UK Covid case numbers drop just by 2% per week, as more Britons become positive for the disease. However, deaths are down by one-tenth while hospitalisations decline by 17%.


For the eighth consecutive day, UK daily coronavirus infections fell. There was also a decline in deaths and hospitalizations.

The Department of Health reported that there have been 33,117 new infections in the United States over the last 24 hours. That’s a small 2% drop from the previous week. Since October 24, infections have declined week-on-week except for one day.

A further 262 Covid deaths occurred today. This is an 11% decrease from the Tuesday number. According to the latest hospital data, there were 834 admissions in November 5. This is a decrease of 17% over a week.

After a very low transmission rate in Britain last summer, the country seems to have regained its natural immunity.

Experts believe that experts are noticing a decline in cases due to the use of booster vaccines as well as strong protection for younger people from the original two-dose program. 

This comes just as Sajid Javid, Health Secretary, has confirmed that all NHS frontline workers in England must be fully vaccinated against Covid before April 1, or else they’ll be fired.

The controversial announcement was made in the Commons by the Health Secretary. She stated that it was everyone’s ‘first duty” to prevent harm from being done to the people they care for.  

He was however warned by Tory MPs as well as unions, that there may be an exodus. There are currently 100,000 unvaccinated workers in England.