The dress worn by Amy Winehouse at her final performance a month before she died sold on Sunday for $243,200, 16 times its estimated value, as part of a trove of memorabilia from the late singer’s life auctioned in California.

Another item to go under the hammer was the singer’s heart-shaped Moschino bag that sold for a staggering $204,800 at a charity auction at Julien’s in Los Angeles.

According to auction house management, the entire collection sold for $4 million. This is twice what was originally forecasted.

The Grammy Award-winning star, known for her distinctive raspy voice on her soul and jazz hits including Back To Black, Rehab and Love Is A Losing Game, died of alcohol poisoning on July 23, 2011, aged 27.

At her final stage performance in Belgrade, Serbia, in June 2011, just a month before her death, Winehouse donned the figure-hugging green and black halter neck minidress, designed by her stylist Naomi Parry.

On Sunday, the dress that Amy Winehouse wore at Belgrade in Serbia, a month prior to her death, was sold for $243,000. This is 16 times its value. Pictured last week: This dress was displayed in Los Angeles before being auctioned.

Pictured: Amy Winehouse performs live at Kalemegdan Park on June 18, 2011 in Belgrade, just a month before her death. The singer appeared disorientated and she was booed off the stage

Pictured: Amy Winehouse performs live at Kalemegdan Park on June 18, 2011 in Belgrade, just a month before her death. The singer appeared disorientated and she was booed off the stage

Her performance at the Belgrade Tuborg Festival saw the esteemed singer appear disorientated and she was booed off the stage. The 18-leg European tour she was on was cancelled. She stayed one week at The Priory clinic.

She was just one month old when she was discovered dead in Camden, north London.

Parry, Amy’s friend and stylist said that she feels a lot of sadness looking at the dress. It was supposed be the beginning of something fresh and forward. Her previous work had been excellent.  

Although the famous floral and bamboo print dress was expected to sell for between $19,500 and $14,500, it sold for a surprising $243,200. 

Amy’s personal items were available for purchase by fans, which included designer dresses and lingerie as well accessories.

At the Julien’s Auctions sale at Beverly Hills and online, wardrobes belonging to soul singers were sold for a lot more than expected.

Her iconic red leather Moschino bag, with its heart-shaped design and red leather interior sold for $204,800. This is ten-times the upper estimate.

Amy used this bold bag to win the British solo female artist award at Brit Awards 2007.

Amy wore a Dolce and Gabbana floral gold lam dress that was made from golden lam during a 2007 performance in Blackpool. It raised $6,700. 

The fitted bodice has a pleated trim and the gown was eventually purchased for $150,000.

Shocking: Amy Winehouse's heart shaped Moschino bag has sold for staggering $204,800 at a charity auction at Julien's in Los Angeles

Pictured: Amy Winehouse's famous heart-shaped, red leather Moschino bag on display in Los Angeles. It sold at auction for ten times the asking price

Amy Winehouse’s iconic red leather Moschino bag, featuring a heart-shaped design and made of red leather (pictured as the singer carrying it in 2017) sold for $24,800. This is ten times more than its pre-sale value.

Only $2,000.00 was spent on a Temperley London Tan and Black Jumpsuit, worn to the concert that celebrated Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday in Hyde Park.

However, the famous outfit attracted 37 bidding offers and finally sold for $121,600.

Amy wore a slimming, plaid-styled dress to the Meteor Ireland Music Awards 2007. It was expected that it would fetch around $4,000.

After 27 bidding, the strapless silk zero gown with a satin trim and pleated skirt sold for $93,750

Amy wore this black mini-dress for the South Bank Show Awards 2007 at London’s Savoy Hotel. The dress was supposed to fetch $5,400 but it sold for $83,200.

Amy’s Christian Louboutin shoes were only $800, but they sold for $38,400.

Icon: Another item was a floral gold Dolce & Gabbana dress, fetched $150,000. She wore the number on stage in Blackpool in 2007

The gown Dolce and Gabbana dress (pictured), which features a fitted bodice with pleated trim, attracted 29 offers and eventually sold for $150,000

Amy was seen wearing a Dolce and Gabbana flower golden lam Dolce and Gabbana dress during a performance at Blackpool’s Stage Theatre in 2007. The estimated net proceeds were $6,700. The gown with a fitted bodice and pleated trim was sold to 29 buyers. 

A turquoise silk Agent Provocateur bra that Amy wore in the ‘You Know I’m No Good’ music video was worth $2,000, but it went for $25,000.

Even though smaller items of personal use had prices starting at $100, there was fierce competition and high prices due to the popularity of this late style icon and musician.

Amy’s pink satin ballet pumps were valued at $600-, but sold for $19 200.

Amy wore a striped 8-inch bikini in size 8 on Rio de Janeiro’s beaches in 2011. It cost $12,500.

Amy’s wooden jewellery box cost $100, but sold 100 times higher at $10,000.

Her $100 brown Teddy Bear, which was also worth $6,250, sold to $1,024. While her Jack Daniel’s set of playing cards went for $1,024.

Even a complete collection of her tickets, including an Oyster Pass for London Underground and bus tickets used by other people, went for $768.

Two pairs of Amy's trademark pink satin ballet pumps had an estimate of $600 - but were sold at the auction for an amazing $19,200

Amy’s signature pink satin ballet pumps were originally valued at $600. However, they sold at auction for $19 200.

Family: All proceeds from the sale will benefit the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which was set up by the star's parents Mitch and Janis

Family: All proceeds will go to the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Janis’ parents, Mitch and Janis, established it.

Martin Nolan (executive director, Julien’s Auctions) revealed that auction attracted attention from registered bidders all over the globe.

“Amy Winehouse” was his statement. He stated that she is one of music’s rare and extraordinary icons. Her incredible power, soulful expression and every note and word that she sang with her distinctive voice are unmatched by anyone else in history.

“She is loved around the globe as a fashion icon and a worldwide icon.

“We are proud to celebrate her unique talent and her iconoclastic fashion in this collection. It includes her personal items and her wardrobe from her most memorable career moments.

Amy was the first person to win five Grammy Awards in one night, in 2008

On July 23, 2011, she was 27 years old when her Camden flat, in north London, caught fire. Later, an inquest revealed that she had died from alcohol poisoning.

More than 800 of her personal belongings were auctioned to raise more $4 million.

The collection will then be sent to London for Amy: Beyond The Stage exhibition at London’s Design Museum from ­November 26. 

An extraordinary portion’ of the profits will go to the Amy Winehouse Foundation London, established by Janis’ parents Mitch and Janis.

This charity helps young people struggling with addiction.