A pair of workmen spent an autumn afternoon picking up fallen leaves…in the woods

  • The moment that two men cleared out a forest path full of leaves was captured by a dog walker
  • The men are believed to be Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council staff
  • Many people were puzzled as to why this was happening, especially since the leaves are likely to change again.

Two men worked in an arboretum, and spent the afternoon blowing out fallen leaves.

The bizarre scene was discovered by a dog walker. One suspects that it is Bournemouth staff, Christchurch staff, or Poole Council personnel. They were using leaf blowers in clearing a woodland path, which is enclosed by tree canopy.

This ‘pointless task’ was compared to painting The Forth Bridge. It is nearly impossible to complete the work of clearing the forest floor of leaves at this time of the year.

A dog walker filmed the leaf clearing in Branksome park Wood in Poole (Dorset), and captured one worker doing the strange task. It has a well-trodden path that runs through its middle.

A dog walker who did not wish to be identified, filmed men believed to be Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council staff members

The men, wearing high-visibility jackets, were busy blowing leaves from the pathway, which is covered by a tree canopy

A dog walker who did not wish to be identified, filmed men believed to be Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council staff members, blowing leaves from a pathway which is covered by a tree canopy

Social media users described the video as “pure madness” and “pure insaneness”.

Another council worker commented, suggesting that the leaves had been removed in case they became slippery or wet.

According to the female dog walker who requested anonymity, pavements near wooded areas were covered with leaves, so it was more sensible to clean them.

Ironically, while working at home she decided to go for a walk with her dog to escape a neighbor who was using loud leaf blowers.

“I went for a walk, because my neighbor started using a leaf blower. I was trying hard to work.”

“As I was walking through the woods, the peacefulness was disturbed by another leaf blower. When I saw the council worker blowing leaves from the path, I was shocked.

“I was inclined say to him, isn’t that really pointless?”

“It is well maintained and proudly owned by the council, but it seemed to be a huge waste of my time and an inefficient use of council resources.

The video was shared on social media and people were quick to question why the task was being carried out, with the weather likely to bring the leaves tumbling down again

People on social media were confused why the leaves were being cleared at all

People shared the video on social media, and they quickly questioned why it was done. With the possibility of the weather bringing the leaves down again

“There’s a tree canopy along the route, so there’s no point in clearing leaves in a forest environment in autumn.”

Beverley Wright shared this on social media.

Nina Manning wrote: “The leaves are what makes Autumn so special.” He has removed the essence.

MailOnline has reached out to BCP Council for comments.