It’s too pure to be real! Video of a sloth thanking a man for saving it from danger on the roads and bringing it safely to safety is viewed by millions.

  • After a Brazilian road was crossed, a man carried a sloth from safety to his home.
  • After being carried to safety, the animal turns to thank its man. 
  • Experts warned that the animal was stressed by the gesture. 
  • Incredible moment was recorded by Adriane Gonçalves Serrão in Caieiras 

Video of a sloth being carried along a roadway to safety went viral. Many viewers said it was ‘too pure’. 

The footage, captured by Adriane Gonçalves Serrão of Caieiras, Brazil, shows the moment a man swooped down to pick up a sloth that was attempting to cross a road and take it to a nearby tree.

The clip was then shared online. TwitterThe sloth appears to turn around, and he touches his hand gently with his three-fingered-paw. 

It was a beautiful interaction that made animal lovers smile and say it was their favorite thing. 

An expert said that the animal was actually protecting itself against a threat and was not grateful for the help.  

A man was filmed carrying a sloth to safety after the animal attempted to slowly cross a road in Brazil

The man held the sloth up to tree trunk so the animal could latch onto it

The footage, captured by Adriane Gonçalves Serrão of Caieiras, Brazil, shows the moment a man swooped down to pick up a sloth that was attempting to cross a road (left) and take it to a nearby tree (right)

People lauded the 'beautiful' interaction and said sloths are 'too pure for this world' after the video went viral

After the viral video was released, people praised the “beautiful” interaction of the sloths and stated that they are too pure for the world. 

To save the dog, the Good Samaritan pulled over and stopped traffic. 

Adult sloths can travel at speeds up to 0.27km/h. Humans, on the other hand, walk 5km an hour. 

The man gently picked the animal up using a towel, prying his paws off the road. 

He gently lifted the animal to the trunk of a tree and then patted it on the back.  

The man carefully grabbed the sloth with a white towel before taking it to safety, pictured

After carefully grabbing the sloth, the man used a white towel to transport it safely.

After it got a lift, the animal turned around to look at the man

It then extended its arm to him as if to say thank you

It was lifted by the man. The animal then turned its back to see him and extended his arm right. Although it appeared to say “Thank you”, it actually means that the animal is protecting itself.

Once it had found the right branch, the animal turned and extended his arm towards the man in what many believed was an expression of thanksgiving. 

Dr Rebecca Cliffe is the founder and executive director at the Sloth Conservation Foundation. She explained to us that the sloth was actually trying to defend itself.   

She explained that some people assume that when sloths raise their arms in this way, they mean that they wave hello or say hello. Or even ask for a hug. It is totally false. 

Sloths are prey animals that have no way of protecting themselves from predators. 

They do it to appear bigger when feeling scared or threatened. This is actually a stress response, which many people miss.  

People swooned over the sweet interaction as some said it was the most beautiful thank you they had ever seen

Many people were smitten by the touching interaction. 

However, few people correctly understood the message and took to Twitter in celebration. 

One posted: ‘Just one of the most beautiful thankyou’s I have ever seen! This is a wonderful clip. Thank you! This is beyond beautiful.

 ‘Actual tears,’ said one, while another wrote: ‘They are too pure for this world.’

 ‘I’ll be watching this video the rest of the day if anyone needs me,’ another said. 

“Thank you” was another response.