After finding the body of a child dead in Doncaster, a woman described how it left her feeling traumatized.

Carol Hirst of Norman Crescent (Rosington), claims two children asked her to help them find the infant hidden in a shopping bag inside a fridge drawer.

South Yorkshire Police is investigating. Two women aged 15 and 45 were arrested and held on suspicion for murder.

The scene was attended to by officers and the ambulance service at 12.15 on Thursday 16th December. Unfortunately, the infant died at the spot.

Carol claims that Carol was there to assist when the baby was found.

A police car parked outside the home in Rossington, Doncaster. A cordon remains in place on the street while officers carry out investigations

The police car was left parked at the Rossington, Doncaster home. The street remains cordoned while police conduct investigation.

Pictured: Police at the scene in Doncaster where a baby has been found in a freezer

Pictured are police at Doncaster’s scene of a frozen baby.

She replied, “I just saw this baby. I was in tears.” She closed the bag.

Darnell Jackson, Darnell’s 23-year old partner, was contacted by her and told to call for assistance.

Carol described how it all unfolded: “I received a call from my neighbor saying that I had to travel because the children found a baby in a bag inside the freezer.

“So, I raced around and looked at the bag. Then I saw this little boy and fell down. The bag was discovered by my neighbor, who immediately called 911. She couldn’t talk so she had to leave.

“We both have small children and this can be traumatizing. Police then arrived to declare it a crime scene.

“I sent my neighbor to mine,” [with the children]Then, my partner and I came to check that it was a real baby because it seemed so unbelievable.

Police were called to the property in Rossington, Doncaster, shortly afterwards at 12.15pm but the baby was sadly pronounced dead at the scene (police car pictured outside home)

The baby died at the site after police arrived at Rossington in Doncaster shortly after 12.15pm.

Pictured: A teddy is placed at a cordon in Doncaster where a baby has been found in a freezer

Pictured: The teddy was placed in Doncaster at the cordon where a baby was found in a frozen container.

Carol said the incident had impacted how she spends time with her own baby, adding: ‘Coming home to my own six week old, Ivy Jackson, it feels as if my own enjoyment of my newborn has been stolen, as every time I look at her all I can see is the child. It makes it physically sick.

Last week, Carol’s partner Darnell Jackson, 23, told how he rushed to the scene after Carol called him in shock.

He replied, “I believed that she might be telling me the truth. But I needed to verify it myself.” Carol told me that there was a baby dead and she then hung up.

She was calling the police from the telephone and she had to take me through her first living room. 

I walked into the second living area and saw the Herons bag, which was taken out of the freezer.

“I literally reached for the bag and took a quick look. I immediately knew it was dead as Carol and my daughter had just given birth so there was no doubt in me.

Darnell Jackson (pictured above), 23, rushed to the home in South Yorkshire at around midday last Thursday after his partner Carol Hirst, 28, told him she had seen a dead baby there

Darnell Jackson (pictured below), 23-year-old, rushed to South Yorkshire home around noon last Thursday when his 28 year old partner Carol Hirst told him she’d seen a dead child there.

“The baby was still in its foetus position. It was evident that its skin was frozen and there was lots of frost around the legs.

“I was stunned and speechless. It was just a short walk from my house that I worked at Herons supermarket, and the bag I recognized immediately.

“I fled because I could not stay at the house. I smoked a pipe in the backyard to soothe my nerves. I was physically sick, and I waited to see the police. 

Two women aged between 17 and 45 were arrested by South Yorkshire Police on suspicion that they are involved in murder. Both were bailed.

Jamie Henderson, temporary superintendent, said that it was a very tragic case. I am sure the people in my community as well as those farther afield are going to be shocked by what transpired.

“At this point, our investigation into circumstances surrounding the death of the baby is still in its early stages. We ask you not to speculate on the matter.”

“A cordon is in place at Norman Crescent in Rossington while officers perform their duties. Therefore, we ask members of the general public to stay clear.

Anyone with information that could assist police enquiries is urged to call 101, quoting incident number 325 of 16 December.