Karen, 46, (pictured) has been single for seven months

Karen, 46, (pictured), is single for seven months 


Dating Past

I was with my children’s father for 17 years. I was only 17. We were together when we got together. Since we split I’ve had a three-year relationship, followed by another that lasted four years. Contrary to my better judgement, I was in a 14-month relationship with a married man. Naturally, it didn’t end well.


Single for seven month with two daughters, 25 & 19,


Primary school after-school and breakfast program manager


Someone who is down to earth and can make me laugh.

Pre-Date Nerves

You reach a certain stage of life when you are able to take things in stride. My cousin put me forward for this — we’re always moaning that we’d like to meet someone our age but when it gets to Friday evening, we’re always too tired to go out.

First Impressions?

Laurence arrived just a few minutes after me. I arrived ten minutes before Laurence. He was quiet and shy and spoke slowly. Laurence wore a pale pink shirt and a navy jumper with black ankle boots. I was wearing a zebra-print gown with black ankle booties, while Laurence wore a pale pink shirt and a pair of brown pointy shoes. I know I’m fussy, but I didn’t like those shoes!

It’s easy to talk to?

I know I’m fussy, but I didn’t like his pointy brown shoes 

Laurence misunderstood me when he thought I liked cycling. But I love walking. I now live in the countryside and go on long hikes with my girlfriends. Laurence was shocked to learn that I have coeliac disease. I don’t like being seen as high- maintenance but it means I have to avoid certain foods.

Are You Embarrassed by These Moments?


LIKE THIS? Good conversation. 

REGRETS Not at all.


Laurence got lost in the cutlery ordering and began from the inside out. It meant that he used the steak knife to eat his smoked salmon. I didn’t say anything, but the waitress did.

Did Sparks Fly?

While I think Laurence liked me, there weren’t any sparks on my part. I believe there must be an immediate attraction to someone.

Seen him again?

Yes, as a friend. He liked my sense of humor and laughed at the things that I said. Laurence asked me my number when we parted. I obliged.

What do you think that he thought of your?

That I’m possibly a bit of a crank, I don’t know. I said to Laurence that in the past, I’ve been told I’m feisty. Evidently, he could see the reason that might have been said.

Would you like him to be friends?

I got a picture of us together and sent it to some friends; the consensus was they couldn’t see us together. But I think they’d like him as a person.

Laurence, 46, (pictured) has been single for five years

Laurence (pictured), 46, has been single for five year 


Dating Past

In my 20s, I was in a five year relationship and then again in my 30s. I can see that the relationships failed because they were based upon physical attraction. I was not attracted to them even though they lived with me on both occasions. My next-door neighbors try to hook me up with women all the time.

Pre-Date Nerves


Single for five years, no kids


Materials controller.


Someone who is enthusiastic and interesting. She would be intelligent, honest, and a good listener. I’m not interested in party animals or big drinkers.

No, you get to a certain age and occasions such as dates don’t bother you. I tried to keep an open mind.

First Impressions?

Karen is a petite brunette. She made me feel welcome. I found her to be a friendly, chatty woman with whom it would be a pleasure to have a good time.

It’s easy to talk to?

Karen explained to me that she has coeliac disease. She had also checked the menu before I sat down. Karen chose scallops, seabas, and then a cream sorbet. I ordered smoked salmon with a steak fillet, a sticky toffee pudding, and smoked salmon.

Karen had a vodka-tonic and I had a lemonade. I’m not teetotal, I’d usually order a pint, but we were at the kind of fancy restaurant where, I suspect, they don’t serve draught.

I liked that Karen wasn’t a princess or pretentious 

Karen shared her family with me and asked me about my holiday. My sister has a chalet near Great Yarmouth and because Mum isn’t too well, we meet there as a family regularly. I think Karen appreciated that I’m close to my family, especially as she has 15 uncles and aunts.


LIKE THIS? Karen at a lively location



Are You Embarrassed by These Moments?

My steak knife was used on my starter, as our waitress pointed it out to me. Karen smiled, she hadn’t said anything because she isn’t the kind of person to comment negatively. She isn’t a princess or pretentious, which I liked.

Did Sparks Fly?

Yes, for me. I’d like to see her again. Karen did flick her hair, but then she crossed her arms. I’d conclude that I received mixed signals. Despite that, she was quick enough to give me her number.

Do you want to see her again?

Yes, a drink in a quieter pub or bar is my ideal date scenario. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the restaurant. After the past few years, it was great to be back in Central London.

What do you think she thought?

She found me easygoing, I believe.

Would your family like to have her?

Yes. Karen has no airs or graces, she’s down to earth and those values are important in my family.

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