A woke Texas college professor accused late NFL coach and beloved former broadcaster John Madden of  ‘dehumanizing and profiting off black athletes’ and creating a ”digital plantation’ with his hugely popular ‘Madden NFL’ video game franchise.  

Andrew McGregor of Dallas College, Texas history professor, claimed that the game glorified violence in tweets he posted after the Super Bowl winner Hall of Fame coach passed away on December 28th. 

McGregor’s Twitter account has been locked since McGregor was reported by the Washington Examiner. 

McGregor posted, “I have many opinions about John Madden,” “The Madden videogame was not a good development for the U.S. The game further glorified violence, dehumanizing Black athletes and helped to establish plantation play that is worse now than ever before. 

“It glorified athletes by using their names to make money while encouraging people to forget about humanity. Madden created a digital plantation,” he said in another tweet. 

Andrew McGregor, a history professor at Dallas College in Texas, claimed the video game 'glamorized violence,' just hours after the Super Bowl-winning Hall of Fame coach died on December 28

Andrew McGregor of Dallas College, Texas history professor, said that the video game glorified violence just hours before the Hall of Fame’s Super Bowl winner died.

Dallas College professor Andrew McGregor blasted John Madden on the same day Madden died aged 85

Andrew McGregor from Dallas College blasted John Madden in the exact same moment that Madden, aged 85, died. 

The game, which released a new version every year and connected Madden as a commentator to a younger generation, came out in 1988 and is marketed by EA Sports

Madden was featured as a commentator in the game

EA Sports released the 1988 version of this game. Each year, a new version was published. Madden served as a commentator for younger players.

Madden and the Oakland Raiders 

Madden, who had an outstanding record as a player, was drafted by Philadelphia Eagles in 1958. But, before he could ever play professionally, he injures his knees.

When he was just 32 years old, he was appointed Raiders coach. He stayed with Raiders for 10 seasons, from 1969 through 78. 

He went 12-1-1 in his debut season and lost the AFL championship game 17-7 to Kansas City. 

The Raiders were able to repeat this pattern during his tenure. They won the Division title in 7 of his eight seasons. But, during those first 8 seasons, the Raiders went 1-6 in conference titles games.

The 1977 Super Bowl victory over the Minnesota Vikings was his greatest triumph. 

His winning season was never as a head coach.

His record of 100 regular-season wins was the youngest ever by a coach, which he achieved in just ten seasons at age 42. 

Madden remains the Raiders’ most successful coach.  


Twitter users rallied around Madden’s cause, reminding him that the Oakland Raiders had many African Americans during his time as their head coach, from 1969 to 1978.  

Other Twitter users also criticised McGregor for lauding the Madden NFL videogame in 2017 and then turning their backs on McGregor last Tuesday. 

According to McGregor, McGregor’s tweet at that time was “The fake kneel down” and it’s the same play he would use against his brother in Madden. It would have perfectly complemented the fake punt offense.

EA Sports marketed the game in 1988.  

Dallas College sought to distance themselves from McGregor’s remarks last week. 

According to a spokesperson for the college, McGregor’s views do not represent those of Dallas College. McGregor also made comments via Twitter that did not reflect Dallas College’s beliefs and opinions.  

‘Before they put you on the field, teams poke, prod, and examine you searching for any defect that might affect your performance,’ Kaepernick says of NFL owners and coaches while walking through a staged NFL practice field.

Kaepernick stated, “No boundary respect,” Kaepernick continued, “No dignity was left unaltered.”     

EA Sports, which owns the Madden game series, stated that Madden had died. John Madden has been synonymous with football for over 50 years.

“His knowledge was second only his love for the game, and his appreciation of everyone who played on the gridiron.  

Madden of the Oakland Raiders looks on from the sidelines against the Minnesota Vikings during Super Bowl XI on January 9, 1977 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California

Madden is seen as Oakland coach in 1975

Madden as Oakland’s coach, 1975 (right), then for winning the Super Bowl 1977 (left).

John Madden during Super Bowl XXXVII - EA Sports Ninth Annual Football Video game Tournament at Axiom Nightclub in San Diego, California

John Madden at Super Bowl XXXVII – EA Sports Ninth Annual Football Video game Tournament, Axiom nightclub in San Diego California

Madden is seen celebrating defeating the Minnesota Vikings in the Super Bowl in 1977

Madden celebrates defeating Minnesota Vikings at the Super Bowl in 1977 

“An humble champion, a patient teacher, and forever an coach. John and his family are in our thoughts and prayers. We will miss him greatly, we will always remember him, and we will never forget him. 

Madden became famous after a decade as coach of the rebel Oakland Raiders. They reached seven AFL/AFC championship games, and won the Super Bowl. 

He had a record of 103-32-7 in the regular-season, which is the most among NFL coaches that have more than 100 games. His winning percentage was.759.

Madden’s work as a coach after he retired prematurely at 42 was what made him a household name. 

Madden worked for as a color analyst for all four major networks: CBS (1979–1993), Fox (1994–2001), ABC (2002–2005), and NBC (2006–2008). 

Following the 2008 NFL football season, he decided to retire from broadcasting. 

With his use of the television telestrator, he educated football nations; entertained millions of people with his interjections with ‘Boom! He was also known for his utterances of “Boom!” and “Doink!” “Doink!”

He was, above all, the most prominent television sports analyst over his entire career, earning 16 Emmy Awards as outstanding analyst/personality and covering 11 Super Bowls on four networks between 1979-1909.  

People always wonder if you are a coach, broadcaster, or videogame guy. He said this when he was elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

“I am a coach. Always been a coach.” 

Madden is seen in 1975, during his coaching with the Oakland Raiders, with quarterback Kenny Stabler

Madden and quarterback Kenny Stabler are seen together in 1975 when he was coaching the Oakland Raiders.

His fear of flying led him to start his broadcasting career with CBS. 

Pat Summerall and he became the top-ranked announcing team on the network. 

Madden helped establish Fox as a credible network in 1994. Following his move to Fox, he continued to call prime time games at ABC/NBC. In 2009, Madden retired following the thrilling win by Pittsburgh over Arizona 27-23.

Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys owner, said that John Madden has had the most significant impact on the National Football League. He also stated that he knows of no other person who loves the game as much.

Madden, a burly, untidy man, earned America’s affection with his likable and casual style. This was refreshing in an age of spiraling salaries, prima donna stars, and sports that were dominated by mediocre athletes.  

Madden, a videogame that makes $1.5 billion a year 

Trip Hawkins was the founder of Electronic Arts (EA), and he came up in 1984 with the idea to create a NFL-themed video game. Madden also consulted him.

Hawkins first approached Joe Montana, a San Francisco 49ers great, about becoming the game’s face. But Montana had an Atari deal, so Hawkins went to Madden.

Madden worked for four years before the game was ready to go on sale.

Madden wanted it as realistic and took a great deal of time getting the concept right. 

He described the game as “a way to teach people the game and make them participate at an advanced level.” 

EA released an annual version in 1990. The series was renamed Madden NFL after EA purchased the rights to the NFL players and teams.

The game has sold more than 250 million copies, and Madden received an estimated $2-3 million a year for his endorsement. 

According to Sportscasting.com, the game’s annual sales average $1.5 billion.