Funny review by woman about $13.99 leggings becomes viral.

  • Cory H. an American woman went viral for her review of Amazon leggings
  • In Raypose leggings, she shared photos of herself rolling down the mountain.
  • Says he was too scared to stand up. The leggings didn’t fall down while he was still in them.
  • Review was a huge hit. Some even said Cory H. got free leggings throughout her life.  

One of the best leggings is one that you can feel confident in. But this woman decided to test her capri pants and went viral.  

Cory H. from America shared her rave review of Raypose Leggings $13.99 in July 2020. But it came back to life over the weekend as a fellow Amazon shopper shared the link. Twitter 

She admitted that she was afraid to climb the mountain’s steep sides and so had to slide down to get to the top.

Cory posted two images of herself lying against a rock. In her strong endorsement Cory stated that she was pleased with the quality and durability of the leggings and plans to get them in every color. 

The review received a lot of laughs from the audience. People also felt that the advertisement the woman had created for the brand was amazing should have been given to her a lifetime supply of leggings. 

An American woman only identified as Cory H, pictured, has gone viral after her hilarious Amazon review of Paypose leggings went viral.

Cory, pictured, shared two snaps of herself sliding down a mountain wearing the leggings

Cory H., an American woman identified only as Cory H. went viral following her Amazon review of Paypose leggings. Cory shared these two photos of her sliding down a mountain in the leggings. 

Cory gave leggings five stars and called her review “Order them Now.” 

She said, “Can I just let you know that I will be ordering them in every color,” 

“Here’s me sliding down a mountain, because I was afraid to get up. “My leggings were not damaged and I was able to get stuck on rocks and trees because they did not tear,” she said. 

Cory posted photos with the message of Cory showing her in purple leggings, while she was laying on rock faces, or sliding down a mountain. 

Cory admitted she was too scared to go down the mountain on her feet and had to slid down against the rocks, but said the leggings survived, pictured

Cory said she was afraid to climb the mountain and fell on her toes. She had to slide down onto the rocks. However, the leggings survived. 

The viral review from Cory was titled 'order them now' and she said she would buy one in every color

Cory posted a viral review with the title “order them now” and said that she would get one in every color. 

Because she was afraid of the steep hills, the hiker had to shuffle on her stomach. 

The Raypose capri legging cost $13.99, according to their Amazon page

According to Raypose’s Amazon page, the Raypose capri legging costs $13.99 

The snaps show her sliding down the street, and another showing her rolling up her back.

Amazon had 15,326 customers find Cory’s review to be helpful. A woman also shared the screenshot on Twitter this weekend. She captioned it with: ‘I think about that twice a week.

On Twitter, people loved Cory’s hilarious review. They called her a “cautious Queen” and suggested that they should give Cory leggings free of charge for the rest of their lives after Raypose gave them no advertising.  

“I purchased these leggings following this review. One person stated that they are “amazing.” 

For that solid endorsement, I hope she gets leggings every day from the company. One other said that you can’t be wrong when you see this. 

These leggings are sold by me because of the picture with her lying down with her face in the rock. Another said that she would buy in any color. 

“What an amazing public service is this review. While not all heroes can wear caps, most do wear leggings. One joked.  

‘This is the greatest testimony for leggings I’ve ever seen. This person asked me to hang out. 

One writer wrote that “People who post pictures on Amazon represent the BACKBONE” of society. 

Be cautious [Queen]Really said that yes, I’m willing to take the shame as long as it means spreading the word about the leggings. “You just know that she is a wonderful friend,” one said.  

People loved the review, calling Cory a 'Cautious Queen' and others said she should be getting a life supply of the leggings

The review was loved by many. Some called Cory a “Cautious Queen” while others suggested that she should have a lifetime supply of leggings.