Two months after she gave birth to her son via emergency Caesarean, a mother who was not vaccinated died from Covid.

Natalie Forshaw (age 30, fell ill in her own home when she was just 30. Her son Caleb, who was due on November 3, 2007, was born at Manchester Royal Infirmary. 

The mother-to-be was placed in a drug-induced sleep coma after giving birth. After testing positive for Covid, she was admitted to the hospital’s ICU.

Although her condition was improving, Natalie passed away in the wee hours of Boxing Day. 

Due to her pregnancies, the beautician and hairdresser decided not to receive her Covid vaccine. 

Bernie Wilton was her mother. She said that her daughter had been pregnant and she took her to the doctor because her oxygen levels were extremely low. It was worsening her chest pain.

“She took the baby to the hospital. Natalie was taken to intensive care. Caleb was not available for about a week.

Natalie, who was in a coma for her post-partum treatment, was found to have a blood clot within her heart mid-November. 

Natalie Forshaw, 30, pictured with beloved son Caleb at Manchester Royal Infirmary

Natalie Forshaw (age 30, with Caleb, her son) at Manchester Royal Infirmary

Natalie died from Covid in the early hours of Boxing Day after giving birth to her son on November 3

Natalie passed away from Covid on Boxing Day, just hours after giving birth to her first child.

She was in critical condition after the clot burst and reached her lungs.

Caleb’s father and mother were her parents. Jay Hurst and her mother, Caleb’s father were allowed to only see Jay for 10-15 minutes per day in the ICU.

Her condition had deteriorated by December 6th and her family was told that there was no further treatment.

Natalie began to improve less than a week later.

On social media, her mom wrote: “I was sat beside her and she started blinking, she is starting come around… And when I talked to her about Caleb, she wept… all the nurses were crying and so happy for him… She is so cared after… She’s fighting.”

Natalie had to have her entire body sedated once again after she suffered an unexpected setback December 20.

Bernie used social media to confirm Natalie’s defeat on 26/12.

She stated, “Today, I broke my heart into many pieces. The broken heart will never heal.

“I will miss your stupid ways and the fact that I get texted 8,400,000 times per day just to love you mammy, even though it was only to tell you how much I loved you.”

“We had an amazing bond. We were not just mother and child, we were best of friends.”

Natalie’s parents paid tribute to her mother, saying that they were devastated.

Bernie said, “She was absolutely gorgeous and would brighten everyone’s days.” She is loved by thousands.

The family wants to say thank you for the amazing care they received from both the doctors and nurses at these hospitals.

“They were amazing and did everything for Natalie.

Caleb was 6 lb and 12 ounces, which is perfect. 

Natalie Clark, a friend of mine said that she would never accept you not being there.

She added: ‘Never thought I’d ever have to say goodbye to you, I really thought you’d be in my life forever because I can’t imagine a time you weren’t there. 

We’ve gone through years and years of ups, downs, drifting and closeness and this was finally it, our friendship was rock solid and we had each other.  

‘I’ll never come to terms with you not being here, but I know you’re still with us. Your little boy will be loved by all the world just like we love you. 

‘He’s going to see every photograph, hear every story, and know every reason why we love you. You laughed until I was a wreck, danced like an idiot alongside me, and loved my boy like you did.

‘Your strength amazed me, your fight to get home to your boy was nonstop, and it breaks my heart your body couldn’t fight the way your spirit did.’  

A Give Now appeal has been created following her death with a target of £500.