After receiving threats messages from her ex-partner, a woman who sought help at the Met claimed that she was being groomed by one Met officer who took advantage.

An anonymous woman from the UK is one of many who have come forward to share their experiences after Sarah Everard was murdered by a serving police officer. 

Wayne Couzens raped, murdered and kidnapped Miss Everard at Clapham Common in a fake arrest’.

The Metro spoke to the woman who described how she had been subject to a tirade from her ex-partner for a number of months before she decided to report it to the police. 

Despite initially thinking police officer, who she refers to as PC X – a man in his early 50s – was ‘very helpful and understanding,’ she claims it wasn’t long before things took an inappropriate turn – adding that he abused his position of power. 

She stated that PC X did not talk to her in the same way as before and became more and more inappropriate. ‘I do think there was an understanding that things would progress to a sexual relationship – but I was just so pleased to have a police officer on my side.’

An anonymous woman, from the UK, is one of many to come forward to share their experiences in the wake of Sarah Everard's murder at the hands of a serving cop. Pictured, stock image

An anonymous woman from the UK is one of many who have come forward to share their stories in the wake Sarah Everard’s killing at the hands of a police officer. Stock image

The woman explained that after being bombarded with vile text messages and threatening phone calls, along with disturbing parcels sent to her house by her ex-partner, she developed PTSD and got to the point where she no longer wanted to be alive.

Over the course a few months she reported the abuses to the police, but little was done. Shortly thereafter, she discovered that her abuser had filed a false crime against her, accusing her harassment.

After she had lost her tempter to the police due to the shock of hearing what she was hearing, two officers quickly appeared at her doorstep – including PC X.

She went on to say that he made her feel like she was actually being listened to and on leaving, gave her a ‘big hug,’ along with his personal number, before urging her to call him ‘any time, day or night.’ He even suggested the pair go for coffee.

‘It might sound silly now but at that point in time, it didn’t feel inappropriate,’ she explained. “I was desperate, and I was so happy that someone was going my way to help me. 

The woman continued to explain that she had sent PC X a note a week earlier asking if he was still interested in helping her. 

There were many phone calls and text messages over the months, and after another threatening phone conversation from her ex-partner PC X reassured that everything would be okay. 

According to the woman, who had been classified as a vulnerable person at that point, PC X encouraged her to only speak to him and no other officers. He even advised her to keep her distance from her loved ones. 

It comes in the wave of sadness and disgust over the police officer murder of Sarah Everard

It comes in the sadness and disgust at Sarah Everard’s police officer murder.

However, she eventually explained how PC X stopped responding to her messages – which at this point included innuendos – and she decided that she would file a complaint since she was still living with fear of her abuser. 

Things began to unravel when she told another officer that PC X would often call her on her mobile. 

She learned PC X hadn’t actually been logging any of the crime reports she had been sending over to him – and only now was it being listed as a proper crime.

She explained that she now feels certain that he was grooming her, in order to isolate me from my friends. His intention was to have a sexual relationship with me in return for the “help” that he had given me. 

‘Looking back, I can see it as very coercive and predatory behaviour – but at the time, I was vulnerable and I liked having on my side.’  

However, things got worse when she found out that she had been beaten. PC X’s inappropriate behavior was not the only one.

She discovered that another woman, who had been in a relationship with him, tried to kill herself because of his controlling behavior towards her.

Despite the constant fear of her ex, she continued to cope with it. She explained that professional Standards reached out to her and that it wasn’t until 18 years later that she heard back from PC X.

He received a call from the unknown. He retorted many details about her, including her clothes and whereabouts. He also mentioned sexual things that made her feel ‘uncomfortable and ‘dirty’.

Despite reporting PC X when the calls continued, the woman explained that because he had resigned the day before he called her again, the police said there wasn’t much they could do. 

The woman explained that while PC X has been found guilty of gross misconduct for his behaviour with the other person in question, and no longer works for the police, she doesn’t believe enough has been done.

“Do I still live with fear?” She said, “I do.” “Is it true that there are more victims?” Yes. Do I worry about him striking again? Absolutely. Is the police doing enough? No. 

FEMAIL was informed by a spokesperson for Met Police that the former Met police constable had resigned in July 2019.

At that point, he was under disciplinary proceedings. A later hearing found that if he had been a Met officer, his dismissal would have been possible.

A complaint by a member the public made after he resigned has led to an ongoing investigation into the former officer. This investigation is ongoing, but it would be inappropriate for me to comment further.