San Francisco’s restaurant called itself “safe space” for BIPOC people and was forced to apologize after three cops were fired upon it. 

Rachel Sillcocks and Christina Compton apologized for Hilda and Jesse Restaurant’s Friday dinner.

They claimed that they had ‘politely” ejected unidentified officers as their presence in the city made it ‘uncomfortable’ for staff.   

The Hilda and Jesse restaurant on Union Street in San Francisco is pictured

Photograph of the Hilda and Jesse restaurant at Union Street, San Francisco

The owners, Rachel Sillcocks, left, and Kristina Compton, right, have apologized for denying service to three police officers because their weapons made their staff 'uncomfortable'

Rachel Sillcocks (left) and Kristina Kompton (right), have since apologized for refusing service to three police officers, claiming that their weapons had made them ‘uncomfortable.

The owners of Hilda and Jesse Restaurant explained their reasons for asking the police officers to leave, namely that they made other diners in the restaurant feel uncomfortable

Hilda and Jesse Restaurant owners explained why they asked the officers to depart, saying that the officers made diners uncomfortable.

The co-owners further apologized in a second social media posting for asking the officers to leave shortly after they had sat down after an outcry in social media and calls to boycott the eatery

A second social media post by the owners also expressed regret at asking officers to depart shortly after they had sat down following a protest on social media and calls for the closure of the restaurant.

The interior of Hilda and Jesse, designated a 'safe space' by it's owners is pictured  above

The interior of Hilda and Jesse, designated a ‘safe space’ by it’s owners is pictured  above

“Our restaurant offers a safe place, particularly for queer or biopic individuals (blacks and indigenous people of colour). The fact they were wearing multiple weapons made them uncomfortable for our staff and other guests. They were also asked to leave.  

Sillcocks, Compton, however, doubled down, saying that the incident that brought them into hot water would be welcomed by them off-duty and out of uniform with weapons. 

This sparked more outrage and negative reviews on Yelp as well as Google for the company.

The following day another apology was offered, but no comment was made on whether or not off-duty police officers would be welcome at Hilda or Jesse. 

We made a mistake, and we apologize for Friday’s unfortunate incident when San Francisco Police Department members were asked to leave the restaurant. The post expressed gratitude to the members of the police force for their hard work to protect us, particularly during this difficult time.

“We hope this will serve as a lesson for us, and we’ll continue to repair and build bridges between the SFPD and our community. They said that these are difficult times, and they handled it badly.

Despite the restaurant's apology, the damage had already been done and angry social media users took to Yelp to post a series of one-star reviews

Even though the restaurant had apologized, it was too late. It was too late.

But the damage had already been done  and angry social media users took to Yelp to post a series of one-star reviews.

‘I will not recommend or endorse a San Francisco business that discriminates towards the SFPD. Shame on YOU!You are a shame! I wish the Health Department shuts down ….,’ one user.

I would never give you one penny of money nor a second time. What a travesty to demand that SF police leave. What about purchasing their meals and engaging in constructive discussions about your life as a cop and how you can make the world safer for everyone ……’.

SF is my favorite place in the world. Love North Beach. Discrimination is unacceptable, even if it’s targeting first responders. This terrible decision could lead to the “cancellation” of this business. This place is not one I will be visiting again. Another disgruntled Yelp user states, “Oh, and I will certainly spread the word!”  

San Francisco has seen a dramatic increase in crime rates across the board, particularly in larceny thefts

San Francisco saw a drastic rise in crime, particularly in larceny and thefts.

San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott posted about Saturday’s incident on Twitter. He said that his department encouraged officers to help local businesses and to get to know each other.

SFPD’s core principle for 21st-century reforms is community engagement. Officers are asked to engage with local businesses, as well as to learn about the people they are sworn in to protecting. 

Chief Scott tweets, “The San Francisco Police Department stands up for safety with respect even when that means respecting desires that our officers find discouraging or personally disappointing.” 

‘I believe the vast majority of San Franciscans welcome their police officers, who deserve to know that they are appreciated for the difficult job we ask them to do — in their uniforms — to keep our neighborhoods and businesses safe. 

On Saturday, San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott tweeted about the incident and said his department encourages officers to support local businesses and get to know members of the community

San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott took to Twitter to report the incident. Scott said his department encourages officers and staff to assist local businesses as well as to meet members of their community.

'The San Francisco Police Department stands for safety with respect, even when it means respecting wishes that our officers and I find discouraging and personally disappointing,' Chief Scott tweeted

Chief Scott stated that the San Francisco Police Department is committed to safety and respect. He also tweeted, “San Francisco Police Department Stands for Safety with Respect, Even when It Means Respecting Wishes That Our Officers and I Find Disconcerting and Personally Disappointing,”

There has been a sharp rise in crime throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. November crime data showed that there was a 7.8% spike in arson cases, a 9.3% rise in homicides, an 8.7% increase for assaults and 13.4% more larceny thieves. 

Most recently, the region has seen a spate at’smash-and grab’ events. Additionally, there have been incidents of organized crime involving dozens ransacking department store departments.  

Other than organized crime groups, police officers seem reluctant to pursue retail criminals due to current political climate. Prosecutors fail to prioritize theft and larceny in some jurisdictions.

San Francisco’s Chesa Bodin is being recall as a district attorney. This follows outrage about spiraling crime, which many blame him for.