It’s not an optical illusion. As they explore an abandoned Greek church that was destroyed by a landslide, adventurers struggle to stay upright

  • Explorers Bob Thissen and Frederik Sempels visited the bizarre construction
  • The church is located within the picturesque village of Ropoto in Greece
  • After a landslide in 2012, 300 families were forced from their homes. 
  • The village became a ghost town since then, leaving the church in slanted. 

This is when a pair of urban explorers visited a crooked Greek church that was leaning at a 17 degree angle in a deserted Greek community.

After a landslide caused many houses to slide down the mountain, Ropoto was evacuated by its residents.  

Viral footage shows Bob Thissen, Frederik Sempels and other adventurers visiting the village’s church, which has seen little cosmetic damage. 

The building has moved more 200 yards since the landslide and is now slanting 17 degrees to its left.  

Adventurers Bob Thissen and Frederik Sempels visited the chruch in Ropoto, Greece, and filmed a video which has since gone viral

Frederik Sempels and Bob Thissen, adventurers, visited the Ropoto, Greece chruch and shot a video that has since gone viral

Bob and Frederik explore the building despite feeling 'nauseous' and adjusting their stance to walk up and down the slanted structure

Bob and Frederik explored the building despite feeling nauseous. They adjusted their stances to walk up the slanted structure.

Residents were forced to flee the once picturesque village in 2012 after a landslide caused many homes to slip down the mountain and crack

After a 2012 landslide caused many homes and cracks to fall down, residents were forced to flee their once-pretty village.

The tilt of the Leaning Tower at Pisa in Italy is only 3.97 degrees. 

These hilarious clips show Frederik and Bob exploring the building despite feeling nauseated and changing their stances to walk up and down the slanted structure. 

According to documentary makers, most of village’s buildings have been demolished by the time they reach the leaning church at the mountainous region in Greece.

Once inside, they declare the church to have a more slanted appearance than the Tower of Pisa.

Bob and Frederik scale the church stairs at one point, causing the filmmakers nausea.

At one point, Bob and Frederik climb the stairs in the church, causing the filmmakers to feel sick

Bob and Frederik climb up the stairs of the church at one point, making the filmmakers feel sick.

The documentary makers suggest that most of the buildings in the village have been demolished as they approach the leaning church in the mountainous region of Greece

The documentary makers believe that most of these buildings have been demolished, as they approach the leaning Church in the mountainous area of Greece.

The once bustling Ropoto became a ghost town in 2012 after homes and buildings began to slide down the mountain.

Over 300 families were forced from their homes, and the village’s plight was left to nature.

Flimsy foundations, steep inclines and poor drainage are blamed for the catastrophe. This was the first time that the village was unable to push the rainwater out to the nearby stream. 

The disaster that befell Ropoto, which lies in northern-central Greece, was unprecedented

Ropoto, a northern-central Greek island, was the victim of a disaster unimaginable.