As a vulnerable pensioner, the council moves him to a home because he was living in filthy, rodent-infested housing with no running water or heating.

  • The Ashfield District Council’s Environmental Health Team was alerted about the property
  • A retired man lived in an old house that was rat-infested in his private residence.
  • Officials discovered that the man was living without electricity, heat or water.
  • The house was auctioned off and the man is now in a home for his elderly parents.  

After he was discovered to have been living in filthy, rat-infested conditions that posed a grave risk to his health and life, an elderly man’s life was saved.

Ashfield District Council’s Environment Health Team performed an immediate inspection of the home after being informed that there was a Selston resident who lived in extremely poor conditions at a private property.

The officers discovered the victim living in a compound with large rats colony.

Additionally, the property was in serious condition of structural and disrepair.

The elderly man was moved by council officials to a local home for people with ill-health.

John Wilmott is the cabinet member responsible for licensing and administration at the council. He stated that the owner was in a vulnerable state, living in an unbearable condition, which could have resulted in his death.

A pensioner was discovered living in a rat infested home without heat, electricity or running water in Selston, Nottinghamshire

In Selston, Nottinghamshire, a pensioner found himself living in an infested house with rat infestations.

The local council re housed the man in a care home and then placed his property up for auction

After placing the man into a residential care facility, the local council put his home up for sale.

The environmental health team helped the man sell his house which has since been renovated into a family home

He was helped by the environmental health team to sell his home, which was then renovated and turned into a family residence.

“The filthy property made it impossible to imagine that anyone could have such a miserable life. But thanks to our officers, that is no longer the case.

“The council supports vulnerable residents. We will use every resource to help make empty or dangerous houses safe again.”

It was the environmental health team that helped the owner to sell his house.