4.30 to 7.30pm, taking down powerlines in its wake

A number of twisters descended on Iowa between 4.30 and 7.30pm, knocking down powerlines.

A video shared by KCCI Meteorologist Chris Gloninger shows blackened skies lighting up with colorful heat lightning, highlighting a massive tornado as it ripped through Tama, off Highway 30. 

According to The National Weather Service, a notice was sent out to Des Moines’ southside. It tweeted around 5pm, warning people that they should seek shelter in basements or interior rooms on the lower floors of buildings. If you are outside, in a car, or in an RV, seek shelter in the nearest substantial shelter. 

The foundations of homes were torn and vehicles were taken off Highway 169. EMS arrived on the scene just before 6.30pm. The debris covered the cliffside with wood and broken tree limbs. Also, a truck was seen being buried underneath large tree branches. 

Stacie Carter, a Winterset resident said that she took over an hour to sharpen her teeth after getting a panicked phone call from her husband. 

She said, “There were trees all around the place.” 

It was said that her husband and their daughter had barely made it down to the basement when the tornado swept through, and that the walls began to collapse.

“The wind closed the door behind him.”  

A woman walked outside her home that was destroyed in Winterset, Iowa. The first tornado touched down in Winterset around 4.30pm, other isolated tornado were also spotted in nearby areas

Outside her house in Winterset, Iowa was a woman. Around 4.30pm the first tornado struck Winterset. Other isolated tornadoes were also seen in surrounding areas.

Homes were destroyed and around 10,500 residents are without power throughout rural Iowa

Around 10,500 rural Iowans are still without power after their homes were damaged.

A structure was ripped to pieces after the storm rolled through

After the hurricane rolled through, a structure was torn down. 

A building was seen destroyed after the storm in Winterset. Emergency crews were out after the storm searching for people

One building in Winterset was damaged by the storm. Searching for survivors, emergency personnel were on the ground after the storm. 

Mandy Jurgensen was also shocked to find her truck 50ft away from the spot where it had been parked after she left for work. 

According to her, she was just watching television with her boyfriend when it suddenly became dark outside. The couple ducked down to the ground when they realized that a tornado was heading straight at them.

She told Des Moines Register that it was done in less than half an hour.

The storm continued its travel towards the airport and hit Norwalk shortly afterward. Des Moines’ tornado sirens reportedly went off four times as Lucas, Decatur and Wayne were put under a warning around 5.30pm. 

This is a dangerous situation. Seek shelter NOW!’ The National Weather Service Des Moines tweets.  

As the powerful winds passed through, residents reported power and internet outages. According to reports, 10,500 people are affected.

Another tornado hit the ground shortly before 5.30pm in Humeston and was moving toward the Chariton area. 

Multiple, isolated tornados were seen throughout rural Iowa as massive clouds and dark skies touched down

Numerous tornadoes isolated were visible throughout rural Iowa, as huge clouds and dark sky touched down. 

Blackened skies covered Gilman, Iowa, as the tornadoes destroyed several towns

As tornadoes decimated several Iowa towns, Gilman was covered in blackened skies. 

One couple recalls hearing their house crackle and snap as the storm rolled towards them. Jenn and Adam O’Neal were huddled in their basement while the “vacuum” storm raged.

“It was the scariest thing that I have ever seen.” Jenn shared a video on Instagram that Jenn took following the storm. She said their ears were popping and it was like an explosion. “We are left with nothing but our homes and our lives. But I am grateful and that is all that matters. 

Adam O’Neal says, “It just happened. It’s still shocking.” This stunning sunset is the irony. The background was dotted with blue-ish orange skies. 

Storms destroyed the couple’s greenhouses, barns, flower cottages, and other structures. 

The National Weather Service gave the all clear for Des Moines metro area at 7.30pm. 

Several massive tornado hit the Northeast and Midwest this summer, including in Kentucky, where a candle factory was destroyed, killing eight and injuring several. 

After being told to either stay or be burned, more than 100 Mayfield Consumer Products workers sued the company. 

A ‘freight train’ tornado hit New Jersey earlier this year that touched down for 12.6 miles from Harrisonville to Deptford. New Jersey is not prone to tornadoes. It usually experiences only two each year. However, the state had already experienced 13 this summer. New Jersey had 17 tornadoes in 1989.