A young mother who gave birth in a coma after contracting Covid, has finally had the opportunity to meet her newborn daughter almost one month later.

Saskia Lane (21 years old), from West Sussex, was tested positive for the virus. She was admitted to intensive treatment at Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath because she had breathing difficulties.

Saskia, eight months pregnant, was sent to the hospital for an emergency c section in September to allow her body to recover.

However, Saskia was not able to wake up after the birth of her daughter Betsy Mae Blackman. She is now eight weeks old.

After three weeks in an induced sleep coma Saskia was awakened by Lee Blackman on September 25th and met her daughter September 30th. Lee Blackman, a 23-year-old partner, brought Betsy into the induced coma.

After initially refusing the vaccine due to conflicting advice, Saskia now urges other pregnant women to get it.

Saskia Lane, 21, from West Sussex, was pregnant when she tested positive for the virus and was admitted to intensive care at Princess Royal Hospital after suffering with breathing difficulties

Saskia Lane (21), a West Sussex woman, tested positive for the virus while she was pregnant. After suffering from breathing difficulties, she was admitted to intensive treatment at Princess Royal Hospital.

Becky Knight, 41 year old mother of Saskia, explained that Saskia was diagnosed as having gestational diabetes while she was pregnant with Betsy. She decided not to get the vaccine initially because she was concerned about the effects it might have on Betsy.

“I encouraged her not to get the vaccine. But unfortunately, she got her first jab only a few days prior to contracting Covid so it wasn’t effective.

‘She initially felt worn out and tired but eventually, she began experiencing breathing difficulties and on her third trip to A&E, they admitted her to the intensive care unit.

“Betsy was advised by doctors to be delivered immediately in order to give her body the best chance of beating Covid. She was aware of this.

Saskia wasn't woken up following the birth of her daughter, Betsy Mae Blackman, after doctors decided to keep her in an induced coma to give her the best chance of survival. She met her three weeks later (pictured)

After the birth of Betsy Mae Blackman’s daughter, Saskia was not woken up by doctors. They decided to keep her in an induction coma to give her the best chance for survival. She was able to meet her three weeks later (pictured).

While in St Thomas' hospital, London, the young mother was placed on life support for two and a half weeks as doctors battled to save her

The young mother was admitted to St Thomas’ hospital, London. She was on life support for two weeks while doctors tried to save the baby.

“But, after putting her to bed, doctors decided to keep the girl in an induced state to allow her body to rest and heal.

“We were all devastated. We couldn’t go in to visit her because she had Covid. Lee was unable to meet Betsy until she was just a few days old.

“When she finally woke up, she was very confused and didn’t understand what had just happened. I reassured Betsy that Betsy was fine, healthy, and we gave Betsy, Lee, and her the opportunity to meet privately for the first time.”

Pregnancy and Covid jabs. The facts and figures so far

Pregnant women in the UK are now eligible for the vaccine as is the rest of their age group.

However, the uptake of Covid-19 is still low. Health chiefs are concerned about rising Covid-19 admissions among pregnant women.

Covid-19-related severe illness is rare in pregnant women. However, it is more common in later pregnancy.

All studies to date have indicated that mRNA vaccinations, such Pfizer or Moderna, are safe and effective for pregnant women. However, there is no evidence that they cause stillbirths. 

Pregnant women with symptomatic COVID-19 infection are twice to three times more likely to give up and give birth prematurely.

Public Health England data indicates that over 81,000 pregnant women have received a Covid vaccine’s first dose and that approximately 65,000 have received their second, NHS England stated. 

Saskia was considered vulnerable during her pregnancy because of her diagnosis of gestational diabetic. She was the first person in her family to receive the vaccine.

After conflicting advice about the possible effects on pregnant women, Saskia initially rejected it.

Betsy, a healthy girl, was her first child. She weighed 5lb, 8oz. Saskia is also the mom to Eliza Grace Blackman, who is 23 months old.

The young mother was admitted to St Thomas’ hospital, London. She was on life support for two weeks while doctors tried to save the child.

Becky stated that while she was in the hospital she was placed on life support. She was then transferred to other hospitals. 

“The staff at Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath were amazing and the nurses, doctors and other medical personnel went above and beyond to care for her and save my life.

“We, as a family, are planning to hold a fundraising event next year to help Saskia’s cause.

“Whilst she remained in a coma, her family was able to view her only via video calls. It was a devastating sight to see her in that state.”

Saskia, who has suffered severe damage to her lungs, is still receiving treatment at Guy’s Hospital London.

In an effort to save her life, the mother-of-two was transferred to three hospitals.

Becky said that Saskia was capable of seeing both Betsy, and Eliza on alternate working days.

“She’s been in intensive treatment for nine weeks now, and we can’t wait to see her come home.

“Her lung has collapsed, so it’s only half of the size of a normal one.

“She also has sepsis and has had six drains placed into her lungs. She also had a tracheotomy, which left her unable speak for three weeks.

“She’s afraid to go home because she doesn’t want Covid to happen again. It’s traumatized her.

“Saskia hopes to encourage everyone to get vaccinated after her experience.”

Lee Blackman, Saskia’s partner and panel beater, had to work part time following Saskia’s illness. He is caring for Betsy (pictured) and Eliza (pictured).

The family is currently raising funds to support Lee and Saskia when she returns home from the hospital.

Lee, who is a panel beater and has to work part-time because of Saskia’s illness, is caring for Betsy while Eliza is in hospital.

Becky said, “There is no funding if your contract Covid is terminated and you are seriously ill and must take time off work.”

“She’s also been diagnosed as having postnatal depression. We hope to get her additional funding to cover therapy once she’s back home.