Prosecutors at Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex-trafficking trial released evidence from a raid of Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion before closing arguments that showed  Florida cops finding sex toys, lurid paintings and a photograph apparently depicting a topless Ghislaine.

This hour-long video was taken during a 2005 raid of the residence. It shows Palm Beach police officers entering the property with their guns drawn, searching each room in the mansion that measures 14,000 feet.

The officers took close-up photos of the property as they went through it. A photo of the White House Press podium pedophile, with scantily-clad girls and an equipped dentist’s chair.   

A black-and-white photograph of Maxwell with what appeared to be a Yorkshire Terrier inside a marble-walled space, as well as a photo of Maxwell lounging topless was included.

This damning video was previously released in 2019. It is Epstein’s hanged death, which occurred while Epstein waited for his trial on sexual charges.

As federal prosecutors begin closing arguments in Epstein’s trial, defense lawyers and prosecutors are republishing the document. Epstein is accused of trafficking young girls with her boyfriend, the British socialite.

Epstein’s photos of several of the women that Maxwell is accused of having lured to him as a pedophile were among the evidence revealed on Monday. 

Warning: This is graphic content 

Ghislaine Maxwell, right, is standing trial for helping Jeffrey Epstein, left, her then-boyfriend, traffic young girls

Ghislaine Maxiwell is on trial right now for her involvement in helping Jeffrey Epstein (left), her ex-boyfriend and traffic young girls

Video re-released on Monday showed Epstein's Palm Beach home had several photos of naked women and scantily-clad girls

A Monday video re-released showed Epstein’s Palm Beach house had photos of naked and modestly-clad women. 

One photo appears to show Epstein's then-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell naked on a beach. Maxwell has been accused of actively helping to recruit young girls for Epstein's pleasure

A photo of Epstein’s ex-girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, appears to show her naked on the beach. Maxwell was accused of helping Epstein to find young girls.

Each room of the house featured several photos - with the more appropriate ones on display in Epstein's living room and the more risque photos in the bedroom

Every room featured multiple photos. The more suitable photos were displayed in Epstein’s living room, while the less-wise photos were in Epstein’s bedroom.

The raid was conducted by the Palm Beach Police Department in 2005

In 2005, the Palm Beach Police Department conducted the raid.

Police also reportedly found and seized a box of sex toys inside the house

According to police, a box of sex toys was also found in the home and taken by officers

The video from the raid of 2005 shows Epstein’s 9-bedroom home covered in dozens of photos of naked girls. 

The photo shows a six-year old girl bending down in a little dress that exposes her stomach. Authorities blurred the image out of fear that it was too explicit.  

One more shows a 15-year-old girl wearing a black bikini and dark hair, as she stands in front of a naked beach girl. 

Some photos show Epstein’s ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxill, which includes one in which she is naked at the beach.

After receiving multiple complaints from female victims claiming that they had been sexually assaulted at the home, the Palm Beach Police Department launched an investigation.

Palm Beach Officer Sgt. Michael Dawson was a witness at Ghislaine Maxill’s trial regarding the raid.

He claimed that the police searched for massage oils, sex toys, and other items when they raided his home years ago. 

Police reports from that time list sex tools, videos and school transcripts. They also confiscated four massage tables and soap on a rope among many other items. 

Prosecutors also released pictures Epstein reportedly had of a young Annie Farber, who testified that Maxwell gave her a nude massage and groped her at Epstein's New Mexico ranch

The prosecution also published photos Epstein claimed to have taken of Annie Farber as a child. She testified Maxwell gave her a nude masseuse and then groped her at Epstein’s New Mexico ranch.

Photos of Annie Farmer, a young Annie Farmer who was also released Monday included photos that she claimed the British disgraced socialite had given her a nude masseuse and groped at Epstein’s New Mexico ranch.

After meeting Epstein via her sister, she said that she lured her to her house because he thought her a “student they might want to help”.

Farmer was the sole accuser who used her real name. She said that Epstein’s ranch made it easy for her to go there because Maxwell would also be there and she understood Epstein as Epstein’s girlfriend.

She and two  other alleged victims, using the pseudonyms Kate and Jane, as well as a fourth using just her first name, Carolyn, all claim they were only teenagers when Maxwell and Epstein lured and sexually exploited them in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Prosecutors previously released pictures of Maxwell with Epstein vacationing in Europe

Photos of Maxwell vacationing in Europe with Epstein were released by Prosecutors before.

Another showed Maxwell, now 59, rubbing Epstein's feet, as prosecutors claim she had a close relationship with the accused predator

A second photo showed Maxwell at 59 rubbing Epstein’s feet. Prosecutors claim that she shared a close relationship to the predator.

The Maxwell trial’s prosecutor had released previously a treasure trove never before seen photos of Epstein and Maxwell apparently in love.

These photos capture Maxwell, a British socialite, massaging Epstein’s feet on Lolita Express. Maxwell is seen kissing Epstein’s cheek while wrapping her arms around him. Another rider on a motorcycle can also be seen. 

These images were taken during an FBI raid on Epstein’s Manhattan home in 2019. They offer a graphic look into Epstein and his high-flying lifestyle that involved private and helicopter flights to exotic destinations.

Maxwell is seen on one of the photos sunbathing while others capture them enjoying their vacations in Europe, with each other lovingly looking at one another. 

After being invited to the Queen’s Balmoral log house in Scotland by Prince Andrew, Maxwell and Epstein were reportedly seen lounging there. 

The trial’s closing arguments began Monday with Maxwell being described by prosecutors as a “sophisticated predator”.

Prosecutors claim that these pictures prove Maxwell and Epstein had a close relationship, and during closing arguments on Monday, prosecutors alleged that Maxwell acted as Epstein’s ‘right hand’ who caused ‘deep’ and ‘lasting harm’ to young girls. 

They called her a sophisticated predator. 

Alison Moe, Assistant US Attorney for Alison Moe said Monday that she knew precisely what she was doing. “She used the same playbook repeatedly and again.” 

She added that “She was an adult woman who preyed over vulnerable children”, Maxwell was the key to this whole operation.  

Maxwell has decided not be present in Maxwell’s case. Her defense attorneys claim that Maxwell is unaffected by the evidence.

She is facing up to 70 years in prison if she is convicted on all six counts – including sex-trafficking of minors and enticing a minor to travel to engage in illegal sex acts.