It’s Thanksgiving madness! Raiders – Cowboys games are awash with violence. Two women fight each other and pull their hair.

  • Three fights broke out during Thursday’s violent Las Vegas Raiders-Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Football game.
  • Roderic Teamer, Raiders safety, and Kelvin Joseph (Cowboys cornerback) were both kicked out of the game following a third-quarter wrestling match.
  • Tom Hill, Field Judge was seen in pain with his chin. He was then able to continue reffing his 335th match. 
  • Cowboys Defensive tackle Trysten Hills violently shoved John Simpson, Raiders Guard on the Field after the Raiders won 36-33
  • Footage captured the shocking moment two women fought at the concessions stand at the AT&T stadium during the holiday game

Las Vegas Raiders-Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Football Game turned violent Thursday night, with several fights breaking out not just between the players but also among fans. 

There were several fights at the NFL game. Two fights broke out between Raiders- and Cowboys-players. Players wrestled each other to death, grabbed helmets, and pushed one another. 

Anger and violence reached the stands as well with supporters throwing punches, attacking one another with brutal punches, hair pulling, and other violent attacks. 

In the third quarter of play, there was a violent brawl among players that ended in two ejections. The referee also died. 

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Raiders safety Roderic Teamer and Cowboys cornerback Kelvin Joseph were ejected with personal foul penalties after wrestling off the field in the third quarter

Roderic Teamer, Raiders safety, and Kelvin Joseph Cowboys cornerback were both expelled by the Raiders after they wrestled off the field in quarter three. 

Several players from the opposing teams joined into the fight during the Thanksgiving game

During the Thanksgiving game, several players on opposing sides joined the fray.

A second fight between players broke out when Cowboys defensive tackle Trysten Hill violently shoved Raiders guard John Simpson

The Cowboys’ defensive player Trysten Hill shoved John Simpson of the Raiders. This triggered a second altercation between the two players. 

The brawl occurred on the field after the Raiders win on Thursday night as teammates and staffing coach separated the angry players

Following the Raiders victory on Thursday, the team split up the factions. The staffing coach and teammates separated the volatile players. 

Shocking video recorded the moment a woman jumped over the food counter and became enthralled in a fight with another woman at the concession stand during the game

The two women threw punches and pulled each other's hair until they were separated by the crowd

A shocking video captured the moment that a woman leapt over the counter to fight another woman who was working at the concession stand. They fought until the crowd separated them.

Raiders punter A.J. With 13 minutes remaining in the quarter, Cole III kicked out the ball. As the play was called, Raiders safety Roderic Teamer and Cowboys cornerback Kelvin Joseph wrestled each other to the ground rolling towards the stands on the Raiders sideline.  

As the other teams tried to do, several special team players began brawling. Stop the fighting. Two players from the opposing teams each grabbed a handful of the other players helmet. 

The fight only lasted several seconds but both Teamer and Joseph were ejected from the game with personal foul penalties. 

As he reffered the holiday games, Tom Hill, a field judge was left with a bruised chin after the fight. Hill applied a bandage to his wound later. 

The field judge was reported to be working his 355th career game, according to Pro Football Reference. 

For the first time since 1968, the Raiders beat 33 to 36 on Thanksgiving. This was the fourth win for the Raiders in Thanksgiving games, the other two being against the Cowboys. 

They didn’t let the animosity between them subside. The moment Cowboys’ defensive tackle Trysten Hills violently shoved Raiders Guard John Simpson onto the field following the game was captured by an ESPN camera 

As the fight was ending, small groups of coaches and players gathered to watch the action.

After reviewing the incident, the league may issue a fine or suspension. 

Both the Cowboys and Raiders set new season records in both yards and penalties. The Cowboys are the NFL’s leading penalty yardage leader with 14 recorded for a record 166 yards. 

Fighting between the players wasn’t the only brawl that took place at the Thanksgiving game. 

Two women were left covered in nachos when a quarrel broke out at the concession stand at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. 

A shocking footage captured the moment that a woman, believed to be stadium staff, leapt over the counter to chase down another woman. 

It is the woman at the counter who immediately slips onto nachos already on the ground. 

She is punched in her face as she stands up by another woman, nearly ripping off her blue baseball cap. As a Cowboys’ jersey woman attempts to seperate them, the two women continue their fights. 

As the fight progresses, a crowd forms around it and others join the effort to help the women break apart. Video ends with the women who were the ones to throw the first punch being taken away. 

Police told TMZ they made several arrests for intoxication but it is unclear whether or not either woman was taken into custody.