A woman has been cautioned by police after admitting sending Dartford MP Gareth Johnson (pictured) a series of abusive emails

After admitting to having sent Dartford MP Gareth Johnson a series abusive emails (pictured), police cautioned the woman

A police officer cautioned a woman who sent ‘vile emails’ to an MP in which she glorified the murder of Sir David Amess, just hours before his death.

Gareth Johnson MP for Dartford (Kent) stated that messages were bombarded by a woman following the murder of his close friend last month.

His constituent first contacted him 18 months ago for assistance with a problem. However, the correspondence became too aggressive and obscenities so he decided to stop responding.

Johnson was unable to overlook the poisoned pen of the woman, and she then wrote an email saying she “hoped” he’d suffered and bled like the pig in the wake of Sir David’s assassination.

Online insulting and offensive comments are all too common, and threats of death are nearly accepted as an everyday part of politics, warned the Conservative politician.

The 52-year old said that comments made about his friend and close colleague (whose constituency is located just across Thames Estuary, Essex) were ‘crossing the line’. He felt the need to inform the police.

After being accused of having sent a malicious communication, he said that the Kent Police gave a caution to the unnamed 62-year old woman.

Dartford has been represented by Mr Johnson since 2010. He said he ended all communication with Dartford when her messages got more personal.

His response was: “Eighteen month ago she got in touch to ask for help on a certain issue.

“She became increasingly aggressive over time. It started to happen that I was receiving a lot of email with a very malicious and obscene nature.

Sir David Amess, the Conservative MP for Southend West was stabbed to death in front of horrified onlookers in Essex last month while hosting a surgery for his constituents at a church

Sir David Amess was the Conservative MP for Southend West and was brutally attacked by terrified Essex residents as he hosted a Southend West surgery for his constituents.

“I ignored and ignored it repeatedly and over and over again, and she had sent me emails dozens of time.”

“This led to her calling me in the hours following David Amess’s passing, and telling me how happy she was that he’d been killed.

He said that he got another obscene email shortly after. She added, “I hope he has suffered and bled as a pig.”

According to Tory MP, “When she reached the point of glorifying David Amess’ death, I saw that she had gone over the limit.”

The information was given to police, who arrested the woman for sending malicious communications.

According to Mr Johnson, she was later taken to North Kent Police station November 1, and admitted her offence. Kent Police also confirmed that Johnson received a police caution. 

Sir David’s stabbing attack at Belfairs Methodist Church Constituency Surgery, Leigh-on-Sea put safety and security of parliamentarians back in the forefront.

He was killed as he traveled to Batley West Yorkshire with Labour MP Jo Cox, and this happened after his death.

Pictured: Mourners leave flowers and tributes for Sir David Amess in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

Pictured: Funeralers leave tributes and flowers for Sir David Amess at Leigh-on-Sea in Essex

Johnson warned of the dangers of vitriol and abuse directed against elected MPs from all parties. This could have a serious impact on how they do their jobs.

He explained that although it was right to challenge, ask and defend their case, this abuse is unacceptable.

“It is a threat to the democratic process. There are many. [of MPs]fear they will not be heard because of the threats to their lives and the abuse.

“We would like to hear a strong, open and free political debate. But threats to the rule are not what any reasonable person desires.”

Tory was reinstated to the whips in recent reshuffle and added that he does not know of any other MP who has not faced a threat to his life.

He stated that MPs have been talking about it and the fact that abuse has increased many times more than in the past.

“I am determined to keep my regular surgeries, but we had to change how we approached them.

For security reasons Johnson didn’t go into detail, however Johnson warned that female colleagues are often subject to worse attacks.

He stated that women seem to get targeted more often than men. While I was subject to abuse, nothing like my colleagues.

Kelly Tolhurst was a Kent fellow MP for Rochester & Strood. She spoke out about personal abuse since 2015 when she joined Parliament, and warned she and others were being viewed as “fair game”.

Johnson also suggested that we renew our efforts to end the online’mob mentality,’ which he described as growing.

According to him, the Online Safety Bill is one of many ways to do this. It is currently in Parliament.

Minister of the government believes that more needs to be done in order to make big tech companies accountable. 

Ali Harbi Ali (25), is accused of murdering Sir David Amesss, Conservative MP for Southend West. The incident occurred at a Leigh-on-Sea constituency surgery on October 15.

When he makes his appearance at the Old Bailey in October, he will plead guilty.