Mother was slammed for shunning a new neighbour who organized a welcome party, offered to lend her lawnmower, and came to her in tears following the death of a relative. Some claim that mother sounds ‘needy’ and unhinged.

  • Mumnset received a message from a British mother requesting her opinion on her unreasonable behavior.
  • She said that her new neighbour invited her to a party and she had become ‘needy.
  • Revealed that she came up in ‘floods and tears’ to her about a relative’s recent passing.
  • When asked if it would be inappropriate for her to’shun’, she was labeled ‘rude’ 

After revealing that she wanted to shun her neighbour, a British mother was called ‘rude’ and ‘unpleasing’.

Mumsnet was contacted by an anonymous woman who explained that she had just moved into a new home and had been initially friendly to the woman next-door.

However, she explained that the woman had become friendly and invited her for a welcome party. She then approached her ‘distraughtly’ on the street after the death a relative.

After asking Mumsnet users if it would not be unreasonable to shun them, she was ridiculed by others. One post: ‘You appear quite rude and unpleasant so I hope she’ll get the hint soon.

A British mother has been slammed as 'rude and unpleasant' after revealing she wanted to 'shun' her 'needy' neighbour

After she revealed that she wanted her neighbour to shun, a British mother was called ‘rudey and unpleasant’

Posting on Mumsnet, she wrote: ‘I recently moved into a new house. I have met my neighbor on three occasions, and she has sent me a note through the door inviting me to a party. 

“Sweet” was a good description of the note. However, she suggested that I borrow her lawnmower. 

“My lawn was a bit overgrown at this point, so I wasn’t sure if she was joking or not. I didn’t respond to the invitation. This might have been a little harsh but I like to keep it to myself.

“Since then, she has spoken to me and said that she had made a cake specially for the occasion and was expecting me to show up, even though I didn’t reply.

The anonymous woman posted on Mumsnet , explaining she had recently moved into a new house and had initially been friendly to the woman next door

Mumsnet posted an anonymous woman explaining that she had just moved into a new house, and was initially friendly with the woman next to her.

‘She is married, and lives with her husband. She is quite young but doesn’t seem to go out often.

She continued, “However, yesterday she knocked on my door several times and it was ignored. I was working and didn’t know it was her so I wasn’t ignoring it.”

“She came up and said that she wanted to speak with me yesterday to find out if her relatives could park next to my car.”

She continued, “Today she came up to my in floods of tears and said she was distraught because a close relative had recently died.” 

However the woman was slated by her fellow Mumsnet users, with many accusing her of being 'rude' to her new neighbour

However, Mumsnet users were critical of the woman, accusing her as being rude to her neighbour.

“I’m sorry for her loss. But I don’t know her enough to believe it’s appropriate for her to be sobbing to me.”

The woman stated that she ignores her all the times, wishing she would see the message that i like my company, but she seems to be always looking to interact. AIBU to avoid her?

However, she was criticised by Mumsnet users and many others who accused her of being rude to her new neighbour.

One person wrote: ‘I think that you sound rude. It would have been difficult to send a note back stating that I couldn’t attend the party, but thank you for the thought.

However others insisted she was not being rude at all, and suggested the new neighbour had been overly friendly

Others, however, insisted that she wasn’t being rude and suggested that the new neighbor had been too friendly 

“It is reasonable to borrow car parking space if someone isn’t going out. It was something my neighbours and me used to do all the time. If you had answered yes or no the first time, she wouldn’t have knocked on several times.

Another wrote, “It’s quite rude. It seems that you have decided to do this anyway and are just looking for approval. Keep going. 

Another said, “You are being really rude.” “You shouldn’t ignore her, and I think not responding to the invitation was horribly rude.”

Others defended the woman, one saying, “She’s probably lonely “…what’s the problem with that OP?” This sounds like a nightmare. It is a strange idea to throw a party for someone that you don’t know.