It is no surprise that the SUV is the most popular of all the vehicle types and if you are ready to trade in your saloon car for an SUV with off-road capabilities, there is much to consider. There are quite a few top-rated manufacturers to choose from and with that in mind, here are a few aspects to look for in an SUV.

  • Power – The ideal engine size is 3.0l, although some makes are 3.5l and 4.0l V8 powered, depending on what you are planning to do. Of course, you want 4WD and most models allow you to change on the fly, with cutting edge gearing and limited slip-differential. Deisel engines are the power units of choice and you can see the technical specs on the dealer’s website.
  • Comfort – The latest generation of SUVs from Nene Overland are nothing short of luxurious inside, with adjustable suspension and all the comforts you would expect to see in a flagship saloon. Special seats that absorb the bumps and hollows, making for a comfortable experience.
  • Safety – The SUV is of rugged design and the driver and passengers have the ultimate shell protection, with crumple zones that reduce the impact and wide wheels and tyres for maximum grip.
  • Reliability – If you stick to one of the well-known makes, you can be sure of a durable and reliable vehicle and with servicing at recommended intervals, your SUV will be a dependable form of transport that won’t let you down. As the vehicle ages, certain components will have to be replaced and if you are buying a used SUV, you can look at the vehicle’s service history from new. If you run your own business, blogs can boost your online profile, as this article outlines.
  • Add-Ons – Of course, there are many features that you can add; a towbar, winch and roof rack are all essential for the adventure vehicle, along with a row of LED spotlights for great illumination. If you are looking to buy a new model, then you will be presented with a long list of optional extras that improve the experience, and with affordable finance, you can kit out your new SUV just as you want it.
  • Economical – You don’t want a gas guzzler and the latest generation of family SUVs are economical when you consider the power output. Most have several modes of driving, with economy, sports and adventure modes, allowing you to make full use of the power.
  • Style – There should be nothing post in the appeal stakes and with Land Rover, Jeep, Toyota and Ford models, you are spoilt for choice. Land Rover’s iconic Defender range are perfect for adventure travel and a quick Google search will take you to a dealership’s website, where you can view a range of new and used Defenders.

Of course, we all have our own individual tastes when it comes to SUVs and there are some stunning vehicles that offer the adventure travelling family everything they need.