After struggling to find the perfect wedding dress, a woman was motivated to change her body. She lost 110 pounds and now shows off her incredible transformation.

Meredith Hutson was 26 years old and from Texas. She tried on wedding gowns after her engagement, but they weren’t fitting her due to her obesity.

After weighing in at 256lbs, the hairdresser decided to lose weight. With less than a year before her wedding to Steven Hutson (25) she now weighs just 145lbs.

She used to eat donuts for breakfast before settling on fast food. But now, her diet is high in lean protein. 

Meredith was 49lbs lighter and fitting into her wedding dress by her November 2020 wedding. However, she did not stop there. Meredith went on to shed 56lbs, and she dropped eight sizes.

A bride-to-be who weighed 256lbs when she got engaged (pictured) has revealed how she was inspired to shed a staggering 111lbs after learning she couldn’t zip up any wedding dresses 

Meredith Hutson, 26, was left devastated when she started shopping for her dream dress for her wedding to now-husband Steven, only to discover that none fit her - so she made it her mission to slim down, eventually losing 98lbs (pictured)

Meredith Hutson (26 years old) was devastated to begin shopping for the dress she wanted for her marriage to Steven. She found that no one fit her so she set out to lose 98 pounds. 

Meredith Hutson slimmed down from a size 22 to a size 6 after wedding dress shopping left her feeling 'discouraged'

Meredith in her wedding dress following her weight loss. The hairdresser went from a size 22 to a size six in the space of just two years

Notice the difference? Meredith had already lost 50 lbs by the day she married. But, she went on with her fitness journey and dropped another 60 lbs since then.

Meredith, now working as a trainer in fitness, went from wearing a size 22 dress to six within two years.

Meredith stated that she was always overweight. No matter how many fad diets I tried, I lost some weight and gained it back over time.

“When I turned 24, I faced serious health problems and was worried about my future. My weight was so high that I had headaches, rashes and nausea every day. Doctors could not find any other problem than a thyroid condition.

“One day, my health reached a low point due to my weight. I decided that I needed to lose weight.

After experiencing a multitude of health problems that she attributed to her weight, Meredith decided to focus on her overall health and future

Meredith realized that her obesity was a major factor in her health issues and decided to work on her future.

The fitness fanatic went from weighing 256lbs to 145lbs in just two years and is now helping others do the same

This fitness enthusiast went from being a 256-pounder to 145 lbs in two years. Now, he is helping other people do the same.

Before losing weight Meredith was suffering from headaches, rashes, nausea, and doctors could never find a problem besides a thyroid condition

As well as working on her own body in the gym Meredith is now helping others do the same with fitness advice. Pictured following her weight loss

Before losing weight Meredith was suffering from headaches, rashes, nausea, and doctors could never find a problem besides a thyroid condition

Meredith first started losing weight by joining a gym in August 2019 and changing her eating habits. Pictured after her weight loss

Meredith lost weight in August 2019, when she joined a gym and changed her eating habits. After her weight loss

“After I got engaged, my weight loss motivated me because I struggled to fit in clothes or do the zip-up at many stores when I went dress shopping.

“It was discouraging. But, by my wedding, I felt beautiful. Even though I wasn’t at my goal weight for the day, I was proud of all that I had achieved.”

“My husband supported me on this journey so greatly and has always encouraged me stay on the right track.”

Meredith lost weight first by signing up for a gym in August 2019. She also changed her eating habits.

In just two years, the fitness fanatic dropped from 256 to 145 lbs and now helps others achieve similar results. 

Previously a dress size 3XL and bra size DDD (pictured), Meredith weight trained six days a week to cut down to a dress size 6 and a bra size B

Meredith lost weight six days per week from a dress-size 3XL to a bra-size DDD.

Meredith and Steven together prior to her weight loss. Steven cooks for the pair daily and taught Meredith valuable advice about nutrition for when she makes her own meals

Meredith with Steven before her weight loss. Steven cooks for the pair daily and taught Meredith valuable advice about nutrition for when she makes her own meals

By her wedding day in November 2020, Meredith had lost 49lbs, fit into her wedding dress and felt 'beautiful'

Meredith, who was married in November 2020 had already lost 49 lbs and fit perfectly into her wedding gown.

Now past her original goal weight, Meredith plans to continue losing weight further before focusing her efforts on building muscle

Meredith has lost more weight than her goal weight and is now focusing on muscle building. 

She said, “In little more than two years I lost all my weight and gained muscle mass. All it took was counting my macros to eat in the proper calorie deficit with weight training six times a week.

When she first started to lose weight, Meredith posted about her progress on social media and found the support from other pushed her to work harder and share how others could do the same. Pictured post weight loss

Meredith first lost weight by posting about it on social media. She found support and encouragement from others, which pushed Meredith to do more and help others. Photo taken after weight loss

“My sizes changed drastically; I went to a 3XL and a small in clothing, while my bra size increased from DDD to B.

“I began posting on social media after I lost weight. The support that I received from other people was incredible so I continued pushing and sharing more.

“I started to give advice and found that I had a passion for helping people.

“My husband is a cook and he cooks daily for us. When I started my journey, he had to work away so he could spend time teaching me about nutrition. This allowed me to make the best food for myself while he was gone.

“I’m still working on transforming my body, and I’m currently experiencing a calorie shortage.”

“Although my goal is way beyond my reach, I plan to maintain a deficit to focus on certain areas that are stubborn and in the next few months do a slight bulk to gain only muscle mass.


Breakfast: Donuts

Lunch: Fast Food

Snacks: Hot Cheetos, Easy Mac (Mac & Cheese) & candy

Dinner: You can get fast food, or you can make your own.



Breakfast:Either egg whites, turkey bacon and English muffin or protein pancakes

Lunch:Sandwiches of Tuna and Chicken Salad with Crackers

Snacks:  Beef Jerky, Yogurt, Protein drinks/bars/oatmeal

Dinner: Grilled Chicken served with potatoes or black beans.